It's inevitable that, when a new version of iOS or Android gets released, the fanboys will come out of the woodwork to mourn the death of their beloved rival. In most cases, it's best to ignore them. However, in most cases, they also aren't the founder of a major tech publication. As such, it feels like Mr. Geller's premature funeral service for Android deserves its own bit of attention because, in the immortal words of Monty Python, Android isn't quite dead yet.

Where Does Apple Get Those Wonderful Toys?

In times past, I've written pretty extensively about Apple and Google's habit of copying features from other places. Which, by the way, is fine! Great, in fact! Can you imagine how much life would suck if every time one company came up with a feature, another company couldn't even use the idea? iOS would still have giant alert box notifications, and Google wouldn't have a music service. Copying, when it isn't just duplication, and is used to move innovative platforms forward, is a good thing.

However, Geller claims, in his piece, that iOS has "stomped out Android again." I can't wait to find out how! I've been thoroughly pleased with my Android device, and have been for a while! If there's something new in the tech world that completely blows this away, lets hear about it!

Do Not Disturb

The first claim made is that "Do Not Disturb is a lifesaver!" Now, I have been informed by my colleagues that this is not, in fact, the "power button" as most of us have been calling it this entire time, but is actually a separate feature, distinct from turning your device off that allows you to block out any messages while you're using the device. Which is, admittedly, pretty handy! Point to iOS!


Geller goes on to claim that Siri on the iPad is an incredibly welcome addition. I bet it is! I wish that I had it on my Xoom. Instead, I only have Voice Actions, which can search for directions, get me sports scores, set alarms, control music, not to mention return any result that Google itself can, such as "how many ounces are in a pound?" Sorry, Geller. Gotta call this one a stalemate.

Turn-by-turn Navigation

2012-06-12_14h23_33 Galaxy-Nexus-navigation

Left: Apple Maps, launched in 2012. Right: Google Navigation, launched in 2009.

Do I really even need to do this? I didn't think so. Moving on.

FaceTime Over Cellular And A Bunch Of Other Stuff

I'm already getting tired of my own feigned ignorance. Google Talk has been able to initiate one-on-one video chat over cell networks since Android 2.3.6. Automatic upload of photos to Google+ has been around for a while. Custom song ringtones have been available since so early on that I can't remember a time my roommate received text messages without the Power Rangers watch sound. This isn't news, you guys.

Mountain View: Start Your Copiers

You know what is news? Passbook. Ironically, one of the few new features of iOS that Geller neglects to mention in this piece. In short, Passbook is what Google Wallet should've been. Google Wallet is, by most measurable standards, dead in the water. Which is sad because what Google Wallet offered was so much more than NFC payments. Google Wallet promised to be the consolidation of everything in your wallet. Gift cards, loyalty cards, payment cards.


Which is exactly what Passbook is promising to be. Plane tickets, gift cards, concert tickets, and more all managed within a single app. This is one area that the iPhone is right and truly beating Android. It's almost shameful, since Google clearly wanted to go down this road first, but got hung up on the incredibly difficult NFC system, instead of focusing on what it could do apart from the carriers, making its service an incumbent, and then negotiating with retailers and carriers from a position of power.

This is what makes the argument so frustrating. There are tangible ways that Apple is innovating. These matter. The fact that Apple has created a maps service is not one of those. A Do Not Disturb mode is barely one of those. That these genuine innovations are getting ignored to declare Android "stomped out" is belittling both the value of Android, and the real work that Apple has done.

Four Hundred Million Users Can't All Be Wrong

So, here's where we are: Android and iOS have, over the last year, reached relative feature parity. Ice Cream Sandwich doesn't look like crap, and iOS 6 has a decent notification system and turn-by-turn navigation. The two OSes, with all their quirks and little holes, are incredibly powerful systems that should not be ignored. The same could not be said of Blackberry devices or, arguably, Windows Phone just yet. The two are in a class by themselves.

So, where is the "stomping out" coming from? Perhaps when Geller says that iOS has stomped out Android, he doesn't mean that Apple has created a ton of new features that the competition doesn't have, but that the experience as a whole will be so fantastically great that Android growth will stall and the iPhone will finally win out. So, it's a numbers game, eh? Good. I like numbers.

Here are the current numbers:

  • There have been a little over 405 million iOS devices sold. This accounts for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad users.
    • This number is growing to the tune of about 564,000 devices per day, however this number fluctuates wildly around new iDevice launches.
  • There have been a little under 390 million Android devices activated.
    • This number is growing to the tune of about 900,000 devices per day. This number does not seem to fluctuate as wildly, since Android devices are launched year round.

For those interested in how I got these numbers, here's the quick and dirty rundown:

  • Apple announced at WWDC that there have been over 365 million iOS devices activated as of March 31st 2012. According to Apple's Q2 earnings call, there were 35.1 million iPhones, 11.8 million iPads, and roughly 3.85 million iPod Touches sold. These numbers, divided over 90 days, comes out to 563,888 devices per day. 365 million + 72 days since March 31st * 564k devices per day comes out to roughly 405 million iOS devices total.
  • Google announced on February 27th that over 300 million Android devices have been activated to date. At the time, the company also announced that devices were being activated at a rate of 850,000 per day. 300 million devices + 104 days since February 27th * 850k devices per day comes out to roughly 388 million Android devices activated. Note: Andy Rubin did recently state that Android activations reached 900k per day, so these numbers are probably slightly lower than reality.

Now, there are two very important things to note about the above numbers: one, these numbers are extrapolated and probably inaccurate. We work with what we have. The underlying point, though, is that both are growing. Very rapidly. Faster than anything else out there. Android is probably growing faster, but this is largely because Apple experiences lulls in sales since new iterations of each device are only released once a year.

And the other very important thing to note about these numbers: no one is dying. whether it's 565k, or 900k devices per day, neither platform is getting "stomped." At best, a user might like a platform better. The idea that iOS is demolishing Android or Android is obliterating iOS is absurd. Both platforms are doing amazingly well and both platforms have more features than anyone can know what to do with.

