Here's an interesting turn of events: just one week after announcing a new budget device, HTC CEO Peter Chou told the Wall Street Journal that the Taiwanese manufacturer will not cater to the low-end phone market. To be exact, he said that "[they] don't want to destroy [their] brand image," so they won't sell "cheap, cheap phones" just to boost shipments. Given the ambiguity of his statements, it's hard to say what his definition of low end actually is. Could he mean they won't ship anymore One V-type phones? Or does that fall into the mid-range category given the superior construction and quality materials?

It's really hard to say either way, but it sounds like this will really only affect HTC's standing in the Chinese market, where manufacturers like ZTE and Huawei offer advanced features without advanced prices. However, Mr. Chou stated the he expects to ship thrice as many units to China this year over last, and that the company is also working to strengthen its market share in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Ultimately, this is a good move by HTC; customers want quality products, not budget crap. HTC is definitely making a move in the right direction - one that will ultimately give the company exactly what its looking for: a more positive association in the minds' of consumers.

[WSJ via TechCrunch]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Ozh

    "And, also, because we think we're the new Apple, we make phones with no removable battery so you can just buy a new one from us when your battery is out of order"

    • Jasonftwayne

      The Motorola Razr must think it's the new Apple as well because HTC isn't the first or second company to come up with this enclosed battery idea.

      Last I heard HTC is making phones and innovating one phone at a time they have surpassed Apple. Apple is stuck in 2010 with it's sorry excuse 4S. I guareentee HTC doesn't want to be like Apple. HTC can't rely on the brain washed masses like Apple can. HTC has to make great phones to survive. Apple could come out with a brown turd and slap an apple emblem on it will still sell.

      You better get with the real world and use your own mind and not let it be controlled by the media. Apple don't need to worry about getting a patent for having tiny screens and limited function because HTC said they aren't making crappy phones. Apple already make these and plenty to go around for everybody who wants em. Many won't even know it's a crappy phone because Apple said it's the best. Whatever the media and Apple says you just rely on that and not use your own critical thinking. You obey and be a good slave ok.

  • Jon Garrett

    Only stupid ass people dont know the difference between Cheap and Inexpensive. right now the Galaxy Nexus is only 1 Cent on Amazon--Is it a cheap phone?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      I'm not sure who this comment is directed towards...

      • J Rush

        The article, from my point of view. I think he's speaking of HTC, considering you didn't make any biased comment on what was considered inexpensive or cheap.

      • Jon Garrett

        Just a general comment, not directed towards anyone.

    • FrillArtist

      They mean cheap in quality not price. And at a 2 year contract, the GNex isn't cheap.

    • Jasonftwayne

      Anything Samsung make in the phone market is unreliable. Research because Google is your friend. Samsung got the award for the least reliable Android smartphone.

      Cheap? Inexperience? Lets not read into words that can have two meanings and just say Samsung = junk

  • http://www.matthewdlyons.com/ matthewdlyons

    It's funny how Apple has gotten into everyone's heads. Do you. Make your money and deuces to the corporate (read: competitor) critics.

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Atleast they are not releasing the same time type of phones every 2 weeks like samsung

    • EvilBadger69

      Criticising Samsung on an Android blog? You're a brave man. A brave man indeed.

    • J Rush

      U haz link? I want to see two identical phones released under different names every two weeks. I'm serious. Otherwise your comment is baseless and ignorant. Samsung appeals to all consumers, not just seasoned smartphone users.

      • Omnom
      • http://twitter.com/kuyanyan Yanyan

        And in Samsung's bid to appeal to all consumers, they release phones that will never ever get any upgrade to the latest Android. In the low-end, you have the Galaxy Y, Gio, Fit and Mini all with very minor differences in specs and in price. Will they ever get updated officially? No. Sure life is great when you get a high-end phone but that's to be expected when you buy a manufacturer's flagship. Unless you get their Galaxy S II/III, say goodbye to any update. I think only Motorola and LG have a problem with updating their flagship phones.

        • Larkhillv

          Or the Galaxy Nexus... 4.0.4 being pushed out by VZW over the air. I can see why people may not like Samsung's approach, but I personally don't care because I know enough not to buy a piece of shit phone. I think that's how everyone should be. It's like buying a car, you should educate yourself before making a long-term financial commitment. Somehow, people don't think that way with phones... Read up on reviews, attain basic knowledge on things such as processors etc, and then make an informed decision. If you're still dumb enough to buy a shit phone, then you deserve it. Samsung and the like wouldn't make low-end garbage phones if people weren't stupid enough or don't care enough to buy them. For regular or smart users, take my advice. It's as simple as that.

