A new project called Chameleon hit Kickstarter last month that promised a whole new interface for Android-powered tablets. We were quite excited about Chameleon, but then the team hit a snag. A big one. They lost their Amazon account that made the Kickstarter listing possible. They were left with no choice but to cancel the pledge drive. And we were all sad.

Now, though, they've opened a new project, and shouldn't have any issues this go around (at least we hope not). Another pleasant surprise is that they've cut the original $50k goal by nearly half, down to $30k. This should make it even easier for backers to reach; in fact, they're already half-way there.

To learn more about Chameleon and make a donation, check out its new Kickstarter page.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • pelya

    What's about your article, that got removed, that Google Play now allows developers to reply to comments? Fake, or we'll see that someday?

    • ThatGuy


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1428936710 Steve Mancia

    can't they get a loan? it's an investment if they really believe in the success of their

    • http://mitchs.co Mitch Samuels

       Wouldnt you rather get money from people who you dont have to pay back?

    • Molepigeon

      They could, but of course, Kickstarter gives them the money for free, and it's advertising for them too.

  • Zdenko1

    Did someone noticed that he grew beard at the end of the video? :D

    • Chris Hardewig

      Haha I didn't notice that. They seem so amateurish.

    • Jonathan Wong

      It is a symbol that he is working days without shaving!  That's good!  

  • denbo68

    Four points:

    The video of the UI doesn't excite me that much.  It looks 'nice' but I am not sure what the big deal is.   

    Second, they want $30k?  What the..? For this?!?!  Come on

    Third, one should READ the reason why they lost their Amazon account last time.  Amateurish mistake for using an employee's Amazon account.  Not sure the money given to them would be used 'wisely'.

    Fourth.   At least they have 'sort of' a demo on their video.  Unlike that fishing ball posted on here not long ago (look at our logo and branding).

    Yeah I am mean and can be negative.  It isn't personal it's just business.

  • Brett Flitter

    The UI seems very slowwww. I want quick responsive actions

    • Jonathan Wong

      It seems quite fluid to me.  But it's still in development after all.  

  • http://taketheleap.ca Kevin Gamble

    Wow, that is a LOT of negative comments preceding me.

    Look, the way I see it is this: for $5 or $10, I get an experimental and unique Android UI for my tablet. Shit, I drop $10 at Tim Horton's in a day. So, why the hell not?

    As for the idiocy of using a non-corporate account the first time around, I'm sure they didn't expect the guy to leave. But, shit happens, so, good on them for trying again.

  • Jay

    Kickstarter is been used like the town whore recently.. and AndroidPolice has become it's pimp in a way. Or pusher.
    Nothing against this project, but for 30K on an app?
    As stated, they are using it more of a marketing tool, specially since their attempt to connect with OEMs failed.
    Swype wannabes good luck, but grow some balls and back your product with your own cash if your product is good it will bring you the dollar in a hurry.
    Look at the crew behind Temple Run. They had mediocre games prior to Temple Run, but they kept at it and now they're owning.

  • Jason

    Wasn't there another UI that looked damn near the same as this one a few months ago?