In recent months, we've hardly seen a game more hyped than Imangi's Temple Run. Couple that with the inherent excitement any time Pixar decides to release something, and it's hard not to get a little excited. Temple Run: Brave, despite it's entirely unimaginative name, places Princess Meridia as the centerpiece of this running game that seems to involve little-to-no temples.


The game doesn't have any illusions about what it is. It's Temple Run, but with Pixar characters. The added ability to fire arrows at bonus targets is a nice addition, though. Also, the visuals are excellent, inspired by the movie and Scotland itself. Gorgeous.

brave1 brave2 brave3

The game costs a mere 99 cents in the Play Store right now. So, if you're as amped for this movie as I am, and you're willing to give Pixar a chance to make up for Cars 2, grab it from the widget below.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://www.facebook.com/spencerbuchanan Spencer Buchanan

    Hey Cars 2, the game was pretty cool... for what they had to work with. 

    Wow, is this releasing on android first? I am shocked. I would have thought a dual release to iOS first. 

    • ScottColbert

      It's available on the iOS, though apparently all in french according to some posts on touch arcade forum.

  • Sven Borer

    Not worth at all ... lot of lags so far. *Galaxy Nexus 512 Mhz GPU.

  • Havoc70

    I agree with Sven, not worth the .99 cents the game play is so laggy you cant even play. Maybe when they fix it but not now

  • Sumatori-kun

    No problems with a bone stock Galaxy S II GT-I9100 running 2.3.6. Plays perfectly.

  • http://www.theandroidgalaxy.com/ SharonLewis

    My sister play this game 24h/day

  • http://twitter.com/dynomike666 Mike

    A bit of lag on stock GN /w 4.04 but still playable.  It's a little more advanced Temple Run with a couple more features and options and better graphics. Maybe it'll run better on the next Nexus...

  • Jacob Markussen

    Want it, but no F'in way I am paying for an app that is so much a commercial in itself...

    • ChumbleSpuzz

       agreed! especially when the original is free!

      • Joseph Cascio

        Looked interesting until I saw the $0.99 price tag. I don't expect apps to be free, but when one app is promoting a possible multi-hundred million dollar movie then yeah It should be free.

  • Jazzy Barnwell

    i wonder if i can get it on my kindle

  • Jazzy Barnwell

    i hope its not .99

  • Mammar

    worst app i saw ever ...it lags as hell n dont slide left or right or not even jumps....