Some people are going to prefer iOS. Some people are going to prefer Android. And those lines aren't drawn between "hipsters" and "nerds" anymore. Both sides have users from all walks of life. These fanyboy arguments are silly and pointless. And, frankly, it's high time we stopped paying attention to them. Yes, I realize the irony in writing this post, but it bears repeating once in a while when these things flare up.

So, what do you say, guys? Think it would be okay to live, let live, and ignore crap editorials declaring the other side dead from now on?

Eric Ravenscraft
Eric is a snarky technophile with a taste for the unusual. When he's not obsessing about Android, you can usually find him obsessing about movies, psychology, or the perfect energy drink. Eric weaves his own special blend of snark, satire, and comedy into all his articles.

  • Bill Stebbins

    Google Voice includes a handy "Do Not Disturb" button and has for some time.

    -1 Apple 


    • http://phrasemongers.wordpress.com/ Aaron Andersen

      Oooh! Good to know! I'd like to get there in one step, though, or better yet, have a widget. Also, it doesn't help if my friends still have my pre-Google Voice number that rings right past GV interference.

      • LazarusDark

        Make em remove your old number. I made mine. After having Gvoice for a year, I told them I was dropping paid text for free Gvoice text, and told them to delete my old number. A couple didn't and sent a text to my old number. I told them I'd start charging them for sending text's to my old number. They changed it then :P

  • http://twitter.com/burmjohn John

    Assuming your referring to the crap BGR article.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

      Yup. Linked to it in the first paragraph.

  • Jeremy Powers
    • AppleFUD

      Nice find! And so true!

  • Freddy

    The fan wars are annoying at best. Thanks for putting things into perspective :)

  • RedPandaAlex

    Andy Rubin's activation numbers are also just cellular activations. They don't include wifi-only devices.

    Also, you can turn notifications off in Android tablets. I'm not sure why you can't in phones, but my stock Xoom Wifi has it.

    • http://twitter.com/redbullcat Phil Oakley

      Yeah, this is correct. Hopefully will be in ICS 4.1 for phones.

  • jimas

    Thanks for this article. I definitely agree with your assessment of the BGR article, and I really appreciate that you did point out that Passbook is the only really interesting new feature in iOS. As an Android user, that was the only feature that piqued my interest.

  • Gino

    Well written response! 
    However I think Android has a Do Not Disturb option in the settings as well, or maybe that was some ROM that I was using.
    All in all I don't think Do Not Disturb is a big feature, however the Passbook is something to write home about.
    Well done Eric Ravenscraft.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Shad0wguy Chris Jutting

      All phones have a do not disturb function.  It's called the power button.  Or even airplane mode.

      • Will Pittman

        As Artem said "
        The difference is that people who have an emergency and repeatedly call back can actually get through - it's a small thing, but it makes all the difference. "


    I'm an Android guy, but please stop comparing devices sold with activations as if they were the same thing.  My single phone has been activated countless times, does that not count as more than one activation?

    • http://www.facebook.com/lee.goldschmidt Lee Goldschmidt

      Activations are based on the device's unique hardware key. Each new activation is a whole new Android/iOS device.

      • ERIFNOMI

        Good to know.

    • Me

      Nope, single unique activations.
      and yes, google can tell the difference.

    • http://twitter.com/martino2k6 Martin

      No, because the device ID stays the same (or at least it is meant to, unless some horrible bug crept in). These are also only devices with Google's proprietary services as far as I know.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      It doesn't. Activations should be unique IMEIs (phone IDs), not reinstalls.

  • Sean Stone

    This article is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tim Kermode

    "Do Not Disturb" is just airplane mode surely?

    Passbook looks awesome :o

    • Laurens Van de Velde

      Not entirely, in fact, the phone still loads all the notifications, you just don't get any visual warnings. Handy? Yes. Life-changing? No.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      It's far from that. Really.

      • Liviu Sas

        In my case I just turn the phone face-down and it's quiet :)
        Or i press the volume down until it goes in silent mode
        or I activate silent mode from one of the many widgets or from the settings somewhere ...
        should I keep going?
        PS. I am sure iPhone would have had something similar before :)

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

          That's sorta missing the point. Frankly, I think the 'Do Not Disturb' feature is being WAY over-discussed here, I'll explain what's different about it and why it deserves some credit (but no more than a footnote if you ask me).

          The difference is that, as a feature, it's got a little bit of intelligence built into it.
          * When notifications come, it allows them to stack up in Notification Center, but it doesn't make any sounds or turn on the screen. Yes, this is already possible (and easy) in Android. Keep in mind, on iOS, even when completely silenced the screen still turns on for notifications.  With that in mind, this becomes a bit more meaningful.
          * When there's incoming calls, it won't allow those to make noise or turn on the screen either. Again, not hard in Android, but it's rare that calls won't turn on the screen without very specific modifications.
          * If a caller repeatedly calls you, let's say they consider it an emergency to reach you, those calls will get through. This is not available in any stock/OEM version of Android I've seen.  It's possible with apps from the Play Store, but not out of the box...

          It's not a huge deal, but it deserves a thumbs up for being designed reasonably well.  I'm pretty sure it's still stupid enough to be lacking a white list, but I'm not entirely sure of that. I'm sure this will be a standard feature everywhere soon enough.  Also worth noting, Apple CANNOT patent this, there's TONS of prior art here...

  • Travis Jennings

    There will always be a market for iOS and for Android. They seem to be running side by side, but if you've used iOS for a while, or Android for a while, there's no compelling reason to jump ship.

  • Glenn

    Why would you even bother responding to anything on BGR? At best they make stuff up, usually they just down right lie. Nobody cares about their opinions so they print junk click bait every day. Do us all a favour and don't reference them in future and don't waste your time trying to rebut their arguments

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Because it's not just BGR. There is a horde of people out there that share his opinion, and this article addresses that.

