This is the latest in our Weekend Poll series. For last week's, see Do You Regularly Purchase Tracks/Albums Using Google Play Music?

Last week, we asked you whether you ever regularly purchased from Google Play Music. Only 10% of you purchase all of their music through the Play Store, and 58% have made any purchases at all.

This week, we're moving on to movies. Do you regularly rent movies from Google Play? Obviously, "regular basis" is subjective, but we're going to leave it up to you to determine your answer. Vote below and discuss via the comments.

Do You Regularly Rent Movies Through Google Play?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • S Jobs

    The prices are ridiculous!

  • HonKudasai

    Prices need to go down. I also don't like we have to resort to hacks to get movies to play on rooted devices.

  • Blah

    Sweden here, what's movie rentals?



  • Danny B

    When there is a good deal on, I can't watch it on a rooted device, so it's useless.

    • http://twitter.com/Kaerosnow Chris Bozsik

       I don't rent movies... from anywhere... ever. I've got Netflix which I scarcely use and my XBMC setup with all the TV Shows and Movies I care to watch right now.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Why pay $4 to rent a movie for 24 hours, when with a few extra dollars you can get a month of Netflix, which allows you to stream any movie it offers for a whole month? Google Play needs to give users the option to buy movies (and download the movie), and they need to lower the rent prices significantly while extending their time periods from 24 hours after the first viewing to at least a week, plus they need to allow root users the ability to rent/buy movies. If they don't implement any of those ideas (or similar ones), then I will continue thinking that using Google Play for movies over a site like Netflix will be pointless.

    • David Scott

      A lot of your concerns are not up to Google. The movie maker sets a lot of the policies that end up dictating price and time. And it is in line with other service that offers the same type of rentals. 

      • Patricia

        Netflix is able to offer you reasonable price. Why not Google? The movies are just too expensive.

      • 666

        concerns up to google or not -> in the end the service counts and netflix offers a way better service imho

    • http://twitter.com/namd88 Nam Dang

      Netflix's movies are older than Google's ones (or iTunes but I never bother to install it in the first place). Netflix model is streaming rather than renting, so it's a quite different business model. I think this has more to do with Warner Bros or Sony. I hope Google will launch some streaming service though.

  • Sheldon H

    It's not a lack of not being able to or not wanting to. It's the fact that the last time I checked, there were no captioning on them. And no, I'm not talking about non-English subtitles, so don't suggest renting foreign movies. Until they offer movies with captioning options I'll take my business to Netflix and Redbox. 

  • RedPandaAlex

    I've rented for offline viewing when I plan on traveling. That's about it. I would be interested in buying movies through Play if they offered them and I could store them offline though.

  • Trill43

    The prices to rent are laughable due to the time limits which is another problem. The music store prices are higher than competitors in most cases

  • http://twitter.com/WillieFDiazSF William Diaz

    Between Crackle, Hulu+ and Netflix, who rents movies anymore? Ill just pay a set rate per month that costs 2 rental movies and be done with it and watch unlimited movies.

  • Mike Adams

    I used to rent a ton of movies thru my AppleTV, but not so much anymore. I'd probably use the Play store to rent movies more often if there was a slick app to do it on my google tv.

  • denbo68

    I did the other day for the first time. Had my Asus running ICS hooked up to the tv via HDMI. No display.

    However when I hooked up my Razr MAXX worked like a champ.

    Doubt I'll do it again.

  • jjrudey

    I never rent at all

  • RampageDeluxe

    I can rent 3 movies at Redbox for the price of 1 on Play. I have to leave the house, but its only a half mile away.

  • TommyCurran

    They don't work on rooted devices or they just might have a good portion of my money every month. Instead I use Netflix, HBO Go, MAX Go & Crackle.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scottyholm Scotty Holm

    If I can get a DVD for $1 or a Blu Ray for $1.50 from Redbox, I'm not going to pay for Google's prices. I am fairly picky with movies so it's not easy for me to throw $3-5 down for a movie I want to watch

  • james

    Netflix is the only way to go. And their app works on rooted devices. Play excluded root users at the get go and I have never even thought to try again since then.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scottyholm Scotty Holm

    Everyone also reminded me that rentals don't work on rooted devices. If they did, I'd pay for a movie once in a while to watch while I fly across the country for work. Instead, I have to resort to other means of ripping/encoding DVDs or just listening to music and playing games while offline. 

