Verizon announced the Droid Incredible 4G LTE back in May, and... well, that's it. We haven't heard anything else about the device since (on an official level, anyway), even though it was supposed to be available in "the coming weeks" after the announcement. In all fairness, "weeks" could be any range of time, but we generally think of that as two or three, not seven or nineteen.


Finally, though, a probably release date has leaked. According to Verizon's internal Equipment Guide, the release date for the Incredible 4G LTE is... July 5th! That's almost eight weeks to the date after Verizon officially announced the device.

There's no word on pricing at this point, but we're fully expecting the device to enter at less than $200 with a two-year agreement; after all, you can score a Galaxy S III for a couple hundred bucks (once it's release anyway), and it will run circles around the Inc 4G LTE.

[Droid Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • TomJTaylor
  • Jammer

    If you expect it to release for less than $200 on Verizon then you are probably wrong. The RAZR is still selling(listed) at $200.

  • oddball

    Can't release anything before the share (our wallet) everything plans.  And then they have to wait a little bit so that it doesn't look like they were just waiting for that so you have to push it back a week or so but if they push it 2 weeks they run into the Galaxy S 3 launch and they would rather have ANYTHING sell than the item that they were forced to carry without screwing around with 

    • Jaysann22

       I agree this is plausible, but im not sure its the case due to the fact Verizon allowed for the SIII preorder customers to retain their unlimited data plans. I feel the SIII was delayed due to Verizon's bloatware OTA update was not complete and ready.

  • L boogie

    sounds like this phone had potential if released at said May schedule but the wile e coyotes at vzw know better afterall, they figured the gs2/gnote wont garner much sales so why bother or better yet, their update schedule on phones is second to none (except that iThing) in the abominable class. maybe the next dinc could could come in the 4.5 form with specs similar to the rumored xxl model whatever that looks like in the end. the new dinc is no slouch either but just like the rezound, the timing sucked