Google has just announced at today's Maps events that Google Maps offline download feature, previously a "labs" option inside the Google Maps for Android app, is going official. According to the Google, the feature is "coming soon." Unfortunately, there was no word on support for offline navigation.


Here's are some (less than great) shots of the interface in action on a tablet:


06-06-2012selection07400 (1)

From what we can tell, the interface has been improved and it is now much easier to make an offline area selection than it was in the Labs version of the feature. We'll update this post as we learn more.

David Ruddock
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  • Jack Applebaum

    Expected more with apple's announcement of their map app coming

    • AppleFUD

      really?!?!?!?! You had to stop by and drop that nugget?

      • LB

        LOL, guy's name is 
        Jack "Applebaum"

  • Mei

    Available offline?  Awesome.  I would not mind paying for an offline version.  Love to be able to use Google Map when on the road with no online access.  Currently, Google Maps does have caching mode but that only covers so far, complete access with offline mode would be great.

    • AppleFUD

      Same here. . . it's a big feature I really want in Android, especially with navigation.

  • http://profiles.google.com/samgarfield Sam Garfield

    Some change log for the revue:

    Fix for 1-way keyboard controller pairing failuresFix for locking/freezing at EULA'
    screen.New Logitech Help Assistant application.Fix for links within the Logitech legal documents not able to be navigated via Directional pad on the keyboard controller.Fix for Picture-In-picture not resuming audio, when back from Pandora.Fix for Wrong error message when Price/Quality produce no matches in TV&Moves.Netflix application update.Fix for Netflix - application crash with ERROR_SIGSEGV - GDL_ERR_NO_MEMORYFix for Netflix - unable to play Netflix content after updateFix for Netflix - application exits unexpectedly: EXITED_SIGSEGV - max retries on ISS.mem fileFix for Netflix - user receives an error saying that their account has been deactivated when no deactivation operation has been performedFix for Netflix  'Are you a Netflix Member’ sign out error.Fix for cursor is missing in the search field.

    • Zaatour36

      wrong post bro ;)

  • Sorian

    Now, if only they can get Navigation to do more than one destination at a time (2+ year feature request).

    • GazaIan

      Okay, I'm no wizard but I don't think you can be in two places at once.

      • Simon Belmont

        I'm pretty sure that he's talking about way-points. You know, when you have a string of destinations along a route to your ultimate destination?

        It would be a nice feature, indeed. Even the web based Google Maps can pull it off.

      • Hossam

        i dont use google maps so often and rarely use navigation
        i guess he means going to place while walking by another placelike going home using the road that leads to the supermarketi saw a video stating that its upcoming feature in google maps

  • Guest

    The headline mentions "offline maps"... but the article clearly states:
    > Unfortunately, there was no word on support for offline navigation.

    Great... I can SEE the maps... but I can't actually navigate from or to anywhere.

    • really?

      holy shit, it's like you'll actually have to use your brain's power of comprehension to figure out which way to turn on the map. 

  • Simon Belmont

    That was my biggest beef with the Labs version of the maps pre-caching that we've had since Maps 5.0. The ability to easily choose the area you wanted to cache.

    That being said, it was still very useful. Low signal areas be damned.

  • Xajel

    I hope they also start supporting more countries/regions.. it has been very long since they introduced turn-by-turn navigation but they're taking too long to support more countries/regions

    Symbian, Windows Mobile and soon iOS all have (and comes with) free turn-by-turn navigation with almost worldwide coverage. But our loveley Android doesn't :-(