  • http://konverje.com/ Leonard Peris

    You should probably have a "can't" option for people who cannot rent/buy content from Google Play even if they want to (eg. outside USA)

    • Himmat Singh

       +1 USD3.99 is an attractive option for me in Malaysia....translates to something like RM12, which is reasonable and on par with the offering by on-demand TV. And you get the option of watching on laptop or tablet.

    • http://konverje.com/ Leonard Peris

      Censorship laws in developing countries are not formed efficiently. Policy makers believe that any content should be viewable/consumable by people of all age groups -- content such as movies, TV shows are all censored/cut inorder that 5-year-olds can watch (try explaining the concepts of shows like Californication or movies like American Pie to your 5-year-old niece or nephew). Content policies are even more restrictive in countries based on religions like in the Middle East and in South-East Asia. Hence content that is available in traditional outlets (brick and mortar stores, movie halls, TV screenings) are heavily censored cuts. People even willing to pay a premium to consume "unpoliced" content, have no legal channels to obtain them.

  • Eric

    I never rent, other than netflix

  • Palmer Nyako

    "Rent" anything doesn't sit well with me.

  • http://www.comichippo.com/ ComicHippo

    TPB FTW !!!

  • 27yearold

    amazon in browser works far better with better prices, and works on rooted devices

  • Maansleroux

    There should be one more option to choose from: I would if I could...

  • ericl5112

    Maybe if they didn't treat root users as automatic criminals, they I would.

  • http://photo.katzmatt.com Matt Katzenberger

    Not ever.
    I *might* if they
    1) Allow us to rent movies on rooted devices 
    2) Made Google Play moview available on the Xbox 360

    Right now I use Plex: http://plexapp.com/
    It kicks ass.

  • Nick

    why would you? when you can watch a buttload of movies on netflix for the cost of one movie rental x)

  • Abhisshek Das

    why would i rent movies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Long Live The Pirate Bay ;-)

  • Comfortbetrays

    I saw a movie that I wanted to rent while waiting. I realized being rooted was an issue that day. 

  • Pie

    I would buy from the play store in a heart beat. i buy my digital content on Amazon. Don't like renting

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    84% said never (myself included, even with 2 Google TVs in the house). Ouch.

  • Göran Sävström

    Rent a movie from Google Play Store?

    Hmmm... lets see:
    At a similar/higher price compared with my local "hole in the wall" video rental place?
    With all movies dubbed to Spanish without option for watching them in their original language (live in Spain, prefer original with subs)?

    - Thought never crossed my mind...

  • arben

    Well. Ouch.

  • Clyde

    Would, but can't coz my both my phone & tablet is rooted.

    Fail Google!

  • Heldros

    Belgium here, what's movie rentals on Google Play ?

  • sky stanojevic

    you fools forget that Netflix doesnt have the latest movie right when they come out on Blu-ray ..they have a small collection and most are foreign and TV shows.. its an amazing price i myself love watching movies and TV shows on there.. but if i want to try a movie out before i think about buying it on Blu-ray ,i will download it thank you very much :)- 
    .. Redbox imo is waaay better for this type of stuff as far as rentals go.. for Digital rentals its all about VUDU  :)-

  • Jura J

    Croatia here, what's movie rentals?

  • Gal

    because we dont have it here in Israel

  • andrew__des_moines

    I rent through Amazon -- on my $48 Roku -- and watch on a TV.  As far as I know, Google play can't even do that.  What's the point?

  • B6azar

    $1.27 for the same amount of time to rent a movie at Redbox, and I don't have to use up my data plan for it. That and rooted devices can't stream movies, so I'd be SOL with playing it anywhere else other than my desktop.

  • devogon

    I didn't know you could (presumably if you're in the U.S.) rent movies through Google Play. That explains the name (Play) a bit, I guess. Europe left out again?

