ASUS officially announced the Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700T for those who prefer model numbers) back at Mobile World Congress in February. In terms of hardware, the Infinity is nearly identical to the Transformer Prime, but it features a higher resolution 1920x1200 Super IPS+ display, improved Wi-Fi and GPS reception, and a higher resolution front facing camera.

Since the official announcement, ASUS has been pretty quiet - it has yet to come out with an official release date or finalized pricing. However, it looks like the time is getting close, as Richie's Room has taken the TF700T for a spin, and even took the time to compare it to the new iPad (the results may surprise you).

First up is the unboxing. Admittedly, this one is a bit silly, as he actually takes the time to highlight the outside of the box. Still, if you're into watching someone talk about a box and open it up to expose the stuff inside, you'll like this one.

This is the Tegra 3 version of the Infinity, not the S4 variant.

For those who are want to see how the TF700T fares against the competition, though, this one's for you:

As you can see, the TF700T has all the makings of the best Transformer to date - now all we need is an official release date. Hear that, ASUS?

[Richie's Room via Netbooknews]

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

    so does the infinity get sold with a dock??

    • Melissa

      That's what it appears to be so, hopefully the price isn't what it would be to buy a Transformer and Dock separately.

  • L boogie

    show me the release date for this lovely tablet, im ready to own this beast

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1428936710 Steve Mancia

    Never would have though it comes with the dock. Say it's so.

    • KamikaZee

      All transformer tablets have been sold with or without the dock. At least here in europe, so I don't see why this is news :o

      • Melissa

        In the US, this is the first time a Transformer tablet has been sold with the dock already in the package.

        • NemaCystX

          Its possible since this is likely from Australia or something that this won't be the case for the US.  I'd rather buy it separately at a later time rather than all at once. Heck I might not want it lol.  I prefer strictly the touch screen. but doesn't rule out getting the dock for me though.

        • Bill L

          So you are saying the dock comes with the TF700T, and what distrubitor would that packaged unit be sold.

      • Nicholas Vettese

         I have the Prime with the dock, and I could not imagine it without it.  I think I use the dock more than not, but it is great to have that choice too.

        • d.l.b

          Why not just buy a laptop?

      • József Király

        In the US it was only sold with the dock, while in the EU the dock was packaged separately and sold as a kit with the two box together.

        • http://www.facebook.com/casey.a.kline Casey Kline

          Not so, i got my tf101 without the dock. I ordered them seperately and received the dock 3 weeks before the tablet, from different vendors and different sites.

          • NemaCystX

            Same here, when the original Transformer came out, I had to get my dock separately too.  Both the Transformer and the dock were very very hard to find when it came out here last summer in the US.  It was like a cat and mouse game trying to get the dock too.  I might pass on the dock until a later time so Its not as expensive. (probably why Asus gave that option to the US market, not everyone wants to spend a premium on a bundle they might not want)

  • Leossmith

    so again..i didnt bought the original transformer to get prime,but then i postpound for tf300 (because of the gps problem) and when i am about to get it..this...im never getting a tablet am i?=P

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1428936710 Steve Mancia

      Leo i'm in the same situation. I didn't get the TF300 because of the GPS. I've been waiting for this tablet my whole life.

      • Spydie

        The 300 didn't have GPS problems, it was the TF201 that had problems, but only for some people.  Mine had no GPS at all, the company sent me a new and it works perfect... then they sent me a dongle, too!  I've got more GPS than I know what to do with now! LOL

  • József Király

    Seriously? Android tablets "getting close" to iPad performance? The first Tegra2 tablets washed the iPad2 off the board, and now just after the release of the "new iPad", it was just as fast destroyed by the latest Asus stuff. But sure, Android tablets are only getting close beating the iPad...

    • EvilBadger69

      In fairness, the A5X is an impressive chip, considering the resolution the iPad runs at. I think it's more that iOS is still smoother than ICS. The gap is so much smaller, but it's there.

