Owners of unlocked versions of HTC's EVO 3D are starting to see the Ice Cream Sandwich update roll out across the globe; we've already seen reports of users receiving the update in Germany, Netherlands, Italy, the UK, and more.

The OTA update brings Android 4.0.3 and Sense 3.6 to the other-dimensional handset, but if you just can't stand the wait, XDA user AcerExtensa has pulled the update file and included instructions on how to flash it without updating hboot. This of course will break root, but getting it back is as simple as flashing another file.

This is only for unlocked EVO 3Ds and is not compatible with the Sprint variant of the device!

Unfortunately, owners of the Sprint version of the device are still left wanting, as we haven't a single word from Sprint or HTC about the update. Still, it's good new for owners of the unbranded GSM variant.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Registrate

    How is it that the VM 3D already has ICS it but Sprint customers do not?Is it just greed? You know people want to be running the latest and greatest so why not make them buy a new phone to do so.You just want to sell a bunch of new LTE (Sprint Network Vision) phones w/ICS to poor saps who don't even know there is practically NO LTE network infrastructure in place! And I almost forgot they get the privilege of paying an extra $10.00 a month for the use of the practically non-existent network. In the mean time you have customers that have been with you for many years getting ready to jump ship for business practices like this.Just go to any Android forum and read some of the posts regarding Sprints EVO 3D & waiting for the ICS OTA. Your really ticking off your customers and from what I can tell you can ill-afford losing yet more of your customer base. Release the update already, I know you have it! Don't ask how but I do. My last post (Network & Coverage) was about not being able to make or receive any calls and having no data connection for over a week! I know this will probably never get read by any Sprint employee with any clout but at least I got to vent to my fellow frustrated 3D owners.Now excuse me while I go stand by the railing of this ship. Do the right thing Sprint, push the EVO 3D ICS OTA!

    • Michael B.

      But how do you really feel?

    • mugsya

      haha, love the post.  i have the 3D feel the same way.  release the update Sprint!  i'm on the rail ready to jump ship too!

      • Bill 399

        I don't think the EVO 3d is going to see ice cream sandwich until the end of July or even August. They are going to debut the new 4g LTE network on July 15 th. They want to sell all of the 4g LTE phone's they can. That's all they care about right now !!

    • Mike Smith

      They are all like that. Unless you go prepaid, Verizon is far worse about releases and updates. Don't jump ship yet. Besides, that 10.00 charge you are referring to is for all smart phones. Not just 4G ones. People need to understand this. It is not just for 4G phones.

      • Mixedemotion624

        What are you talking about Verizon already rolling ota for DROID razr and max. Zoom being out for tablet

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZLOTEIADMVYKDQXQBWAO6P7XRQ Jim

      "I know you have it! Don't ask how but I do."

  • Registrate
  • Simon Belmont

    C'mon, Sprint. Stop sitting on the update.

    If Virgin Mobile has it, Sprint should have it. Supposedly they'll release it between June and July. June is almost over. So, I guess July it is.

  • what,the,eff,sprint

    I agree this is fucking ridiculous, we we're all gonna get ics, then the hype about galaxy s3 and evo 4g lye, came around and we're delayed as loyal customers paying money for customers that might pay. The 3d is a powerful phone still unrivaled in a few areas, not a crappy flip phone to be forgotten. We have software problems that need to be fixed, maybe releasing the update when you got it could have appeased us and let the excitement pass in time for your precious dual 1.5 gig phones to still do well. My wife has the new 4g lte and I just want to break the damn thing because it's responsible for me being treated like a redheaded 3 dimensional step child!