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Anyone who's been keeping up on the Android blogosphere this year will know that Samsung managed to keep a pretty tight lid on the Galaxy S III prior to its release - we didn't really see any credible leaks up until a few weeks before the official announcement. And now, Samsung, in an apparent attempt to let the world know it's practicing Apple-level secrecy, has let us in on the deets of how it hid its flagship from the media's prying eyes.

"The Samsung was Galaxy S III [sic] announced on May 3," the company begins. Indeed. Before this public unveiling, however, Sammy made every effort to keep its prize possession secret - even from its own engineers. In the company's words, "there was a separate labwith [sic] security cards, fingerprint readers and everything,designated only for the few that were approved for this top-secret project." (Yes, the "multifaceted" "digital leader" may be able to keep its engineers' mouths shut, but it can't keep its spacebars working.)

samsung R&D

Samsung's macho security R&D team

Apparently, Samsung was so eager to keep the GS III under cover that it produced three different prototypes, all of which were treated like final products - components like antennas had to be produced separately for all three devices. Engineers were not only strictly forbidden from talking about their work with their families, but were also banned from sharing pictures of the devices with colleagues. As a result, the "designated" elites allowed near the prototypes "had to explain the GALAXY S III with all sorts of words" whenever they needed to communicate with other employees about the device. The Procurement Department, for example, had to determine the price of the GS III and the materials to purchase for it without ever seeing the handset in person - the devs' explanations were all they had to go on.

Good business or another of Samsung's efforts to become Apple? You decide.

Source: Samsung blog; thumb credit: Zazzle

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  • Loranz

    I think it's better to keep it hidden until unveiled. speaking of secrecy... I don't seem to see any Jelly Bean stories floating around...

    • Danny Holyoake

      You raise an interesting point. Let's face it, Google aren't the best at keeping things quiet. I'm surprised that we've heard next to nothing about what is actually inside 4.1. Almost makes me think that Jelly Bean *isn't* coming out next month.

  • Ruben

    Worth it. It keeps people waiting and anticipating. Samsung played this perfectly, the sales numbers for this device is proof. Once the device is released here stateside it will only get better. Samsung means to dethrone Apple and run away, here's hoping they can do it.

  • Bacon T Rex

    Let's hope apple doesn't hold a patent on secrecy 

  • http://rxsiu.wordpress.com/ rxsiu

    You'll see stories about Apple patenting the practice of "secrecy" very soon.

    • Mike Smith

      Secrecy belongs to the US Govt and US Military. I highly doubt apple will be able to get this one....Lol

      • Bruno Pedro

        challenge accepted

      • Dean Politis

        No, Apple will just call it Secrecy in the Private Sector.   Voila!!! You have an Apple patent.  

        • Mike Smith

          You have a point Dean. 

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Shame they didn't actually reveal the prototypes 

  • cwarner7264

    I want to know when ASUS is going to produce an Android phone (not Padfone - unless you can buy the 'Fone' without the 'Pad'?) I'd get me some of that.

    • http://www.facebook.com/larsgbnielsen Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen

      I'm pretty sure that you'll be able to buy the "fone" separately, as the "tablet" part is called the Padfone Station :)

  • Honeycombed

    So that's how they're hiding from us the ICS update for the 7.7

  • FrillArtist

    Is that why the GSIII is just as ugly as the iPhone 4S? Figures.

    • Sumatori-kun

      At least it's not boring looking like the GS and GS2.

  • http://twitter.com/kuyanyan Yanyan

    I don't think they need this level of secrecy and yes, this is another case of Samsung trying to be like Apple. I just wish they'd actually copy Apple's customer support. Apple replaces defective products as long as its covered by the warranty while other manufacturers shafts their customers by making it hard to get a replacement. From where I'm from, if your phone get's broken, make sure its ready to get raped by their authorized service centers. All they're going to do is repair it until the warranty period expires. Not to mention that Apple actually decided to update the 3GS to iOS 6 while Samsung can't even upgrade the Galaxy S to ICS. If HTC managed to put ICS on the One V and the lowly Desire C, what's stopping Samsung from upgrading their obviously superior phone?
    Its nice though that they finally decided to fully settle on their own distinctive ID instead of relying on the current mobile torch bearer (RAZR: Ultra Edition; Galaxy S: iPhone 3GS). The Galaxy S II was a start (they removed those TW square borders around the app icons) but they definitely went full-throttle on the S III. Before anyone says anything about there's just so many ways to make a rectangular slab, just look at other manufacturer's flagship phones from previous years and todays S III that its readily apparent that yes, there's actually a lot of ways to make touchscreen phones. 
    Honestly there isn't much to keep secret about the phone. When it comes to the latest technology, we don't look at the iPhone, Windows Phones or Blackberries, we all look towards the greatest Android phone that will be announced in the first half of the year. 

  • http://twitter.com/SoWhy SoWhy

    They should probably have released the other prototypes instead ;-)

  • http://twitter.com/pm4gis Duane Wilkins

    OK so now maybe those guys could update the 10.1v.