          • Omnom

            Not everyone can afford expensive phones like those in western countries. So, it is imperative for such companies to produce cheaper phones.  But what Samsung is doing is making a billion of those phones without regards with any updates. Its a legal version of a grab and run.

          • http://twitter.com/kuyanyan Yanyan

            Not everyone is rich enough to get whatever flagship these manufacturers are selling. Case in point, my Galaxy Note got stolen about a month ago but instead of waiting it out and buying at least a dual core phone, I went with the One V because that was what I can afford at that time. I don't want my data plan to go to waste. I might go for a Galaxy Nexus in two or three months but at the very least, HTC has promised to support their One range so in case I want to wait a few more months, I'll just buy a worthy upgrade to my Note. Seriously, if I want a phone that can handle social media apps, I shouldn't be forced to buy a flagship phone just to get an update. Hell, some phones out there are stuck with Froyo when they could've handled a 2.3.4 update (which fixed a lot of security bugs/holes) well. Right now, HTC and Sony has shown good will by promising to upgrade almost all of their 2011 line to ICS. Samsung on the other hand...

      • UmangKedia

        I will add something here. Leave the phones. But their tablets look almost the same.. :D Now I don't think you need an example here :P

  • Spatchcock

    I've owned HTC phones since the early Stinger (Orange SPV) Windows mobile devices right up to the Desire S, but now they have lost my custom forever. Partly because of the built in design flaws that all of their recent devices seem to have, but mostly because of the shockingly painful experience of dealing with Regenersys when you have to arrange a warranty repair. Sorry HTC, I was patient but you effed up royally. Loving my new Galaxy S3.

    • Alan

      I agree, the One X has some pretty shocking issues that should have been picked up on by their QA department. HTC had my custom, but after my HD7 with it's "less than half a day" battery life I think my phones will be from a different manufacturer from now on.

    • Jasonftwayne

      Hope the Galaxy S3 works out for you. You might only need 2 or 3 refurbished replacements in the next 8 months. Unless you don't use your phone much then you will be ok.

      HTC if you use your phone like me. I get everything I can out of it and work it pretty hard. I don't abuse it, I just make alot of videos, send alot of audio recordings I make over text message, use the web browser all the time and send links to friends through text....I do this daily and my Thunderbolt works like the day I bought it and I got this over a year ago. I owned a Samsung Galaxy a few years ago and did the exact same things I do on my HTC thunderbolt. The only problem with Samsung is I got 7 replacements in 12 months because samsung are junk.

      • LB

        7 replacements in 12 months? I think you are the common denominator there.

  • nicky

    if they want to keep premium pricing they need to provide premium support...as soon as they confirmed that their premium priced FLYER wasn't getting ICS I wiped my hands of them...never again!

  • tac

    I think HTC will start making more higher end phones. OneS and X is a good start..

  • Larkhillv

    I am glad to hear this. Honestly, when I was due for an upgrade last November, I was debating between the Rezound and GNexus. I ultimately went with the latter for several reasons, but honestly I miss HTC's build quality (previous phone was Droid Eris). If HTC can focus on mid to high end devices, especially the latter, I would definitely consider them for my next upgrade. This would only intensify if the 5 Nexus devices rumor is true and HTC among others will be making Nexus devices, not just Samsung. An HTC Nexus device would be awesome! And I would gladly pick it up if there was a recent model when I get my next upgrade or my 2-year contract is up :)

  • Gumnam

    I see that Samsung S3 is selling in US for $200 subsidy. The cheapest HTC selling in my country is around $270(not subsidy).
    So what does HTC mean by Cheap? When it comes to mobiles in US all are cheap considering the subsidy.

    • Jasonftwayne

      The HTC One X is $200 and I guareentee you it cost more to build than a flimsy mass produced piece of $hit galaxy s3.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iKarampa Ilias Karampatsos

    In the middle of financial crisis HTC decides to sell expensive phones, I wonder how this will turn out for them!

  • E

    i think they should be more focused on capturing market share than their image.Htc is by no means "the best" smartphone brand by any means.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000476951374 Mike Miller

    They want people to like their products & company? Why don't they start with living up to their promise's to deliver the updates on time for the "top" of line phones all ready sold? As far as I'm concerened, they are the very last company I'll ever buy a product from! A very pissed thunderbolt customer.

  • jon

    Htc sucks balls all if their phones are garbage shit. I have a evo,and my god the phone is terrible. My cousin had the touch and the early windows one with the keyboard, both had issues. Htc= having trouble constantly. My evo the phone has lines in the screen struggles to find signal and connect to wif, op on top of that the charger broke and the back button light burned out. Do us all a favor htc and fuck off and die already. You cant make phones worth a damn!