In all honesty, I get a little more excited than I probably should when it seems like someone's marketing department has accidentally revealed juicy details. Today, after seeing Jelly Bean 4.1 teased in a thumbnail image and checkout page (which was quickly redacted), it seems that Sprint may have let slip the existence of a white version of the HTC EVO 4G LTE. In a banner found on the Now Network's website earlier today, we see a white Samsung Galaxy SII (nothing surprising there) right next to a white and silver version of the EVO LTE.


Whether this was just a last minute color-swap to create a more visually cohesive banner or a secret hint at a whiter, brighter EVO LTE is still up for debate.

That being said, we all know that Sprint has a habit of releasing white variants in the EVO family. Plus, as TechnoBuffalo reported yesterday, the white version of the EVO already appeared in what was alleged to be a warehouse inventory list.

All in all, it's looking like chances are good for a paper-white EVO, but we'll keep you updated pending further details.

Source: Sprint Via Engadget

Liam Spradlin
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  • John O’Connor

    No JB Screenshot?

  • http://twitter.com/jonasyon Jona Sy

    Thaz fucking sexy. I'm loving my new Evo but welcome the new color selection.

  • Johnny

    Lawsuits against HTC for making a phone that could be confused with a Samsung will arrive shortly.