Amazon has just lowered the price of the RAZR MAXX to a staggeringly-low $99 for new customers (it's $199 for upgrades). Check it out here. This is by far the lowest price we've seen on this device (previous low was $149), so if you were waiting for it on the cheap, now's the time to grab it.


Amazon via Twitter

David Ruddock
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  • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

    Making room for the RAZR HD

  • stompsfrogs

    New customers only? What the hell? I'll cancel my old line and start a new one >:|

    • bronzah

       Careful. If you have unlimited data you will lose it by starting a new line. Also i don't think they will lower price for upgraders like you and myself until Razr HD comes out and by then they will deny us a 2 year contract subsidized phone if we want to keep our unlimited data. I say just buy the Maxx in contract to keep your unlimited data for 2 more years. If you like the razr HD when it comes out just sell your Maxx and buy the HD at full price, which the maxx will likely take a big chunk out of.

    • bronzah

       Another alternative would be to open a new line and buy the maxx at the low price, put the max on your original line and activate a dumb phone on the new line so all you have to pay is the $10 month fee.