      • kguske

        iOSWorld, uh, I mean, InfoWorld, has gone downhill fast since it started wearing similarly iOS-colored glasses. Thankfully, there are other choices that still provide objective news and analysis on technical subjects. "Unsubscribe" can be a powerful choice.  Kudos to Eric, Artem & Android Police for being objective. Yes, this is an Android site, but objectivity matters.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

      I have to agree with Artem. There really are a lot of people that are pretty blind about the landscape, and it results in those people believing just the articles that they've read. If those articles tend towards having dishonesty or inaccuracy, people will have little option but to believe it. Most people don't know what sources they should believe and which ones are horribly biased, they just Google for news and stumble onto BGR or Business Insider. Not that I want to make it political, but the same thing can be seen going on with some extremists like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Ann Coulter.

  • http://twitter.com/KickingLettuce Kicking Lettuce

    Well said.  You proved yourself a MUCH bigger man than Mr Geller who simply vomited up some words in a shameless attempt for attention.

  • Arnie

    Both platforms have their plus and minus points. Great article and well balanced. For me it will be Android because of the freedom I have to do anything with my phone...

    Sent from my HOX

  • Oliver Petruzel

    I wrote the following response to a similarly ridiculous article on another tech site.  It addresses each of the "revolutionary changes" Apple featured at WWDC and on their iOS6 web page... enjoy! ;)

    -- Siri?  OK, Apple wins this one.  However, Siri isn't new
    -- they simply added a few new features.  I suspect that Google will
    catch up with Siri soon enough, but this does remain one of the select
    few areas where Google is behind Apple.

    -- Passbook?  OK, Apple probably wins this one.  The app sounds cool, but I'd have to test it to be sure.

    -- Facebook integration?  Check. (Android has all kinds of
    integration -- just about every social app, email service, photo
    service, etc. -- through the use of Intents.  While the Facebook vs.
    Google spat has certainly reduced the integration with that particular
    service, the fact that 3rd-party apps and file explorers can hook into
    and share with ANY social or cloud service is incredibly more powerful
    than the integration of one specific social network)
    FOR MORE INFO on Intents: http://developer.android.com/g...

    WP7 has also had decent Facebook integration since day one.

    -- Turn-by-turn Nav and 3D Maps?  Check.  Duh.  Google is the King of
    online mapping, period.  (Apple's version lacks wayyyy too many of the
    features found in Google's maps app -- public trans, pedestrian routes,
    bike routes, street view, offline maps, GLOBAL COVERAGE, etc etc).

    -- "Do Not Disturb" button?  Really?!  One word: "Meh."  The fact
    that this "new feature" was highlighted by Apple pretty much sums up the
    underwhelming nature of the entire iOS6 update...

    -- Shared photo streams?  Check. (see the link above to regarding the Android Intents system).

    -- Facetime over 3G?  While Google doesn't use the same proprietary
    app, there have been many VOIP-over-3G apps available for Android (and
    Apple, even) for years.  Ever heard of Google Talk?  Didn't Apple state last year that they were
    going to try to make Facetime a free cross-platform standard?  I guess
    they lied.  Who the hell wants to use a VOIP client that only works with
    other devices of the same brand!?  Once again, meh.

    -- "Reply with message" and "send to voicemail" added to phone app? 
    Check.  (requires 3rd-party apps on Android, but it's still old news...
    and VERY minor)

    -- Mail app enhancements?  Check. (Every single tweak is/was
    available on Android through dozens of powerful email apps.  How many
    mail clients does Apple offer/allow again?  oh yeah...)

    -- Safari live tab-syncing between devices?  Check.  (The latest beta
    versions of Chrome, both mobile and desktop, already have this
    capability).FOR MORE INFO: (May 15) http://www.engadget.com/2012/0...

    -- Improved accessibility?  OK, they may have Google beat on this
    one, but I'd have to see a comparison and take someone's word for it. (I
    simply don't use or know anything about the accesibility features for
    those with disabilities)

    -- Find my phone? OK, here's another one that's actually nice to see
    included by default; however, the functionality itself has been
    available on Android devices for years via 3rd-party apps.

    -- "find my friends"?  Check.  There are a number of Android apps
    that help you put your location on the map and send it to, or share it
    with, a friend -- even in real time.  Even better, many of these apps
    are not device-specific (see the VOIP issue above).


    Geller is a total iDiot.

    • marcusmaximus04

      Reply with message does *not* require 3rd party apps in android. As of ICS, it's built in stock.

      • Oliver Petruzel

        You're right! :)

        (In fairness, I've only been on ICS for a few weeks, so I didn't even notice that in the stock dialer!  Very cool!)

      • BlaineMagee

        Pretty sure that I have that already and I'm running 2.3.6

        • marcusmaximus04

          Ya, I'm just talking about stock, AOSP Android. Other builds had that functionality earlier.

    • Dan Wilczynski

      Love this.  Yep, I've been using Google Latitude to "find my friends" ever since i bought my first android (OG Droid)

    • Spydie

      "reply with message" isn't just in ICS, It's on my G-note also (gingerbread)

      • New_Guy

        It's been an android feature since 2.3.6, and came with my custom 2.3.4 ROM as well..

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

          I had that feature on my HTC Touch Cruise with Windows Mobile, released in 2007.  Now that I think about it, it was also a stock feature on my Cingular 2125, released in 2005 (and also made by HTC).

          • Jumanji242

            Cody - thank you for bringing that up.  The reply with text feature was around in Windows Mobile.  This feature is by no means an invention from Cupertino.  BGR has officially been removed from my site list (and I consider myself a fan of all mobile OSes) for writing such poor pro Apple propaganda with no worthwhile content just for the sake of visits.

        • ssj4Gogeta

          It's also on my Galaxy S since Eclair. Though admittedly it was Samsung-specific.

    • http://www.facebook.com/KelvinLoh1988 Kelvin Loh

      Siri? = We have S Voice (Samsung)....
      Passbook? = Google Wallet? but I agree with you, maybe apple win this one.
      Do Not Disturb? = this features on CM9 before right? now who copy who? haha Turn-by-turn Navigation? = was 3D map so important? if yes then using Sygic FTW~ Other? = nothing special...

