Google Drive just saw its first update since back in April when it shed the Docs nametag. The update is relatively minor, but still brings some worthwhile enhancements and tweaks:

  • Quickly find files that have been recently opened, edited or shared with you
  • Upload/Download all file types to/from your Google Drive
  • Selecting contacts to share with is easier
  • Faster navigation of folders when syncing in the background
  • Choose text alignment in the documents editor

Frequent users of the Drive app will surely take pleasure in the faster navigation while sync is in progress, as the app could get quite sluggish at times; the ability to upload all file types is definitely a welcome improvement and one more step in Google's quest to take out cloud storage heavyweight Dropbox.

The update is live in the Play Store now, hit the widget to grab it.

Thanks, Jacob!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • John

    Whenever I upload a file to Drive via mobile device, it always goes into the root folder. Anyone else having that issue?

  • SimonUK

    Yup. Still no ability to create folders, from the device, even on ics :-( this in itself sucks and doesn't make any sense. Until that day comes, I can't and won't ever use Google drive, which is a shame. Lumping everything onto 1 root folder is utter madness. I like order. I like folders. I like box. I like drop box. Sadly I don't like Google drive.

    So, uninstalled (again)

    p. s what happened to that offline creation of documents every blog was raving about (including android police) there still isn't any :-( still need a connection to create a document.

    • http://twitter.com/zachvossdesign zach voss

       why dont you get on a computer, create an "android" folder and just upload stuff to that? it's not that hard...

  • Anon

    need moar space!

  • Robert Oliveira

    "one more step in Google's quest to take out cloud storage heavyweight Dropbox."


    Are you serious? The change from Docs to Drive has been mostly useless to me. I still don't have Drive in my Google Apps account with no idea when or if that'll ever happen. If it weren't for @INSYNCHQ:twitter I would probably abandon Drive altogether.

    Thankfully I never gave up my @DROPBOX:twitter  account.

    • http://twitter.com/zachvossdesign zach voss

      I have Google Apps at work and we have had Drive for the last two weeks. It has made editing, creating, and sharing files 100 times easier.

      • Rob

        To be fair, a lot has changed over the last year. Drive is finally up to speed on my devices. My comment was more as a reflection of the quoted line I extracted from the article. At the time of this post I saw no threat to Dropbox by Google Drive based on how Drive was behaving on my devices and how the product was being rolled out (e.g. Google Apps always getting these features last).

        I also was not aware of the "rapid release" feature as noted in @jayray78:disqus's comment. That's good to know.

    • jayray78

      I have four apps accounts and have had drive in them for over a month now, maybe two. You need to go into your control panel>domain settings>new user features> select rapid release

  • http://profiles.google.com/gbatmarx greg batmarx

    Nice but still waiting for official Linux support...

  • Ammusionist

    Oh look - Text still doesn't support tables.

  • https://plus.google.com/117125023630262605212 Kelly

    still can't edit keepass files :(

  • crankerchick

    FolderSync will solve many of you all's problems, if you are willing to use the space on your device, which is what I prefer.

    I keep my files local to my PC, phone, tablet, laptop, etc. On my desktop and laptop of course, the drive app keeps everything in sync with the cloud.

    With my phone and tablet, I use FolderSync (or DropSync or others) to instant upload files from any folderpair I create between the device and the cloud storage account. So if I want a new folder in my google docs, I create it on my phone, put whatever files in it, and then the FolderSync app instantly uploads the file and creates the folder on the cloud account.

    I guess that is why I didn't miss that Drive didn't do upload or folder creation before reading these comments--because I don't use it for that anyway. I actually don't use the drive app at all--I'm not sure why I have it on my phone. LOL. Oh that's right, I use it for viewing/editing the few actual google docs I have created or people have shared with me.

    Check out FolderSync (or DropSync) if you are like me and want your stuff synced to the cloud but also want it synced to your device (in case you don't have an internet connect, as I often don't). I don't sync everything to my tablet/phone (the point is to save space right...?) but I do sync documents, and it will solve the folder creation issue until Google decides to implement it.

    FolderSync works with many cloud storage services too, not just Drive.