  • Daniel Richardson Spam

    I would probably make good use of google play's movie rentals, but they block HDMI output! That's a ridiculous move on their part. Why would anyone pay normal rental fees when you're limited to watching the rental on a tiny device?

    I bought an HDMI/VGA converter cable for my ASUS transformer, and then rented a movie so we could all watch it together on the projector screen. My kiddos were heartbroken when I couldn't get it to work. We ended up crowding around the tablet and lost interest after 10 minutes. It was pretty pathetic and I was pretty pissed off.

    The cable worked fine--the tablet was projecting until I tapped the "play" button on the movie I rented. When I did that everything went black. When I stopped it again, the tablet was projected on the screen again. Blocking HDMI output like that is a very Apple-esque move on Google's part. Hell it's worse than apple because I could project movies I rented from the app store from my old iphone 3. 

    • aidanjt

      It wasn't the HDMI output they were blocking, it was the HDMI->VGA dongle, they don't provide a HDCP link to a 'trusted' display output as an end-point, that goes for all protected HD content these days, like Bluray and HD-DVD. If you connected the tablet directly to a HDTV via HDMI it should work fine.

      It's another requirement laid down by the MAFIAA big content fascists, and certainly one Google would rather not have to support, but must comply with to curry favour with Big Content, to allow Google to sell content to their users (they're having a hard enough time getting distribution rights from big content for countries outside the US, which literally number in the handful). Find it annoying? Me too. Complain to your political representatives and tell them big content needs stripped of their extensive monopoly privileges which they're abusing to hell and back, and drag them into the 21st century.

  • Leossmith

    Greece here.. not available..

  • 666

    Prices are way too overpriced! You can get the movie as actual hardcopy for the price or get a month of netflix (via VPN here in germany).

    99cents (dollar cents not euro cents!!) would be okay - everything else is too expensive compared to other options

  • K83

    Rooted, so never

    • John O’Connor

      I wish they would lift this restriction from the play store.  This alienates hardcore android users who may wish to rent movies at some point in time or who haven't because they have customized their android devices (which is a much touted feature) through rooting.  I have 7 android devices myself, most of which have been rooted for one reason or another.

    • http://twitter.com/sneakily1 FeelMyNinja-Ness

       Same here and wouldn't bother anyway. I'd rather be rooted

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    Never for me. I USE a different NETwork to get my movies.

  • PaulAtreides

    Movies rentals shouldn't cost  more than a dollar for 24 hour access. Monthly subscriptions and bundles would work for the right price as well. I refuse to rent something for a significant fraction of what it would cost to own for a lifetime.  

  • aplusjimages

    Amazon was there first so I went with them on music and movies.

  • RevueUser

    i rent only in play store but it is irritating that i cant play it in my google tv device !!

  • Leif Sikorski

    Maybe I would if it would be available here in Germany. But so far we don't have any interesting online movie rental service here so I guess Google wouldn't be able to get any interesting content.

  • Nuadarstark

    Czech Republic here, so I pretty much never rented any movie or tv show online :D

  • Babywarezlu

    No available in Mexico.

  • Hdgdhdhh

    Can't watch them on my TV so is a none starter for me...

  • http://daverix.net Daverix

    where's the option for "i dont live in usa"? Very irritating that we cant use google play movies, hulu or any other streaming service outside USA. Would have used if it was possible now I have to rip my DVDs or get the movies using illegal means.

  • bkspace

    I liked the 25c idea...

  • duplissi

    i never rent movies period... maybe if i do it'll be through redbox if im ambitious and if not then through psn.

    dont see the advantage of renting a movie on a tablet, computer or phone.

  • John O’Connor

    It would be nice if the play store sold movies as well. Converting and then transferring is a real pain in the a$$.  The only workaround that I've seen that isn't quite as tedious is buying the Ultraviolet digital copies and using the Flixster app to download, stream or watch them. the only caveat is that it stores the movies on the device with no option to move them to external storage like an sd card.  My Asus Transformer 300 has 32gb onboard and two 64gb microsdxc cards bringing me to a total of 160gb available to me at any given moment 

    This could probably be solved if devices came with larger onboard memory but although Google has been moving away from external storage I have yet to see any real attempt at solving this storage crisis.  Most devices top out at 32gb onboard if you go to the high end.    

