Have you been annoyed by the "SmartSync" battery-saving feature found on HTC's newest phones? If you're not familiar with this aspect of Sense 4.0, that might make, well, sense. HTC has been fairly quiet about how exactly its battery optimizations in Sense work, but SmartSync is a big part of it, especially when it comes to saving juice overnight.

All Sense 4 phones (HTC One X, XL, S, V and EVO 4G LTE) utilize this feature to reduce battery consumption in the wee-hours, specifically from 12AM to 7AM. After 15 minutes of inactivity (no emails, screen off, etc.) in this time frame, Sense 4 phones go into "SmartSync" mode - deactivating all data connections and turning off sync. This means that unless you actually turn on the screen or otherwise interact with the phone during those hours, none of your apps or services (aside from phone calls and SMS/MMS) will be able to update or send/receive data.

Personally, I've never found it too annoying (especially because I usually forget to mute my phone before bed), but I can see the gripe people have about not being able to toggle this fairly aggressive power-saving feature in the first place. Now, there's a way. A clever XDA developer (J4N87) has come up with a simple, app-based solution that requires no root or unlocking - just install, hit the toggle, and reboot your phone.


The app is bare bones, with a single "Disable smartsync" checkbox. To get it, head over to the Play Store now (and feel free to grab the "Donate" version - developers deserve a little love).


David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • tbealmear

    Seems to work fine for me.  I didn't even know this was a feature.  Thats when I am in bed sleeping so.... hooray?  Kind of sucks for people who work different shifts or for people who are party animals tho...

    • lordmerovingian

      …and folks who have family and friends in different time zones around the world. When it's night time for me it's day break for folks i have on a different continent. I've never really liked HTC phones in general and this isn't helping in any bit.

      • Guest

        You do realize this doesn't affect their ability to call/text you. It shuts off data services when you are not using them.

        • foggy flute

          I have clients all around the world, if I'm not getting email at 2AM, it's trouble for both of us.

          Thank god I'm not buying One V but go for Xray that day.

          • Guest

            You get the emails as soon as you wake up and turn on the screen... 

          • squiddy20

            What if he has a life-or-death email from a client at 1:30 am, a time I imagine some people are still actively working on development and/or coding? If such an email were to be sent during this time frame, he wouldn't get it *until* he's turned on the screen or 15 minutes thereafter. See the problem? 

        • NeoLawliet

          People don't text internationally. They use data-based services like Whatsapp. That's a problem.

  • RenatoFontesTapia

    This kind of bs is what I hate about android and the reason why I switched to windows phone...

    • B3astofthe3ast

      So why are you on a website exclusively for Android?  Do you think anyone here cares about your windows phone?  Or do you go to Windows phone websites and say the exact opposite, just so you can keep living under a bridge?  

      • RenatoFontesTapia

        I still like android, my twitter image is still and android me, I still have and android figure on top of my office desktop, and I still am into android development...

        I just hate this kind of BS and I'm waiting for when google gets its stuff together and starts controlling cellphone manufacturers like they should.

      • guest

        because it is lonely there

  • fixxmyhead

    calm down guys i wont say anything bad.

  • mesmorino

    Man, the more I hear about the new HTC phones the more I'm glad I went for the SGS3. I loved my Desire HD no lie (I called it The Jesus Phone lol) but I'd say I chose the right time to switch manufacturers.

    • Brandito

      I hear ya! I'm so sick of my LTEvo getting amazing battery life! Wish I could switch to a phone that dies sooner so I can read my emails while I sleep the second they come in.

      • mesmorino

        LMAO you think the SGS3 has poor battery life? hahaha I'm getting a full day and a half with moderate usage, two full days with no use. This isn't about the emails or widgets or whatever, it's about control. *I* would like to choose when to turn off my data connection, thank you very much! 

        I have my sync setup exactly the way I want it such that it doesn't impact battery life, the last thing I need is to wake up and nothing's been updated and then everything starts syncing at the same time... Thus eating into the battery even more than they would otherwise have.

        Anyhoo, unless your LTEvo is getting 5 or more days of battery life it's hardly amazing.

        • Brandito


          Yeah, never once mentioned the SGS3 in my reply, perhaps you need  glasses, or maybe you read my reply on your inferior pentile screen and couldn't quite make it out :P

          • mesmorino

            You didn't have to mention it. I mentioned it in my original post, and your response was a thinly veiled dig

          • Brandito

            You also mentioned the Desire HD, yet you did not assume I was speaking of that phone. 

            Try not to extrapolate too much from my post, you might hurt yourself.

    • http://twitter.com/jonasyon Jona Sy

      It's quite alright that you prefer the Galaxy S3. I think it's a fine phone. However, I am very happy with my Evo 4G LTE and very impressed with the battery life. I don't mind that email aren't being pushed to the phone while I'm asleep, but that's just me. Variety is the spice of life.

  • Daniel Wiggins

    Well, i really don't see a problem with the initial setting for me. Although i wake up at 4:45 am, and from then to 7 according to this i will not get updates after 15 mins of inactivity... which is the last 10 minutes of my drive to work, and then never again. :P So i guess it really doesn't matter to my schedule. When would this be a deal breaker to people during that set time? (I'm not stating this, i am asking opinions of people)

  • Ruperto17

    I'm confused. When setting up a new ActiveSync account, you can choose between Push or SmartSync. Better yet, it lets you create a schedule of when to use one over the other. In my case, I have a schedule for manual refresh from 8a-5p (work  hours), Smart Sync in the evenings and push on weekends. I love Sense.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      This has nothing to do with ActiveSync or the stock email app's individual sync settings.

  • Curkus86

    You all realize if you have powersaver settings off you dont have to worry about this Right?