Last Updated: August 16th, 2012

Earlier today, we looked at some new content added to the Play Store with TV shows, movie purchases, and magazines. Those aren't the only new additions to the Store, either; Google has also added some other useful features, like a revamped "My Apps" page, remote update, and remote uninstall features:


As you can see, the My Apps section now display images of your devices, as well as a way to see which apps are installed on specific devices, which is awesome for anyone with multiple devices. Not only that, but you can now remote update and remote uninstall apps directly from the Play Store's web interface. Sweet!

Another nifty little feature added today is a slightly new look to the "choose another device on which to install" menu; when you elect to install an application, the process now involves pictures of your devices:


...well, some of them at least. I'm sure Google will be adding more images as time goes on; after all, there are like 6 billion different Android devices in existence.

Finally, Google has also done something to help conserve bandwidth: Smart Updates. With smart updates, there's no need to re-download an entire APK every time there's an update. Beginning now, the Play Store will only download the parts of the APK that have changed. This means less bandwidth used and faster update times. And that's just smart.

[Google Play: My Apps]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Sean Stone

    And still no way to filter or even see only purchased apps.

    • Michael Smith

      In the android app there used to be a way to see purchased apps. It used to be at the bottom of your installed apps list. Even the ones that weren't installed would show up there. That irritates the hell out of me. 

      Not to mention how many devices show up from flashing new roms. It doesn't seem to do that with newer devices, but my old phone is still showing up about 7 times. Hide from menus doesn't work that well, they always show up at random times.

      • crankyd00d

        I've noticed that they use browser cookies for this, meaning you have to hide the devices every time you use a new browser/computer or reset their settings...really annoying for people with a large list of devices

    • Tim Kermode

       Nice to see a few others with the same opinion! Google ruined the My Apps page when they changed this.

      I've given up trying to find purchased apps on the app now and go through the desktop history page which makes it that little bit easier.

      Like others have said why on earth do I care about an app I installed for a few minutes, realised it was trash and then uninstalled it?

  • Anonymous

    is this effective immediately? 

    • Sean Stone

      Yup, already used it myself.

  • Jack Paleczny

    I hate that I still can't remove old devices from the My Devices page. I have to stare at my stolen tablet every time I go into that page.

  • Gábor Barta

    Still only can list a max of 180 apps.

  • squiddy20

    So they give us features we didn't even know we wanted, but fail to give us the features we know we want? Grrrrreat...

    • patapongirl

      You mean you don't want, not "we".

      • squiddy20

        Umm... No. I meant exactly what I said, and I never said I *didn't* want the features. Try rereading my comment till the actual meaning sinks in.

        BTW, the "features we know we want" bit was in reference to things like: differentiation of bought vs free apps that we've installed, ability to filter/sort apps we've installed, ability to delete past devices that you're no longer using, etc. 

  • Lena

    And still not possible to clear the list of apps installed from the very beginning..

  • jaws

    when does this go out to devices?

  • Marcus

    They really need to let us remove old installed free apps from the app list. Why do I care about all the old apps I installed and got rid of. Really annoying. And some apps you just might not want to show up in the list.

    • John O’Connor

      I'll bite...  which apps? I'm assuming NSFW

      • Chad Kitching

        I would assume that you would be assuming wrong. I don't really need "World of Goo Demo" when I've purchased "World of Goo" already. I don't need Astro, and File Expert when I prefer to use
        ES File Explorer. I don't need MX Player, VPlayer, and Moboplayer when I decided I want to use BSPlayer. Just because I downloaded something once, that doesn't mean I want it installing every single time I get a new device or wipe an existing ones.

  • Alex Winton

    Any chance of the ability to remove non-purchased, previously downloaded, and since uninstalled apps from our lists? I've got a load of crap from my early days of Android on my Nexus One that I wouldn't even want to look at any more, and yet whenever I go through my list of apps to install after a reset/new device, I have to find the good amidst the fake-broken-screen and soundboard apps... 

    • John O’Connor

      I second, third and fourth this!

  • Dominic M

    Tried update from the web and it doesn't work for me. Starts the update and then gives an error "this app already exists" on the phone. Seems like it is trying to do an install instead of an update.

    Yes, I agree they URGENTLY need to add
    1) filter for purchased apps.
    2) ability to remove apps from "All" section. Highly inconvenient to go through all the apps I would have tried just once!

  • CoffeeGeeker

    Great, new features that we didn't know we wanted. How about
    a) ability to remove apps we no longer want to be listed
    b) ability to view apps purchased vs free
    As everyone else in the comments seems to want. I've wanted the "remove unwanted apps" feature since my first day with the Android Store.