Back in February and shortly before MWC, developer Scalado unveiled an app called Remove.  Put simply, the app allowed you to remove unwanted objects from images - for example, if your significant other is posing in front of the Louvre, you can remove other tourists from the picture. It works by taking multiple photos of the scene, then determining which ones moved through, and removing them at a touch.

As you can see in the video above, Remove was demoed on an Android device, suggesting with relative certainty that an Android app was near. Unfortunately, Nokia has acquired the company (you know, with all that spare cash they have), meaning it's unlikely Remove for Android will ever see the light of day. Obviously Nokia does plan on integrating the software into their Lumia devices, so the impressive code won't disappear completely.

Perhaps the mod/dev community can come up with something here?

[Source: Nokia]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • guest111

    There's already an app called Retouch which does a similar job. Maybe not as good as this app from initial looks of it

    • Paul_Werner

      It's TouchRetouch & it's ok. I don't know for sure but Remove seemed to do the same thing but better

      • Spydie

        I helped develop touchretouch with beta-testing for the dev.  I doesn't do what remove does.  It does not find objects that moved and then remove them.  You have to individually wipe out unwanted objects.  It's a good program, but this would have solved other problems.  However, this wouldn't solve the problem of stationary objects you want to delete like buildings or highline wires.

      • Rottenronnie1954

        I was underwhelmed by  
        TouchRetouch  :( But Remove looked the go now i see why they never responded to when Scalado remove would be available for Android annoying after their press release last year promoting it as a great tool 

  • ProductFRED

    I just bought their Album app yesterday on Google Play lol!

  • Toxikhiro

    Does it seem like these manufacturers and software makers (nokia, samsung, apple, Google, et. al.) are now pursuing a strategy of innovation through acquisition? I mean, siri, instagram, remove, and others seem to enter the market for, like, a nanosecond and then get bought by a manufacturer. What happened to good old fashioned ingenuity? Or am I just crazy?