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Following up on the success of the self-billed "blockbuster casual platform action RPG" Illusia, GAMEVIL recently released Illusia 2 to the Play Store, promising a "thrilling storyline full of twists and turns," and "endless customizable options."

For those unfamiliar with the original game, Illusia is a side-scrolling RPG with heavy fantasy influence and a focus on quests, equipment upgrades, and overall immersive gameplay. Illusia 2, in keeping with the original, offers a rich, colorful art style, core RPG elements, and a compelling storyline. Illusia 2 follows Angela, Chris, and Ares as they work to restore peace to the Dream World, which is suffering from nightmares triggered by an unknown evil force.

In working to "solve the mystery behind what is causing the nightmares," players will battle through four worlds acting as magician, warrior, or assassin and using 20 new skills while customizing armor and weaponry, choosing from 40,000 new costumes and weapons. The game also offers a "new fairy help system," allowing a fairy named Ede to handle the "dirty work."

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Once players have completed the main story arc, they can play in asynchronous PVP mode, Defense mode, Rush mode, and Mission mode, adding a ton of extra playability beyond the main story.

Considering Illusia 2 is totally free from Google's Play Store, there's no reason not to give GAMEVIL's latest casual RPG a shot. Hit the widget below to grab the download.

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  • Siypion

    I Loved the first game so i don't see why i would not love this one to.
    (Ad free: FTW)  \[^_^]//

    • Tony Sampson

      Reasons not to like it. 

      1. Must be online to play. Even single player mode. 
      2. Even though there are seperate jump buttons, the vertical jump still goes foward.
      3. Gamevil
      4. Cash store is going to ruin ecosystem (again).
      5. Dual blade class can rack up max combos in 3 minutes = max gold multiplier. 
      6. Never will have updates that actually add content. 
      7. Gamevil