Update: According to HTC, this problem is currently only affecting the Tegra 3 (international) version of the One X - not the Rogers/AT&T One X or international One XL. HTC advises those affected to contact customer support, though the channel through which you purchased your device is a good bet as well, especially if it was from a carrier or brick and mortar store where they can exchange the unit immediately.

If you're a One X owner (or an avid XDA reader), you're probably aware that some poor souls have been basically unable to reliably use Wi-Fi on their devices because of a manufacturing defect. A few One X units have been affected by a poor connection on the Wi-Fi component of the device, identified by increased signal strength upon pinching the phone just to the left of the rear camera.

HTC has finally acknowledged the issue officially, in a statement below:

After investigating isolated reports of WiFi connectivity issues in the HTC One X, we have identified a fix that strengthens the area of the phone around the WiFi antennae connection points. While many customers have not experienced any problems with signal strength, we have taken immediate steps to implement a solution in our production process to prevent this issue from happening in the future. HTC is committed to making sure every customer has a great experience and we apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused while we conducted a thorough investigation.

The problem? HTC is vague or mute about a few very relevant questions. First, what can customers experiencing the issue do? An expedited replacement process would seem to be in order for carrier partners. Second, is this affecting all HTC One X units, or just the international Tegra 3 flavor? While it's nice that HTC has solved the issue on the assembly line, it's customers who are having the problem that are the more obvious concern here. Acknowledging the issue was basically a given after the very clear physical demonstrability of it, so it seems HTC is doing what it normally does here: saying no more than it has to. We'll update you on HTC's plans for affected customers, should they materialize.

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David Ruddock
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  • Punit Thakkar

    This is exactly why one buys an sgs3
    Samsung's the best in customer support. Atleast here in India.

    • fixxmyhead

      FACT: samsung is just better than HTC

      haters gonna hate

      • Jonathan Isenberg


      • ercliou

        Oh another FACT: HTC is just beter than samsung
        haters gonna hate


        • fixxmyhead

          how is the one x better than the s3? please explain with its small 1800 mAh NON removeable battery, no sd card slot, smaller screen, crappier software, wifi issues, exynos > tegra 3. im just going by logic here not by fanboyism

          probably forgot other stuff but that alone beats the one X

          • tbealmear

            Lets see.  Do you know fact from opinion?  I have a AT&T One X. 

            Battery: Works great for what I need it to do and get multiple days to a charge (opinion and fact)

            SD Slot: I don't need it (fact)

            Screen size: I really like the size.  Fits great in my hand.  (fact)

            Software: I am having much better luck with Sense 4.0 then I ever did with TouchWiz (fact)

            WiFi: The article says Tegra 3 only.  I have the S4 so no issues here (fact)

            CPU: In the US the SGSIII is getting a dual core cpu (fact)

            Hopefully that helps you differentiate fact from opinion.  People choose the device that works best for them.  I am glad the SGSIII works great for you so please respect the possibility that different things work better for other people.

          • Simon Belmont

            So, let me ask you a question. Above you said haters gonna hate, right?

            How does posting so much negativity about a certain smartphone brand (HTC) NOT show you as being a hater, yourself? You continually attack HTC on every post that mentions technical issues, even when they acknowledge and vow to fix them, and you call people that prefer their products sheep and fanboys while simultaneously flying the Samsung banner as the true beacon of light in the smartphone world (Disclaimer: I have nothing against Samsung at all). It seems to me that you're the hater, good sir. Now, go troll somewhere else.

        • http://www.facebook.com/naqibullah.yusufy Naqibullah Yusufy

          hi...i have a htc one x....really loved it at first, problem started when i found out the wifi problem...but fixed it with 4.0.4 update.....until a week before when the screen stopped working properly....the centre of the screen doesnt work...and my phone is handicapped.....it makes me mad when i cannot press numbers while making calls.....now i really hate htc with their shitty stuff......HTC has to spend more on their products or no one will buy their shits.....

      • Yep


        • fixxmyhead

          its true

      • Simon Belmont

        Fact: Every HTC post that mentions issues, you spout off about Samsung being better, which seems like overcompensation for something on your part.

        Fact: Before I even clicked the link to this post I knew one of the first negative comments about HTC would be from you.

        • fixxmyhead

          i just like better phones and by the specs it looks like the s3 is better. why do i want to get something with lower specs? i want the BEST bang for my money not second best

          all this hate, hate, hate, hate
          players haters ball

          • Simon Belmont

            The thing is, I'm not doing any hating here at all. I like HTC and Samsung (and other manufacturers) for what they are and the products they produce.

            You wanting the SGS3 is fine and it's your choice and I'm glad that you're pleased with it. But does it make it necessary for you to grind HTC and the people that want their products into the dirt because you don't like that company or their stuff? That seems like the definition of hating. Just saying.

        • fixxmyhead

          im not hating i was just saying its a fact that the s3 is better. idk why people cant accept that. compare the specs and the s3 is better. idk why people dont use logic. i never said i hated HTC i just said samsung is better

          ps its ALWAYS slow at my work. u guys keep me entertained and sane

          • Simon Belmont

            More accurately, it's your OPINION that it's better. You're always entitled to your opinion, just like everyone is entitled theirs (and should be without being made to feel like dolts for choosing HTC, in this case).

            Frankly, I'm not arguing that one handset is better than the other or vice versa. I'm only saying that coming into every comment section to bash one manufacturer over another because of your purchase decision is pointless at best.