      So many iDiot out there thinking apple was release so damn great features, what a funny thing~

  • AppleFUD

    We are enjoying the Galaxy Nexus. . .

    Sorry but the iPhone offers nothing that would even make me consider it. Maybe iP5 might but apple's attitude and litigious nature of late has removed all possibility of us considering their products any longer.

    As for these "tech journalist". . . well, most are usually idiots and most that are pumping up apple are nothing more than shills and/or idiots. So what else can we expect from them other than blatant fallacies that proclaim everything apple to be king. RDF in full swing!

  • Leonardo Benveniste

    CyanogenMOD has a "Silent Hours" feature for ages, and you can set it to mute anything you want in-between any hours you want

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      The difference is that people who have an emergency and repeatedly call back can actually get through - it's a small thing, but it makes all the difference.

      • Will Pittman

        Like a lot of things, Apple puts nice touches on existing ideas. 

      • Fef3000

        and just to be clear - symbian had it first, around 2005... you could put in silent mode, and let a group of ppl pass the silent

        • John O’Connor

          The repeated callback feature to breakthrough could be a double-edged sword.  The feature is ripe for abuse. I know a few people that will call repeatedly until they get someone to pick up (99% of the time it is not an emergency)

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            iOS7 will route these callers through Siri first and Siri will sort out if there's an emergency or not (only half kidding here).

      • http://www.facebook.com/eminjasarevic Emin Jasarevic

        The beauty with Android is that we'll probably have this functionallity (and probably even better) build in in a matter of days/weeks. First a "hack", then Cyanogenmod, then AOSP. Apple can't beat the Android community. Releasing new features once a year is just not good enough :)

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Well, that's a bit hypocritical, don't you think?

      • Jeff Feely

        This too has been available for ages (check out auto ring or selective silence).  However, it is nice that it will be a "mainstream" feature that doesn't require the use of an add-on.

      • http://twitter.com/fightcrazy Vinny

        The big feature is if the same caller calls two times in a row they can get thru. There are apps in the Android market that give you that and so much more. That is hardly ground breaking, it's laughable.

  • NathanDrago

    The most hilarious thing about the article by Jonathan Geller (the one you cited) is that he contradicts himself after 10 lines. First (line 1) he admits he'd have expected something more from iOS6, then (line 10) he says that everything he should need is there, even the things he "didn't ask for".

    The rest has been said over and over again: features that Android has showed for years, introduced as "brand new".

    They really do not have any sense of limit.

  • raunak chopra

    The do not disturb feature is better also in almost all ICS AOPK ROMS and it is much better in some cases.. u can switch off selected things like vibration, notification lights, etc or all ..  

  • JustAnotherAnonymous

    It's because of this well written articles from an excellent Android Policy staff I consider this to be one of the best news sites around the net. Keep up the good work.

    Fanboyism never brought anything good to the table.

  • Zaccyboy95

    Geller sounds well jell, feels outdone by the sgs 3 ? What a cock anyhow.

  • Sk102704

    The OS means nothing if you can't see through the cracks on your screen. Every iphone I see is either in some giant case or the screen is so cracked you can't see anything. Both have great operating systems, but I'd hate to to have such a fragile device. I've gone the past 9 months without a case on my Bionic and it doesn't have a single scratch, and its had its fair share of drops. No way that happens on an ifragile....

    • Aaron

      but the galaxy s3 is worse than the iphone 4s... lol 

  • guyfromtrinidad

    Excellent article as always Eric. I have become such a fan of this blog because of your well written content. I also understand that with the SG3 if you put the phone face down it activates its do not disturb feature. On accessibility Google sucks although ICS has gone a long way in improving this with ICS but it hurt me when a few months ago I had to recommend an iphone to a visually impaired friend of my dad because Android just couldn't do what he needed or had the apps to help. It seems like a small issue to many Android fans but it is something that I really hope Google addresses. 

    • marcusmaximus04

      I'm definitely no expert on accessibility features, but have you checked out TalkBack/Kickback/etc? Google has a pretty beefy amount of 1st party apps geared toward accessibility which could meet what you're looking for.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

      Thanks for the kind words! Hopefully Google will address the accessibility issues pretty soon. Google I/O season is always filled with anticipation. Google is historically pretty good about considering alternative needs. It'll be a major oversight if they finish out the year without at least some new focus on accessibility.

      • John O’Connor

        I have been hoping for some advancement in accessibility applications and development.  maybe in my spare time I will exclusively have to develop for that particular environment.  I have a vested interest in seeing such advances given the nature of my own personal experience and current vocation

  • Tony

    Yeh other then their new navigation feature, I didn't feel like anything else was a BIG change for apple. And that was a feature android's had for ages. Can't wait to see what's in Jelly Bean tho, I really hope the majority of changes aren't just for their new nexus tablet, we need an article here speculating on new android 5.0/4.1 features :)

  • Eric Garcia

    Well put

  • Mapekz

    Do Not Disturb has been on CM9 for a while. The point of Android is to be open and modifiable by all, so we can't discount the innovations ROM developers have brought forth to the platform, many of which have been integrated into the stock OS as a result (i.e. swipe left/right to remove singular notifications).

    • Coffee Hime

      Nothing will make everyone happy and that's why we have choices. You've said it already - it all comes down to preferences. Then you disagreed it by thinking there would be something that makes everyone happy.

      • Mapekz

        I believe I was interpreted too literally. I can clear up the confusion if we break up the consumers into four general groups:

        1) iOS lovers who love iOS as is
        2) Android lovers who love Android as is
        3) iOS lovers who want some of the benefits of Android
        4) Android lovers who want some of the benefits of iOS (I fall into this category personally if that means anything)

        As 1 and 2 are already content so I won't dwell on them.

        When I said "converge in the middle" I didn't mean where the two OSs would be identical and inseparable; I simply meant that they would each possess some of the strengths of the competitive OS to make groups 3 and 4 happy, in turn making "everyone happy".

