Google Currents has always been a pretty impressive app - arguably the best Android news aggregator around town. Especially praised has been its beautiful UI; however, that didn't stop Google from looking at what it had and making it even better.

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Indeed, the app just hit version 1.5.1, and the UI has been updated to "Android standards." Notably, the top navigation bar now features "auto hide" and "touch-to-show" controls, and it includes the library/trending toggle that was previously located elsewhere. Additionally, Google has enhanced the app's performance and made the usual bug fixes.

If you have already have Currents, you can download the update from the Play Store now; if for some reason you don't have it installed yet, all the info you need is below. Either way, once you have it on your device, be sure to check out Android Police on Currents!

Thanks, Jacob!

Jaroslav Stekl
Jaroslav Stekl is a tech enthusiast whose favorite gadgets almost always happen to be the latest Android devices. When he's not writing for Android Police, he's probably hiking, camping, or canoeing. He is also an aspiring coffee aficionado and an avid moviegoer.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    This app has become rather pointless now that Flipboard is on Android.

    • http://twitter.com/MobileTechHead John E Hamler IV

       yup..I agree...I used Currents for a while, but Flipboard is awesome.

      • Andrewduckmanton

         Maybe I'm alone on this, but Flipboard didn't float my boat. Looks nice though!

        • Dipish

          Me too. Still prefer Google Currents though gave Flipboard a try. Would appreciate comments on what's so cool about Flipboard and how it's better than Currents. Maybe I'm missing something...

    • ching

      However, flipboard is not tablet optimized, and I use my tablet as my primary source of reading material and news.  I have tried Flipboard, and for now, i'm sticking w/ currents.

    • Larizard

      Flipboard is not compatible with hardware acceleration somehow, and I get jittery transitions all the time. Wonder if currents is any better.

      • ericl5112

        Really?  I find flipbard to be incredibly smooth on the SGS1.

    • Dipish

      Personally I don't like Flipboard and find articles on Google Currents much more convenient to read. Flipboard is more focused on graphics so it's nice to read a blog on design/photography but it's less useful for tech blogs. And I don't get it why people are so crazy about FB, to me all it has is this 3d flipping effect, that's the only thing that makes it different.

    • http://twitter.com/leeyiksheng Yik Sheng

      Currents has a list view or table of content which Flipboard does not. Some like the efficiency of a list view. ;-)

  • http://twitter.com/Pascalwb Pascal

    Nice, better than Flipboard

  • Losesmc

    But still no Reader sync (not just import), there's my reason.

    • RedPandaAlex

      Yep. Really I just wish they put a little more design effort into Reader, particularly for tablets.

    • Ryan Yakus

      flipboard allows you to sync your reader account, which is why it is still my aggregator

    • http://twitter.com/leeyiksheng Yik Sheng

      What do you mean? I can sync all my feeds from Google Reader to Currents. Or did I misunderstand you?

  • http://androidforums.com/members/spartoi.html Spartoi

    Currents still doesn't sync all the latest articles. Always some hours behind making it unusable. 

    • hipocrazy

      THIS! -until currents can sync up to the minute as well as Beyondpod or Flipboard then I'll stay away from it. It is getting better though :)

    • http://twitter.com/leeyiksheng Yik Sheng

      I do not experience that. All my articles are the latest. 

  • Anon

    I'm getting infinite "logging in" loop...

  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

    I still prefer the simplicity of Google reader ... by a lot.

  • Guest

    Still no widget though.

  • http://twitter.com/leeyiksheng Yik Sheng

    This new version on tablet looks great and the UI now conforms to ICS. Certainly my favourite reading app although it may not have the fanciful transition in Flipboard. ;-)

  • Kenporter83

    with flipboard i can't pick the article i want to read, I just have to flip until i find something interesting. I have the same issue with currents not syncing the most current articles. Currents is a whole day behind for me sometimes. I stick with pulse bcuz I can see many articles from many sources and its always up to date articles. Pulse notiifications work great for me too

  • crankerchick

    Flipboard > Currents. This update doesn't change that for me. Currents is slow to sync. I've never had Currents not be "up-to-date" as some of you mention, I just find that it takes too long to sync compared to Flipboard.