          • Chris

            HOX has better design, MUCH BETTER screen, better camera - HOX scores higher than S3 on quadrant when also running 4.0.4. and equals it in Antutu - How has OTA updates, f2.0 lens with 37mm wide angle lens - S3 only has f2.6 with 3.7mm lens - has has dedicated image chip, 99 burst mode and automatic multi stage flash. - HOX has dedicated tegra 3 games with enhanced graphics, and will soon receive PlayStation games too! - only if a user really needs removable battery and sd card slot should someone choose S3 over the HOX - main feature of a large touch screen phone is its screen, and the s3 screen is terrible in comparison to the HOX, this alone makes HOX the better choice, even without all the above. - not to mention that the HOX is also much cheaper. - s3 looks & feels cheap, with a worse screen - enjoy your S3 - & in 6 months, your screen will have some burn in, just go look st the galaxy nexus forums, as that's effectively the same old screen! - infact the nexus has a higher PPI.

    • Kellic

      Ummm I've Preordered a S3, but even I think that's BS.  Samsung has a known history of being an jerk about upgrading the OS on their devices and, at least in the past, has had horrible radios in their systems.

      HTC on the other hand is pretty good about upgrading their devices to the latest and greatest version of Android and hardware support demonstrated by this article.

    • Jimmy_Pancakes

      Only cuz its your cuz on the other side of that call...lol bazinga

  • Aeefire

    I am questioning myself how I can test if I have this issue too. Because I am usually very near the Wifi-AP, so I might not notice it anyway...

  • Spatchcock

    HTC were my preferred brand for several years but these days they just take the fucking piss with their design flaws and shitty after sales service. If Samsung just do the bare minimum when/if I have to make a warranty claim I'll continue to love my S3 as much as I do now.

  • ercliou
  • fixxmyhead

    i cant reply to the delusional people

    • Simon Belmont

      There's an easy solution for that. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.

      I've enjoyed our conversation here. Thanks for the memories.

  • Tee

    One would think the manufacturers could and should test their flagship devices way more thoroughly than the budget ones. So these kind of issues would be avoided.

  • Colm Byrne

    I sent my new device back for repair two weeks ago and it is still 'in repair' with no indication when it will be returned. HTC have known about this problem for weeks. Disappointed with my first and probably last HTC device.

  • Steve

    WOW, I have the wireless connection issue on my One X that is less than 2 weeks old, I contacted the vendor (Phones4u UK) to be told that they are aware of the issue, however they need a fault code from HTC to be able to exchange the handset, Of course, They gave me the support number for HTC who promtly kept me on the phone for nearly an hour, resetting settings, hardware 
    resetting , software resetting, even got me to upgrade the firmware in my Netgear modem (which happens to have 4 other wireless devices connected with no problem).

    At the end of this I was obviously getting a little pissed so simply asked the operator for the fault code for this because lets face it, it is a know hardware error that the One X has and HTC has admitted that it does exist, Only to be told "Oh sorry sir, we only give fault codes to vendors" !!!!!!

    Way to go HTC, yet another loyal customer that you just lost, Galaxy S III here i come.

  • Stephen_lamb

    Is anyone experiencing Bluetooth issues with the HTC ONE XL in car audio systems? Specifically Toyota Kluger 2011 with Fujitsu Ten model 38005 unit? It connects but no audio. Works with Sensation.

    • J Hudson1

       Yep I am having the same problem with my Kluger 2010

    • Ysanne

      VW Golf with HTC ONE XL here: Person in car can hear called person, but called person only gets "warble warble warble" and just the faintest echo of what the person in the car is saying. Possibly a speaker on/off issue?
      Car hands-free works fine with HTC Desire.

  • mohammed

    Hoe can i fix it please

  • Porridgehead

    Same problems here.

    Wifi was trying to connect to APs (if it could even see them), but would not authenticate.

    All the talk about connection to 5MHz and 2.4MHz or the brand of AP/Router is a load of pants! If the stupid bit of kit is choosy about what kind of AP it will work with, that means WiFi in pubs, hotels, busses, airports, offices, etc. are useless to us One X owners.

    One X was sent back to HTC UK Repair Ctr. 3 weeks ago, repaired and returned. Lots of parts replaced, but No better.
    In fact it seemed worse. It started to drop Bluetooth connection to the car kit, with a frequency similar to the WiFi search function.

    So I sent it back again. Just received an email from HTC Service this morning saying that the phone was being returned today. So I rang them to find out if a fault was found. ..... "Yes Sir, I can see on the job record that parts were replaced".

    OK HTC, so why was it not Fxxxing working and tested properly after it was repaired 3 weeks ago?

    If it is still not working, then I can send it back a 3rd time (and for some reason their courier has NEVER arrived to collect it so I paid Registered International Postage). At this rate, it will be out of warranty by the time they conclude that the One X is toast!

    I have been a LONG TIME LOYAL HTC PUNTER having had the TYTN, TYTNII, Hero, HD2, HD7, Flyer 512, Desire Z, and then the One X.

    Given that there is such worldwide confirmation of the problems with the One X, which HTC finally owned up to, WHY do they ruin their reputation by treating customers like shxt? Do they not understand the pain in the Arse and time it takes to reinstall all APPS and configure the unit after each "please do a Hard Reset Sir", and what phone are you supposed to use during the 2 week return to base cycle?

    I was going to go HTC ONE, but SONY or Motorola is looking more likely now. I like HTC Sense, but owning a HTC no longer makes sense!

  • lucy

    Can't connect to Wi-Fi the settings are in gray,this is not the first time this has happened.