    • John O’Connor

      I have found phones without a dedicated search button usually have an option to press and hold a certain key to prompt for voice input

      • Mapekz

        On my Nexus, which has no dedicated keys, I have to go to the homescreen and press the microphone at the top of the screen. This is a huge inconvenience compared to press-and-holding the bottom-right corner dedicated capacitive key on my Droid and T-Bolt.

        Ideally the search button would be accessed by holding down the Home button as with the iPhone, but CyanogenMod 9 sets this functionality to open up the task switcher (...but I already have a button for that). The idea is to replace the task switcher button with the search button, but the software could be smarter and reassign the keys based off whether I have a dedicated search button or not or even let me assign what the press-and-hold Home button does.

        • GBGamer

          I'm pretty sure you can change that in settings. I am sure you can in AOKP, so CM9 shouldn't be that different.

  • Andrea De Togni

    Eric, now THAT is what I call a correct unbiased review. Nice one.

  • Ian Santopietro

    Stock AOSP has a Notifications toggle that you can switch on and prevent notifications from coming up. Oddly, it's only present in the notification settings pane of the Tablet UI, but still.

    And in any case, the only thing he likes about it is that the screen doesn't light up every three minutes. When Android was smart by design and doesn't light the screen up for notifications.

  • ScottColbert

    Damn you and your well reasoned thoughts! Best article I've read since yesterday's announcement.

  • Golo10002000

    Everytime I go to a store to look and test Android phones to replace my iPhone, I always change my mind. I just don't like their " quality feel".
    Besides, Androids are a dime a dozen. Exclusivity counts.

    • ScottColbert

      Hahahahahahaha! Not so exclusive with them going to prepaid carriers now. Oh noes, no more special snowflakes! Douchebag attitudes like exclusivity counts is why Apple users have a bad name.

      • Gulliverbobe

        you are the reason android users have a bad name

        • Dan Wilczynski

          Maybe his approach was negative, but its the thought that counts :P

        • storm14k

          Truthful is a bad name?

    • http://www.facebook.com/jasonconort Jason Conort

      I am glad you like your phone, but 365 million is not "Exclusivity". Now a Bently where the max number made and sold in a year was a little over 10,000 is.  Phones are cool and they improve our lives, but they are just phones, and no one really cares (besides yourself) which one you or I have.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tirogerl Roger Lefort

    This may just be one of the best tech article about iOS and Android that I've read in quite some time! Why does it have to be iOS or Android? Why can't it be both? Tech journalism is indistinguishable for political coverage! FOX News vs. MSNBC, Right vs. Right! iOS vs Android, Gruber vs. well... reason. iOS users don't have to bash Android to justify or validate their choice of OS and vice versa. Android just like iOS both do great things. Isn't it time we just take a deep breath and appreciate just how much the mobile landscape has evolved in a relatively short period of time.

    • ScottColbert

      Honestly, if it weren't for Apple's rampant lawsuits, I would buy another ipod Touch, but I don't reward companies with my business when they behave as Apple does.

  • Psychotropy101

    Android FO LIEEEEEFFFFFFEEEE!!!! lol ;-)~

  • http://profiles.google.com/kchristainsen Kenny Christainsen

    Man I hate BGR and its articles like these I have stopped going to their site. I hate fanboyism as well. Like you said each OS has its pros and cons.

  • Shamar Marshall

    Is it just me, or does Do Not Disturb mode, just sound like turning your notification volume down, and maybe the vibrate off as well...

  • Cody Lusk

    Don't feed the (BGR) trolls.

  • HGamesTeamCato

    Thank you so much. I love Apple and Google products, and get sad when people don't realize that both companies have improved our lives. I wish we could all just get along, and keep our opinions to ourselves, instead of bashing the other side.

  • http://twitter.com/JirafaBo JirafaBo

    Nice post Artem, but you left out the most important part of the entire article... a link to download that Power Rangers ringtone!

    • Zerounodos

      Artem didn't wrote this, BTW...

      • http://twitter.com/JirafaBo JirafaBo

        youre right! oops.

    • squiddy20

      You do know there are Youtube-to-mp3 converters, both online and as standalone programs, all over the place, right?

      • http://twitter.com/JirafaBo JirafaBo

        yeah but that requires work.

  • Dan Wilczynski

    Passbook sounds great should it take off, I've really been hoping to hear about some Google Wallet growth, as I have not found a place to even use it where i live.

    Good article.

    My personal opinion? (not to reiterate what was just written) Apple makes quality products, I personally wouldn't ever buy one, because I enjoy experimenting with various rom's and updates (radio's, recovery images, kernels, root apps, heck just the limitless customization of most of the rom's out there is enough to convince me).

    Give an iPhone to your grandmother, your kid (if you so please), any entry level smartphone user.  They will love it. The unchangeable, consistent, static environment of iOS is exactly what they want.  They cant break it (excluding apps freezing, what have you).  Even if they really wanted to, there's really not much one can do.

    Give an Android to the tech guy, the experienced smartphone user, the developer, anyone who wants to KNOW about the hardware and software they are using.  They will love it.  The freedom, the openness, the control, the "whats coming out next" feeling which is year round versus once a year.

    Granted some "tech" people will prefer apple and some entry level users will prefer the android UI.  And Android has really shaped up from Eclair (first version I experienced) into more of the intuitive user friendly system it wants to be.  

    • GBGamer

      Actually, my immediate family loves Android even though my mom is so un-tech savvy it's funny, my dad is about as tech savvy as a typical Windows user, and my little brother is about as tech savvy as my dad.

  • jeffrey evans

    I thought Do Not Disturb was when I flipped my S2 onto its face to turn off all sound activated systems.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jasonconort Jason Conort

      Really like that feature, especially in movie theaters and meetings. 

      • Jyourichi

        Or shush

    • Spydie

      Yes, and my G-note, too... must be a great samsung thing.  But no, people can't get through no matter how much they try.  So maybe that is a nice feature.  Not sure I'd ever use it, but you can bet an android dev will be releasing a 3rd party app to do that now.

