Last Updated: July 4th, 2012

The Google+ app has received another fancy new update today. Avid Google+ followers will remember that just a month ago, the mobile Google+ got a facelift. Well, forget everything you knew about that app. Google's social network is getting another new facelift. And a sweet tablet interface to boot.

gplus1 gplus2 gplus3

The new interface has a much lighter, brighter look, while still maintaining the large focus on pictures and videos of the previous update. The update also brings a much-needed tablet interface to the app, and finally enables the latent Events support that we knew was hiding there. Also, Google subtly snuck in the ability to see your entire feed, or just the feed from certain circles in a drop down box. Very, very handy.

Go grab the update via the widget below now.

Screenshot_2012-07-04-15-47-35 Screenshot_2012-07-04-15-45-45

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://twitter.com/TheGermian Germian

    "Yo dawg, I heard you like interfaces so we put a new interface in your new interface so you can +1 while you +1"

  • RedPandaAlex

    So peculiar that Google isn't using fragments for this. Are they backing away from the idea?

  • http://twitter.com/_vinr vinothr

    They're pretty smart. They kept the iOS app the same (since it's god damn beautiful. On Android, it didn't feel right) and made the Android into a Flipboard-ish awesomeness. Smart move by Google, for sure.

  • PhilNelwyn

    Really great!
    Almost everything I didn't like in the last version has been improved.
    It's clear and gorgeous now.

  • Bon K

    I liked side to side swipe to different circles. Much easier than the pull-downs... what happened to that?? 

    • PhilNelwyn

      It SHOULD be justified by the fact that you swipe to get the menu, but it isn't.

  • Anand Manas

    where is the whats hot section in new google plus version???