Potential Kindle Fire owners, pay attention! Amazon's offering a free $30 voucher code towards the purchase of a Kindle Fire to anyone who asks right now. As a bonus, once you order your Kindle Fire, you'll receive $5 worth of Amazon Instant Video credit. Pretty sweet deal!


The current list price for the Kindle Fire is still $199, so this voucher will bring it down to the extremely palatable price point of $170. The voucher is incredibly easy to order, too, and costs nothing, so even if you're just considering purchasing the device, go grab the voucher now. Worst case, you never use it. Seriously. Why are you still here? There are no good reasons you're not grabbing this voucher right now.

As stated before, users won't receive their $5 Instant Video credit until after they order their Kindle Fire, usually within 72 hours after the device ships. So no free movie here without purchase, but a nice little extra. The voucher offer is only good for the next 11 hours or so, but can only be used by June 15th. While you don't have to order the device today, you still can't wait too long.

Source: Amazon Local

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • usnmustanger

    Dammit.  Sold out already.  Just missed it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/simon.hio.5 Simon Hio

    mmmm.... check the most update

  • Kevin Faaborg

    Fully sold out now. Shame too, was considering it, hope they do a regular kindle offer soon! I could use a new one!