      • Dave

        Already done a few months ago. I should sue Apple ;) Search for "I'm sleeping" on Google Play (free, no ads).

    • guest

      that feature is on HTC sense for ages

      • Glenn

        I had this feature when I was using Samsung Omnia on Windows Mobile. #justsaying

  • New_Guy

    This is why I keep coming back to Android Police; objectivity!!! I love the post, Eric, and I completely agree. While my phone of choice is overwhelmingly Android (owned 3), my tablet of choice has been Apple...at least until the Transformer 300 came out which caused me to change my mind. I am a fan of the "best" product. It just so happens that I believe Android is the top choice for phones and I don't see any evidence to the contrary.

    I am a fanboy...but a fanboy of my own dollar, so I only want to know which device makes the best use of that dollar.

    Nice work!!!

  • Kenny O

    "Copying, when it isn't just duplication, and is used to move innovative platforms forward, is a good thing."
    A very good point. And as a whole a very well written article. I completely agree, I wish more people could be objective about things like this - I never understand how people tend to catch serious feelings over their performed mobile device/platform. IMO, objectivity gives an argument more credibility. 

  • http://twitter.com/tomhermans tomhermans

    I like the fact that you calmly take a stand, praising the merits of both platforms and telling it like it is.

    Both have strengths, weaknesses and evolve into better things.
    We've seen this with iOS6 now, and Jelly Bean will do the same ..

  • Spydie

    uhhhh, no... Android can do at least 34 things that iphone can't do (and I wasn't even counting things like no turn-by-turn, facetime over cellular, or NFC).  I send that list to my all my iphone friends and people who are considering an iphone.  I may be a Mac man, but not a iOS man.

    • Oliver Petruzel

      Please post that list here. ;)

  • moelsen8

    i really do hate bgr these days.  if they could get rid of this ridiculous apple bias they could be a pretty good tech blog.  i can't stand to read all of the made up news stories, or stories they have to put their apple spin on.

  • dunngh

    You've been able to turn off notifications since Honeycomb. I just wish that little toggle was available for phones. 

  • http://twitter.com/PCSievers P.C. Sievers

    Isnt "do not disturb" identical to putting your phone on silent?

    • Mapekz

      The idea is that it should be a set and forget feature. You can enable it by putting the phone on silent, but that blocks emergency calls and such. However, while CM9 has it, stock Android lacks the ability for the phone to automatically silence itself when you are asleep. I expect this to change by the time Jelly Bean ships but it's still a feature that drastically improves my sleep and I cannot live without. Though to be fair I'm not that popular that I have more than 1 notification overnight. :P

  • willizen

    Thank you. Why can't we all just appreciate both platforms for what they offer? I have an iPad and a galaxy nexus. I like both.

  • Law L

    I'm liking that objectivity. You have it, Mr. Geller does not. However, I still don't see myself using my phone as a payment option anytime soon so it really isn't a loss for me just yet. And I'll give Apple that one, for sure.

    I seriously enjoyed that new feature list in which he blatantly ignored the fact that many of those features that are enjoyed by Android users existed long ago. Alas, I think I was dreaming when I was "[declining] an incoming call with a pre-written text message letting the caller know you’ll message them in a few minutes" months ago. While I'm glad for those iOS users as they are finally getting turn-by-turn navigation, I've been doing this on my Vibrant since day 1. (Android 2.1 up until 4.03).

    I don't think anyone is stomping anyone out. It's just a game of catchup on both sides and hopefully it'll promote innovation (patent disputes are not innovation) but maybe one day.... 

    ...and maybe one day juvenile namecalling (Geller's still complaining about features that he has wanted aren't in iOS6) will end. Oh well.

  • WestIndiesKING

    Amen brother. I stopped reading BGR 2 years ago due to how bias they are. 

  • Darktanone

    Apple may not always be the first to the party, but they are usually the first to get it right. They take their time and only release products and features when they are ready. It has been said that their betas are sometimes better than the competition's finished products. They weren't the first to release a music player, mobile phone, tablet or thin and light computer, but we've all witnessed how their innovations can move others to do their best to compete. Some of the features announced in iOS 6 such as maps, turn-by-turn navigation and even the upgrades to Siri are not original to iOS. However, as with Siri, Apple's way of rethinking what was there before is what distinguishes them from Google and all the other tech companies. Apple and its competitors have access to the same technology and features, but for the most part it's Apple's implementation that leads the way to more innovation. As you mentioned in the article, Passbook is going to be what Google wallet should have been. Maps on iOS will put Apple on par with Google maps out of the gate and will only improve over time. Turn-by-turn navigation with Siri integration is already slightly ahead of Google. So, it's not a question of who did it first, instead it's a question of who is first to do it right. 

    • John O’Connor

      Siri is a beta product that Jobs never would have released as half-baked as it is.  If you read the disclaimers on any advertisement (whether on the internet, TV or in print) you will note: sequences shortened, not available everywhere.

      The cutesy talkback function of Siri separates it from Android (Although S Voice enhancements best Siri)  Then again extensive voice commands have been around in Android for quite awhile (albeit they did not speak back to you or tell you a joke) but the substantive features (voice texting and typing, getting directions, finding answers via a websearch, calling people, setting alarms & reminders, etc) have already been there previously.

      The novelty of Siri wore off fairly fast as it has had a few bugs (serious response lag time, inappropriate responses or answers, and quite a few transcription issues)  Granted, it is getting better, but I would never call it groundbreaking technology.

  • Level380

    I think you can safely say that WP7.x is getting stomped on!

  • John O’Connor

    Do Not Disturb? I'm pretty sure "Meeting Mode"has been around in feature phones since the 90's

  • http://twitter.com/fightcrazy Vinny

    Great job Eric. For the owner of a major web site to write a very irresponsible and quite frankly pathetic article is disturbing and it is obviously to get people to visit his site. His article is wrong in so many ways. Just about everything he wrote as you so elegantly pointed out is so wrong. For Apple to dictate to it's customers what and when they can use certain applications is ruining the OS. I would never stick with any OS that took away the best software on the market and give me half ass crap because they were holding a personal grudge against a competitor. Totally lame IMO and all the sheep in Apple land are pretending that Apple just introduced a better mouse trap when in reality they are insulting every I-Phone owner. What happened to these sheep, are they ready for the slaughter or have they just been brain washed? Geller should be ashamed of himself, he is a complete ass and his lame ass post shows he didn't get those round lips from eating square meals. That's right I said it. Boy Genius, what a fu----- joke.

