Samsung has just dropped the source code for the Sprint version of the Galaxy S III, and it's available on Samsung's open source web portal here. Samsung has been surprisingly on-point with getting source code for the Galaxy S III here in the US, ensuring that custom kernels and ROMs will have the maximum amount of tweakability available to tinkerers from the likes of RootzWiki and XDA.


Samsung Open Source

David Ruddock
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  • digitalthug

    This is amazing news! Can't wait for AOKP on this bad boy! I wonder if this means easier porting of features like the video widget, calling from the text message app when putting it to your ear, and eye tracking.

    • http://twitter.com/DroidKl0wn Droid Kl0wn

      If you think you will see those in AOKP or CM9 you are misinformed. Those are proprietary functions and I highly doubt we will ever see them in any AOSP release due to legal reason.

      • digitalthug

        True. But wasn't there a team that was going to work on porting features from manufacturers' roms? Also if it turns out I don't use the unique features, then at least I know AOKP would be right around the corner

        • Ibrahim Awwal

          These source dumps only contain the parts that Samsung derived from open source projects (i.e. Android, Linux). They don't include their proprietary framework.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1808599231 Ariel Felder

    So we are just waiting for the big reveal they are 3 for 4 let's go Samsung let's see the one we have all been waiting for the source code from big red

    • yarrellray

      What's so special about big red??? They are a waste..

      • squiddy20

        Hahahahaha! Says you! I think the 109-or-so MILLION Verizon Wireless customers would beg to differ. Besides, you're just bitter your "pimp slapping" Galaxy Nexus isn't Verizon's flagship phone (as if it were ever intended to be) and that you've had crappy signal while countless others are perfectly fine.

      • Cipher Zero

        A waste? Hardly. They have the most reliable network in the most places. Period. Of course there are places where one company may have a better signal than Verizon's, but believe me, I get around EVERYWHERE, and Verizon has proven to be the most reliable of any carrier over the years, and I've used all of the major carriers at one time or other depending on what was supplied to me from work (I've been using six lines on Verizon privately for myself and my family for well over 10 years). Yes, they're generally more expensive, but if I'm in the middle of nowhere fishing, or for work-related things, I've often seen friends who use carriers like T-Mobile have no signal while my signal is fine. These aren't just toys to play video games on. If your signal fades out, 128 core, 400GHz processors,holographic interface, 5TB RAM, and the ability to spawn unicorns are pretty useless at that point, because if you're in trouble, you won't be calling for any help, but you'll be pretty entertained for awhile before your battery dies. These are still phones, not tablets, if it can't be used for communication, you have a small tablet with no internet access.
         If you live in a city and never go anywhere, then you're an idiot for going with Verizon, just get some local metro carrier who has coverage there, activate a phone with them, and stop whining.

        • Shelly

          And then you hit your data cap. BAZINGA!

          • Cipher Zero

            I don't have one, fortunately. I'm still grandfathered in unlimited data :)

          • Kellic

            Thankfully I've never gone over 2.5GB to 3GB max.  Everyone loves to scream cap cap cap.  Unless you are streaming netflix all the time......

      • Kellic

        LOL.  As someone who went from T Mobile to Sprint now with my work phone being AT&T, and within a month to Verizon.  They are far from a waste.  I've spent the last month researching the best carrier at this point. 

        Good data.  And the results are telling.  Verizon does have the best network around, hands down.  And at the end of the day while they don't have unlimited, with my company discount they were cheaper.  I also get discounts on Sprint, ATT, and T Mobile.  ATT was a close second, but since they gut you with requiring that you spend $20 for unlimited txt it ended up being more then Verizon for 1GB more.  Verizon may be a dick, but they earned their dickishness.

  • Sazkion

    Now if they would only do this with their Galaxy Tab. I want my camera working!

  • Brian Kennedy

    This is seriously all the convincing I needed to buy one of these phones. I have a sidekick 4g which I like; however, the software is buggy, samsung and tmobile aren't releasng fixes, I can't even easily switch to a custom rom, and if I could, there are only roms of it's current android version, due to secret and unportable driver code.

    Good work Samsung, I will buy this phone.