      • József Király

        The smoothness difference is because of the Dalvik capability limits. If Google would ditch Dalvik, and get a better VM, or even ditch Android and base Jelly Bean on XobotOS, the performance would be a lot more noticeable. The whole Dalvik system, while being really good on resources, is still limited in performance, and thus the kinda laggy feeling. And iPad still runs native apps, without any plus interpreters, intermediate VMs or anything.

        But as you can see, on pure performance tests, the Tegra3 burns the A5X. The only iPad win was on a graphics test what used Android's native OpenGL functions -> Dalvik caused the low FPS.

        • Spam0702

          I think if Google could, they would have redesigned Android already. But its already too late, Apps, you know. They need to workaround these problems and yes, Android needs as many cores as possible and currently lags behind the iPad in terms of performance.. doesnt mean theyre bad

          • d.l.b

            This makes no sense.

        • http://twitter.com/powerje James Power

          This is pretty much uninformed nonsense. 

          • József Király

            You really think so? Just check out any Dalvik performance tests, and compare it to native performance of the same hardware. Why is it that a native OS runs a lot better than Android on any hardware? I tell you why: Dalvik. It is limited, badly implemented in most of the cases, and should be replaced.

          • Striderevil

            Look at Linaro Android and its pretty reasonable to assume that Google should work out the kinks, limit manufacturer and service provider moderation of the OS.

  • Christian

    In Sweden you can preorder for
    800 usd without, 978 usd with dock. I took the latter.
    So it is not only better than the new iPad, it also has a battery keyboard and is cheaper.

  • Robert Jakiel

    "Android tablets "getting close" to iPad performance..."  Smoke crack much Richie?

  • Ejohnz853

    how do i buy it in europe. is there a website to order it from

  • qbert1111

    The TF700T beat the ipad in 3 out of 4 tests and the guy states Android tablets are approaching the ipad in terms of performance? I don't understand. Are the tests weighted differently?

    • NemaCystX

      Its like with benchmarks, you never get the same exact result.

      Example would be, bench marking a phone to get your score to compare to other handsets, your score would sometimes be lower or higher than before. 

      Sometimes it could be 1200 and the next time it would be 1650 or something, if the tests show that if the same test used over and over again beat the iPad 3 out of 4 times, it means they are relatively close in terms of performance so much so that some tests might show either one higher than the other or lower than the other.

    • Cousie G

      Actually that's a question they answer on the youtube video comments,

      basically he said "Android Tablets" as in the whole current range. The infinity did surpass the iPad, just the rest of the Android tablets are still behind in terms of performance.

  • NemaCystX

    I hope this beats Samsung's pricing of the Galaxy Note 10... I really don't want to have to pay $500+ for a new tablet to replace my rapidly aging Galaxy Tab 10...

    The colors on the Infinity's screen are gorgeous,  do we have a screen comparison video yet?

  • tBs_Battousai

    Before watching the video i'm going to call the verdict a win for the ipad, just a hunch...

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson
      • tBs_Battousai

        So if football team A beat football team B three out of four times, team A would "almost" be as good as team B?

  • Karau24

    The interesting part is that the videos and article at richies place are all down until june 25, hit of a release date or close to a release date?

  • http://twitter.com/Kenny_Larson Kenny Larson

    Hope somebody thought to download the video. Looks like it went private.

  • d.l.b

    Why are the video's private only? That being said we have many devices  in our home with 7 people, and no Android tablet because of those that we tried none came close to our iPad's.  The Asus Wi-Fi, antenna, and GPS problems to mention a few were too much for the price we paid. After Samsung said that they were not doing well in the tablet market, I quit looking for another. We also have a good Windows 7 tablet good also.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ss7goku2000 Sean Volz

    how can i get to see the videos. I cant b/c it is saying private

  • Dan r. Maor

    The videos became private because the original owner has made them so.

    Quote: "Our content regarding the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity has been taken down temporarily and will be re uploaded on the 25th of June."

  • teomor

    Great, but can't watch the videos, they're private...

  • Bill L

    The TF 700 T package, the video indicates that the 700 comes packaged with the dock station, but when looking at suppliers the dock station is extra. So what is the deal, is it included in the package or not.