  • chris125

    Geller is such an apple fanboy he trashes anything non-apple. He is one of the isheep that blindly follows apple. Each copy from eachother and from what I saw with IOS6 it's nothing special, typical apple adding features that have been in other platforms for awhile.

  • LazarusDark

    I get what you're saying, but...
    I don't care. I just don't care about iOS. It doesn't really even exist in my world. I come to AP for Android news.
    Then again, its perfectly reasonable to give an update on how Android is fairing vs the competition every six months or so, in fact I was thinking I would like AP to write an article on iOS 6 and how its comparing to Android and how the i-ecosystem is fairing vs the Android/Google ecosystem. Maybe even things like what Android apps can duplicate the any new functionality in iOS6. But not this opinion article. I was hoping for something more substantial and informative.

  • Guestness

    The turn by turn thing is pretty huge if it is worldwide. I cannot yet use google maps to navigate without having to download a hacked version.

  • vtwkang

    BGR and Jonathan Geller are complete jokes. There is no tech site I can think of that is more opinionated and consistently produces puff pieces and clickbait.

    It's one thing for favour Apple -- a lot of people do, whether they are fanboys or knowledgeable commentators -- but the way that the hacks go about it on BGR is disgraceful. A teenager could write better articles than a lot of the garbage being posted there.

  • http://fnords.org/ Markoff Chaney

    Android and IOS users should band together to make fun of WP and BB users.

    • Mapekz

      Hey now, WP7 is actually promising. But Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows 6.x and below? By all means.

      • http://fnords.org/ Markoff Chaney

        Promising is great, but how about delivering?

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

        WP7 (specifically 7) isn't promising. I'm being honest and objective. Even Microsoft quietly admits (among developers) that it's a stop-gap and WP8 will be the real contender in the market. I'm not saying WP7 doesn't have some really great aspects and features, it's just got no future and it's never going to get substantially better than it is now (and right now, it's missing too much for power users). WP8 is going to be completely different in many regards, and that's going to make a huge difference.

        Symbian and Windows Mobile are dead, literally, not even being developed. I can't imagine there's a ton of people left in these groups (developing nations aside).

        Blackberry, as in the old Blackberry, is a caustic travesty that should have been put out of it's misery before the first iPhone was released. I just went to a developer conference and was shocked to meet some people still lovingly carrying their BBOS 7 phones. I can understand it for the uninformed or those who are tied to it for work, but for educated developers, it's just confusing. I've also got a Dev Alpha (the developer phone for BBOS 10, based on QNX). To RIM's credit, they've really got a ton of potential with BBOS 10. When it comes out, if it can gain traction, it'll be a really solid competitor... It just has the hardest uphill battle imaginable.

        It's easy to mock some of these OS's right now, but ~6 months from now (when BBOS 10 and WP8 are both rumored to release), they could be coming with some pretty compelling features. I think the iPhone is going to have a really hard time of it once a lot of other phones start competing with them in design.

  • GMiller

    I hate all fanboy posturing, no matter the subject or source. It's tiring and obnoxious. But I can really feel the level of exasperation among android users. A few months ago, I used a voice command to send an email from my OG Evo, and a casual friend got slightly mad at me...saying "I shouldn't pretend to have Siri if I don't have an iPhone". The marketing folks at apple deserve every penny they earn.

    • Curlen Middleton

      I would have told them  "Pretend?  Dude, I've been doing this since this phone launched 2 years ago..."   lol

    • FrillArtist

      You should have slapped him in the face for being an idiot.

  • Zaeem S.

    Guys, we all know Android is much better and we're all eagerly awaiting Jellybean!!! Let's see which platform gets the better updates. ;)

  • Bas

    Nice article, really nice. I was outraged when I saw this blind fanboy article at The Website I Will Not Name.

  • Freak4Dell

    I don't feel like reading the comments, so maybe someone mentioned this, but my CM9 ROM has a Quiet Hours feature, which I assume is basically what Do Not Disturb is. I guess it's a feature of CM rather than Android? Either way, it's definitely out there for Android in some shape or form.

    • tBs_Battousai

      I use timeriffic, with it i can set my phone to silent at set times in the day, control when bluetooth and wifi are on or off and a host of other options that stop me being bothered and to save bettery life...
       maybe Apple users think that it has to be built into the OS for it to be a "feature"...

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

      Not to nit-pick or call you out specifically (you're not the only one), but you can always do a quick search on the page to see if CM9 or Quiet Hours was mentioned. I do it before commenting if I haven't got time to read everybody.

  • Nikhil Kaduskar

    Loved the post! Good to see a neutral post!

  • BrianBreniser

    Does anyone here understand why Apple keeps coming out with last years software? Why their underwhelming keynotes never seem to get more exciting? Why they shove every stupid little (and I mean LITTLE) upgrade and detail into your face as if it didn't exist (they already did, why did they tell you its "groundbreaking")...

    Sorry Apple fans, I'm going to be a little mean. I'ts because your computer illiterate (on average)...

    There is an Apple user subgroup that are blind to those subtle little technologies us geeks (and normal people exposed to other technologies other than the apple garden) have seen and used these cool ideas for months, even years. The problem is that APPLE FANS HAD NO IDEA YOUR COOL TECHNOLOGIES EXISTED!!! (on average! Of course, some apple users know all about PC/Andorid, but i'm really only talking about the computer illiterate that only get by using Apple's hand holding technique, this is a subgroup of apple users, not users as a whole).