    Apple had this worked out with its ipods (where you get a device that had 120gigs or even 250gigs onboard for all of your media storage needs.  Don't get me wrong the cloud is great to have, but oftentimes you may find yourself in an area where streaming isn't an option because the connection is slow or non existent (think of long family trips or an extended vacation).  We may be a little ahead of our time with cloud storage as a high speed connection is not universal and most services have very low data caps. Even using wifi at home you are capped with your high speed internet provider (which most people don't even realize).  With the Cox ultimate internet, I have a monthly cap of 400gb.  that may seem like a lot at first, but once you account for all of the always on internet enabled devices in your houshold, streaming services, games consoles, computers, etc, you may fast approach that cap.  This may not be an issue for most, but many households have multiple devices per family member and a lot of people still bring their work home with them or telecommute occasionally.  HD streaming (be it phone, tablet, computer, connected tv/bluray/dvd or other media player) is bandwidth intensive.

  • Alex1x

    I rent new releases all the time on my "big screen tv."
    My TV is connected to (a) ps3 (b) googletv (c) cable box. None of these can access the play store to rent movies lol. The most surprising find is no access to rent movies from google using Google tv, big oversight!

    Amazon & Google normal price $3.99
    Vudu (ps3) usually $3.99-$4.99
    Cable usually $5.99-$6.99
    I always check for best price before using any above minus play store no access :(

    • Raj

      Recently Google added "Play Movies" app to Google TV (logitech revue and sony google tv)

  • Dolphin

    Can I even rent movies in Canada? O.O

  • MrWicket

    I would use the service all the time if the price was right, I understand that it is comparable to Amazon and iTunes but I don't use their services either for the same reason. I suppose though if you really look at it it's no different than Blockbuster etc.. we used to spend this much to rent a VHS for 24 hours so it shouldn't be that big a deal.. I think we are just spoiled by Hulu and Netflix that put the before mentioned video rental companies mostly out of business..

  • http://profiles.google.com/mathias.christensen Mathias Christensen

    Not to be rude in any way. It seems that you are unaware of Google Play Movies only being available in a very few European countries. Cause if you knew you would add at least one option to this poll in order to make it worth anything.

  • Erni Papakroni

    There should be an option : I cannot rent movies , because we're not in the allowed country list 

  • Echedadi45


  • steven

    Rentals on Google play are way too expensive. Red box is cheaper!

  • john

    Right ok. Lets get one thing straight GET NETFLIX! £6 unlimited streaming. No brainer. For one GooglePlay rental you could get thousands more for next to nothing!!!

  • Inverted Straight Line

    It depends where you live:

    In Canada, we're essentially screwed when it comes to Netflix. Although it's $7.99 / month, the selection is just horrible. Unless you thrive on old movies, you just don't get fresh movies on a regular basis.

    Just as important, Canadians are for the most part screwed on data caps. Our major service providers charge outlandish prices for any worthwhile download cap. Yes, I know...it's time for me to leave the major provider and find a 3rd party ISP. Same applies for cell phone providers, we get really jimmied north of the border.

    There's no doubt about it, streaming is more convenient than getting in the car, driving to the video store, getting movie, driving back home to watch it. Then doing the same the next day to drop it off. Movie/gas etc...adds up over time.

    My television provider charges minimum $6.99 / movie for an 'on-demand' new release. That's pretty steep.

    Bah...for now I just rent from a kiosk for a buck or two for a dvd/bluray, for new releases. It's a crapshoot if movie is there, but at least it's cheap for occasional movies.

  • tom

    Until prices will get down to earth I'm not renting anything from there. They can go and ff them self with those prices. I have alternatives

  • milca

    So if I rent a movie and download it to my phone will it use up my data plan?

    • John O’Connor

      If you download it over a cell network and not wifi then yes it will go against your data plan