Last Updated: June 15th, 2012

In a Bluetooth SIG listing (a trade certification group), LG has officially confirmed the existence of the E970 and LS970. The former is possibly headed for AT&T (it has AT&T GSM and LTE bands - which could mean Rogers as well) and is packing a quad-core Qualcomm S4 Krait chip, complete with the latest Adreno 320 GPU goes toe-for-toe with the Galaxy SIII in GLBencmark. The 1280x768 resolution is something of an oddity - why the extra 48 pixels? A 13MP rear camera and 2GB of RAM round of this beefy device's specs. It's actually quite similar to the upcoming Optimus LTE2, so we could be seeing a carrier-specific iteration of that hardware here.

The latter's "LS" prefix denotes a Sprint device we covered previously, and basically seems to be the same as the E970 minus GSM (it's a CDMA / LTE device) and virtual buttons, as its resolution is listed as 1280x720. One name that has been throw around for the LS970 is Eclipse 4G LTE - so we'll see if that comes to pass.

LG has indicated in the SIG listing that these devices are slated for release in North America "around 10/31/2012," so expect them to be hitting store shelves this fall.

Bluetooth SIG

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  • andhavarapu

    "The 1280x768 resolution also suggests the E970 will be packing virtual buttons, huzzah!"

    Why? The current 720p phones are 1280x720 correct. 1280 vertical and 720 horizontal. So 768 still is horizontal so I am wondering how is that an indication of virtual buttons?

    • http://twitter.com/dark_funk dark_funk

      1280x768 is the usable resolution of a phone with a physical display of 1280x800, operating in landscape mode with virtual buttons taking up the bottom 32 pixels.  This number tends to show up with tablets more than phones, so it's a bit odd here.

      • Leonardo

        Galaxy Note has this 800p resolution.
        Normally the resolution for screens with virtual keys is 1196x720, just like the GNexus and that GS3 prototype.

      • andhavarapu

        yes but phones are used in portrait mode. and @927580044d9c0127985c3bc997c59752:disqus makes sense since the vertical 1196 indicates use of virtual keys!

  • Robert Jakiel

    Please come to T-Mo... Please please please