There aren't enough 8-bit adventure games in the world. This is just one of those facts of life you learn to deal with growing up. Thankfully, there are still a few devotees to the genre, like Nostatic Software. The developer has released a delightfully colorful 8-bit adventure game about a young girl with the world's most sensitive ears who just wants everyone in the house to be quiet for a bit so she can go to sleep.

quiet1 quiet2 quiet3

Your character, who is never given a name, arrives home to find that every member of her family, as well as some inanimate objects, are making noise. The game follows the standard adventure game pattern: take item, do things with item until something works, move on to the next puzzle. Also there are kittens. Allegedly. There are certainly three little white things that make noises.

The game has a sense of humor that gets snarky with you if you try to, for example, place dirty clothes in a dryer. It's fairly straightforward without being easy. That being said, this is the first game I've written about for this site that I finished before publishing. And, as with most adventure puzzle games, replay value is virtually non-existent. Treat this game as what it is: a fun way to waste a buck for a few minutes.

There is a free version that allows you to try out the gameplay, although with a simple four-button control scheme and little hand-eye coordination required, all you're really doing is getting started on puzzles you can't solve with the free version. May as well spend the buck and get it over with.