Last Updated: August 2nd, 2012

Google TV is one of those products that Google tends to forget about most of the year. Today, though, the platform is getting some love as Sony Google TV devices are getting a firmware update to version 2.1.1. Included in the update will be the ability play movies rented via Google Play (about time) as well as watching movies via youtube.com/movies.

Logitech's update, on the other hand, is less straightforward. The company has announced via its forums that the Revue will be getting updated to Honeycomb 3.2 beginning a couple of days ago and ending tomorrow, June 7th. Oddly, the company seems to have made no official announcement or change log anywhere else. The only thing we're told it will do is fix "a great number of issues the operating system had." And yes, the platform does have a "great number" of issues. So thank Google for that.

We'll keep you posted as we get more info. In the meantime, if you own a Google TV box, go hit refresh on your system update button constantly and let us know if you find anything.

Source: Google TV, Logitech

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Paul_Werner

    I really hope they knocked out the issue of flash crashing constantly on the Revue

    • Jahf

      I hope they did something to fix the general hardlocks my Revue had even without using Flash. I gave up just last week and yanked it out of my system because it would freeze up in the middle of just using the "TV" app to watch my DVR. 

  • http://twitter.com/KickingLettuce Kicking Lettuce

    I hope they fix everything and add real content to my Revue.  Piece of junk really.  And I'm an Android homer.

  • RichardLAnderson
  • owen oliver

    Bootloader unlock would be nice

  • http://profiles.google.com/samgarfield Sam Garfield

    Wow I wasn't expecting this. I'll have to blow the dust off of my revue/paperweight and see if I can actually use it for something now. 

  • Zaatour36

    From a Logitech Revue Specialist:
    This are some of the features of the new update: Fix for 1-way keyboard controller pairing failures
    Fix for locking/freezing at EULA screen.
    New Logitech Help Assistant application.
    Fix for links within the Logitech legal documents not able to be navigated via Directional pad on the keyboard controller.
    Fix for Picture-In-picture not resuming audio, when back from Pandora.
    Fix for Wrong error message when Price/Quality produce no matches in TV&Moves.
    Netflix application update.
    Fix for Netflix - application crash with ERROR_SIGSEGV - GDL_ERR_NO_MEMORY
    Fix for Netflix - unable to play Netflix content after update
    Fix for Netflix - application exits unexpectedly: EXITED_SIGSEGV - max retries on ISS.mem file
    Fix for Netflix - user receives an error saying that their account has been deactivated when no deactivation operation has been performed
    Fix for Netflix  'Are you a Netflix Member’ sign out error.
    Fix for cursor is missing in the search field."

    Congrats Revue owners :D

    SOURCE:  Logitech Revue Official Forms  http://bit.ly/KcF0kZ


    • Revue le Stinky

      Hopefully this fixes all the BS that makes Netflix almost completely unusable on my Revue, including "Having trouble playing this title" errors, the stuck loading of videos, and the overall issues with the application (like the horrible exploration for new things to watch). Thankfully I got this Revue for free. It isn't worth the money, even at today's prices.

    • Marc

      Nothing about the complete lack of working DLNA on the revue then. Sigh.. Plex stays

  • Carlos

    I just want to be able to access the play store T_T side loading on the revue for everything has gotten very bothersome.

  • GazaIan

    So wait; the update is only being rolled out for one day ?

  • http://www.twitter.com/Genjinaro Genjinaro

    Proud owner of a Logitech Revue ($99), thanks for this.

    Google TV is seriously underrated & yet currently overpriced. I can't do without it.

  • Ruperto17

    I must be the only person who really enjoys the Revue. All I hear is bad reviews everywhere. Mostly I use it to stream from netflix, watch YouTube videos, watch espn3 online and occasional movie rentals from Amazon. Never had a problem with it.

    • Sobr0801

      I love mine as well

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nick-Howe/100000181210108 Nick Howe

    i just got my box today bought for 100$ saw the update on setup didnt take it rightaway now its gone how can i get it back can it be downloaded please help i'm a dumb newbbbb

  • Bruce Eisner

    I have two Revues and they
    are both online, but still both at firmware version 3.1. I did a update
    check and it says up to date. Today is June 7th, where did you get your info on the end date.

    • Paul_Werner

      I'd like to know how to force the update because mine never updated yet either

  • Stevencarrie79

    just got the update today, june 15th.

  • Dux

    I have four Sony Google TVs they have all crashed this morning. After three hours on the phone to a man in the Phillipines and then an hour at Best Buy, I have been told to trash them and buy new ones. They cost $980 each and are only 14 months old. So much for Sony and so much for Android. Wont catch me with this junk again.


    I have Sony internet Google TV Blue Ray , NSZ GT1, To be honest it has been nothing but trouble and not to mention a huge wast of money. It won't do any thing easaly typing this is a challeng , the spell check is crap the updats are nonexsitant , It will soodn be in the trash where it is best suited. Thanks Sony for nothing ,