After a little bit of a false start several days ago, it looks like the much-anticipated Android 4.0.3 update is rolling out for the AT&T flavor of the Samsung Galaxy S II. The update was available briefly a few days ago via the Samsung Kies update software, but Samsung pulled the file saying it was merely a "test."


Users from XDA have now successfully installed the update through Kies on stock devices. It's looking like the update is not going to go out over-the-air, but will be restricted to Samsung's old-fashioned desktop software. That means you'll have to plug your phone in with a cable to run the update, like it's the middle-ages or something. The version now in Kies appears to be identical to the test build from the other day.

ICS is expected to bring some nice UI enhancements, redesigned apps, and various bug fixes. Of course, TouchWiz will still be on-board, and don't expect any of the magical Galaxy S III features to be back-ported.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • siphyn

    The fact that such a nice phone requires Kies to update is sad. Seriously, Samsung you need to fix this.

    • J Rush

      And the fact you're complaining is sad. Samsung could have never updated the Samsung Galaxy S II, so you should be grateful no matter how you have to do it.

      • siphyn

        True, however every other OEM does OTA updates. I guarantee most people with these phones will not get the update due to the fact that most people aren't tech savy enough to know that you need to use Kies. You shouldn't need a computer to update your phone.

        • Rowe83

          what are the procedures to updating through kies? i don't see an update tab on kies.

          • Jamps

            IMO: The reason they are not going ota on this update is to give a clearer option to backup their files and settings before running a major update. Major updates usually wipe all data on the devices during the process. Using kies will give you a clear option and warning to backup before updating. Cuts back on customer support requests from a lot of po'd customers who have lost all of their files. all this said I still hate ATT. They are slow with updates that everyone else cranks out months earlier. That is a clear sign of incompetence.

          • Jamps

            @Rowe83: it's really easy. Go to Samsung site download latest version of kies. Install. After installing, connect phone to computer via USB cable. Kies will detect phone and automatically notify you of new firmware. From there backup first them update. update takes about 20 minutes. Backup will add time to the process.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001045389560 Adam Montas

          yes Motorola, HTC and probably Sony does OTA. Lg and Samsung is trying to be Apple.

      • Fuck you

        KIES is a fucking gigantic piece of shit and it never even worked for me. Being able to update your phone is not some privilege that you should be grateful for, it's something fucking essential and the update should be available through the right channel.

        • siphyn

          I'm glad someone else agrees with me. Kies sucks. Hell even the iPhone gets updates OTA. The fact that Samsung needs Kies is pathetic. Hopefully the GSIII doesn't follow in the same footsteps.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            Don't you need to connect iPhones to iTunes to update/restore them?

          • siphyn

            In reply to Artem (Disqus won't allow me to reply to you?) with iOS 5 and above, all updates happen OTA.  Also you can wipe the data/restore the phone without using iTunes.  You are correct in that with older versions of the OS you had to use iTunes, but that is no longer the case.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001045389560 Adam Montas

            even htc and motorola does ota before iphone. Only Samsung and Lg want to go on the length of it stupid computer software update, instead over the air update.

    • CeluGeek

       AT&T is probably to blame. They might have told Samsung "We don't want your updates clogging our network so don't make them available over the air".

  • JohnDoe

    Any word on the Skyrocket update aka SGH-I727?  

    • Jpframerica

      Do a Google search, you can get ics for the skyrocket now. I installed it a couple of months ago and it's running great.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Nothing official as far as I can tell, but hopefully soon.

      • http://twitter.com/neohemp David G. King Jr.

        dear lord I hope it's soon.  I'm really under the assumption here that it's last to get it simply because I own one.

        • CeluGeek

          Nah, I still think the Captivate Glide will be the last Samsung to be updated to ICS. The Skyrocket might be next on AT&T's list after the non-LTE GS II.

  • Haumes31

    Updated a few hours ago. Works great. Waiting for the s3 to be released? Won't be so bad now

  • unni

    Just installed CM9 yesterday. So far, everything good. See here: 

  • Jpframerica

    I think you can use Kies air and at least avoid having to use the cable to connect your phone to your computer.

    • Killa504killa

       I doubt it I think its like the Infuse kies updates. USB to PC and run the att kies air.

  • SebaKL

    like it's the middle-ages or something."   - priceless 

    • Evan

      Agreed, Kies works splendidly for me, and that's enough for me to embrace it.

  • rush

    ahh why won't kies work for me? any tips here? using sgh-1777

  • Rowe83

    what are the procedures to updating through kies? i don't see an update tab on kies.

  • http://twitter.com/markkachigian markkachigian

    Update the Software for the Samsung Galaxy S II (i777)

  • Uansari1

    Not for the international version... my cousin's update came OTA here in Pakistan.

  • Siypion

    what is super funny is ppl with a ATT galaxy s2 talking about how its... blank blank blank... hard to update there phone... try having a Epic 4g touch and see how that make you feel.... lol

    (not that my phone is not rooted, and running a custom rom, ^_^ Xda FTW!)

    • Killa504killa

       What exactly does that mean? Your post makes no sense. What does having an E4gT have to do with it? E4GT does not have ICS or an official CM9 release. Atleast the ATT one has kies. We have to wait for sprint to do their "Update lottery" for Samsung phones. HTC gets to ping the server for the update.

      • Jay

        Epic 4G Touch does have an official ICS release and just like most other phones, ICS screwed it up and the subsequent updates made it worse. I dunno why I bought this Unlocked ATT GS2 considering my luck with Samsung products and their lame excuse for support. The ATT version definitely has a stronger signal than the Sprint version, but the WiFi sucks just as bad. Meanwhile as if I haven't had enough issues with Net10 for 3 weeks now, yesterday the manager finally got my data working and it was fast. Today, slowwwww again, but at least pages aren't timing out...... I am ready to go back to a dumbphone but still stick with prepay. I am just OVER contracts as the only value vs prepay is being able to walk into a store and get the same BS you get on the phone.

  • http://twitter.com/ImSteevin ImSteevin

    Too little way too late.  Been running CM9 for months now and it's much better for me anyway.

  • Gary Nixon

    Any word on the Skyrocket update aka SGH-I727? 

  • Mike Kassis

    What a bunch of crud. Tried twice to update to ICS on my GSII thru Kies got blue screen of death both times and had to go to ATT device store to get it working again. THEY THEMSELVES said there are lots of problems and advised to NOT UPGRADE YET. ATT innitialy adivsed me of available update through text message so why are they not using the same method to advise users to NOT UPDATE?!

  • jonda99

    I wish I'd never upgraded to ICS on my skyrocket. The update has turned it into a huge effing piece of shit. Fuck ICS.l!!!!!



  • Jay

    Well it is an OTA update and I did my best to stop it but it just ran and now my phone is stuck on the Rethink Possible screen. Great. Oh wait, now it just booted tot

    he home screen. Will report back. Using this phone unlocked on Net10 for $50.00 Unlimited. Screw Contracts ! I guess it is time for me to Root, as this update seems to have updated all of the ATT Bloatware :(

  • cb

    samsung phones are pieces of crap..the android update to sending all pictures as 5 sec videos does not work well with them...Android has not yet addressed this issue and neither has Samsung. Why ????????

  • cb

    My phone cannot receive or sent pictures at all now except by text....My provider reprogrammed my phone and a zillion other things and still doesnt work...Why ????