It's kind of a tradition now for the Android team to create different boot animations for every Android release, and Jelly Bean is definitely no exception. Here's the boot animation from the Nexus 7 which is, as you all should know by now, the first device running Android 4.1:

If you need a refresher, here's the one from ICS, for comparison purposes (for science!):

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  • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

    Wow, thats nice. I still prefer ICS's one since its more colorful though, but still they did a nice job.

    • jeffrey evans

      Ditto.  ICS looks very fractal, and I'm a fractal artist so it's my favorite bootup animation to date.

  • http://www.thetechtemple.com The Tech Temple

    I feel like these boot animations are getting worse and worse...

    • Amadeus

      But the updates are getting better and better and that's all that matters. (:

      • http://www.thetechtemple.com The Tech Temple

        You're right about that! I'm excited for Jellybean. it's more of a jump than I thought it'd be. So glad I picked up a Nexus phone rather than the other ones.

        • Amadeus

          and you should stick to the Nexus line, I know I will never buy a non nexus device ever again. 

    • tookieboy

      It's simple. Unless you rather just have a Bugdroid standing there with a simple flash moving at its edges? In which case it's a boot still (exaggerated but you get what I mean) instead of animation. (looks at Apple)

      And if you don't like it, you an always change it.

      • http://www.thetechtemple.com The Tech Temple

        Haha that's true, I'd rather have an animation that a simple picture. What's been people's favorite boot animation thus far?

  • Drock99

    Not for refresher, probably because who the heck has ICS?

    Still Stuck at gingerbread. Can't waitron iPhone 5 and get back to relevance.

    • Mr. Mark


    • whargharbl

      Or you on crack or what?

    • Alan

      The only time the iPhone was relevant was with the first iPhone and iOS 1.0

    • Alan

      The only time the iPhone was relevant was with the first iPhone and iOS 1.0

    • tookieboy

      what rubbish. who the heck? I have ICS. I'm sure many of the people here are on ICS as well. You (and obviously your carrier) are the limits to your phone. Unless you're running some ancient device, there's no reason why you wouldn't flash a custom ROM on it. Blame who? Blame you. Quit whining and get to it, or you will always be in the shadow of Android versions. :)

      If you need help, XDA Developers is a good place to start. Or Google (this word keeps popping up these few days eh).

    • Greyhame

      Nice story.

    • DrewNusser

      Good idea - iOS is about to get some of the features back on Android 2.2 anyway (2010).  You have fun with that.  Maybe with iOS 7 they'll have multitasking, automatic app updating, widgets, or decent 3rd party app integration.  Oh, but you'll need to be due for an update to the iPhone 5s, or you won't get them. At least you'll have your magical OS number though!

    • jeffrey evans

      Relevant to what, always playing catch up?

  • Mr. Mark

    15 second bootup is nice.

  • Arsalan Afzal

    looks kind of like little play store logo triangles

  • gladgura

    Gives an impression of Nexus and google play.  

  • jjrudey

    It's different on phones. 

  • someone755

    Hey, how come I never got that on mine? D:
    Looks awesomer than the 4.2, I'll give you that...