    The problem is that a LOT of Apple users are seeing these stupid little upgrades for the first time and they are LOVING IT!!! Because its new and novel to THEM (not the rest of the world). Unfortunettely the proof is in Apple, they are VERY good at what they do, selling you overpriced products (oops, a little Freudian slip, i meant selling products >.<). They are good at hyping the stupid little thing because to an ordinary user (that is blind to the rest of technology) doesn't know how stupidly simple the product is.

    In essence, Apple pushes the little things because their users usually don't understand how insignificant those changes are. That's how they get people to claim their innovations and excellence, Everyone 'steals' ideas, Apple is just better at it because their users usually don't understand they stole it, they see every Apple innovation as an APPLE innovation.

    I'm sorry for being so negative. But this is my opinion. I'm also not talking about people who have a vast experience with products that also own Apple gear, I'm talking about people I personally know, who know nothing about computers, claiming Apple reigns over everyone else because of some simple app that Apple just came out with that I have been using on Android for over a year now... And by the way it will happen next year when Apple unveils whatever they do then, same shit, different day.

  • Nrupesh Soni

    Why do I see so few blogs or comparisons mention the simplicity of installing apps on android compared with the Apple app store? on iOS everytime you install an app it takes you back to the screen where its installing, then you need to go back to the app store to select another app? I thought that would be the basis of multitasking. 

  • Alex Goris

    I have both an iPad (first gen), a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a Galaxy Nexus (GSM) at home.
    The iPad I bought when there weren't any 'decent' Android tablets available on the market (pre-honeycomb era), so I have plenty of experience with both iOS and Android.

    But sadly the one thing which makes Android a no-brainer choice to me is never really discussed in comparison reviews like this one: The way Android apps can interact with eachother.
    I suppose  there's something to say for the increased security of iOS' app sandbox, but I just love how one app in my Android phone can have the ability to share something, and 100 other apps can grab the output of the 'share' action and do something with that.
    Or how an app can use your stored Gmail credentials to get news post from Google Reader, instead of having to fill in your gmail address and password in every seperate app that needs it.

    Let's say I have an app on my iPad which supports sharing a drawing I made on screen to Facebook. The look of my facebook post depens on just how well the facebook export is implemented into this one app.

    On android, everything that goes to facebook is put there via the facebook app, which we asume is implemented very well.
    Same goes for dropbox, google drive, etc etc.

  • http://www.twitter.com/darrylcobb maxrobes2000

    Just read the article from BGR and loved this part:

    "There are plenty of features Apple didn’t add to the latest version of
    its mobile operating system. I could literally go on and on about how
    there aren’t automatic app updates in the background, or how you still
    can’t access Bluetooth or Wi-Fi from the Notification Center (although
    Bluetooth is now on the first page of settings making it a little
    easier), or how apps are still represented by static icons instead of
    some form of widgets."

    Next paragraph

    "Apple’s mobile OS is meticulously thought out, and almost every small
    feature we’ve been asking for has been added — even ones we didn’t ask

    So did Apple add almost everything you've been asking for or not? BGR = Fox News of Mobile Tech

  • Nonya

    Very well said. I am an androidhead till i die.. 

  • Kyle

    Woah woah...reasonable viewpoints on the internet?  I like it.  Well written sir.

  • http://profiles.google.com/haragog Hugo Correia

    Yup! iOS is actually great in a lot of stuff, but not the points raised. Passbook was almost the only thing interesting about iOS6. 

    And by the way I use whatever is best at the moment/manage to buy, which at the moment is a SGS2. So no platform chains... (Though iTunes/iOs duo is pretty hard to beat)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=719370263 David D. Smith

    "Do not disturb"...oh geez. My Samsung Fascinate (2010) is running CM9 and has Tasker handling my "do not disturb" moments for me. Apart from the setup (around 20 minutes) I have four profiles built in CM9,  "Night", "Call Night", "Work", "Default" (I am on call for a hospital). With the CM9 profiles I can disable and tweak as many settings as I would like.  At night I like everything silent and no back light notifications. However, I like my phone on, so in the morning I can immediately read my email, look at the weather (which opens every am thanks to tasker),  etc. With Tasker, I can set a date and time frame, i.e. M-F 11pm-7am, and indicate which one of these pre-defined profiles I want and it automatically activates for me. No thinky. It will even read my calendar and if I am "on Call" for the hospital, it will divert to the "Call Night" profile, in which everything is disabled with exception to the phone ringer set to max.  When I go to work, it automatically switches to my "Work" profile, with the ringer and notifications turned down, back light noti's on, and the pattern lock screen enabled. When I leave work, it turns on my bluetooth for the ride home, turns it off when I get home, and switches to my "default" profile with the lock screen disabled and volumes at a hardier level. 

    I applaud iOS for their smooth, soccer mom/geriatric friendly interface, but "do not disturb" me with your hijinks...

  • Tyler

    Amen. Although before the cease fire i must say Gellar is kind of a moron with that article

  • Hey_Look@Me

    You did a marvellous job writing this article, friend Eric Ravenscraft.
    Sometimes the people get so attached to a brand in a way that they feel the need to fight for it's success. Almost as if the profit margins would be shared with them. What can I say? The brand's executives are laughing at them, marketing their product for free.
    In the case of Android and iOS, I think that both of them are great and each has it's own ups and downs. I myself have an iPad 2, an iPod Touch 4 and 2 Android smartphones. Most of the times, when I want to use a tablet, I want a simplistic UI with a solid and broad range of applications. So my choice for the time being is an iPad 2. When it comes to a smartphone, that I need to carry all day long, I need one that can be easily customized and managed to adapt to my own daily life and personality (in one word, that gives me FREEDOM - freedom that I do not have with an iOS device, even a jailbroken one). So my choise for the time being is an Android phone. Well, when it comes to music, I do not use neither. I love my Cowon J3 with a UI based on Adobe Flash.
    Well, this is just an uncommitted comment. I wished it was more insightful.

  • Holyloktar

    Well put, sir!!

  • newsjunkieintl

    Android custom ROM makers have long had "Quiet Hours" which Apple copied with "Do Not Disturb". Android WINS.