With E3 well underway, mobile developer Gameloft has let loose a salvo of new titles it'll be unveiling at the conference today. These include: Asphalt 7: Heat, The Amazing Spider-Man, Kingdoms & Lords, and Cosmic Colony.

Asphalt 7: Heat

Asphalt 7 is the latest in the iteration in Gameloft's long-running racing franchise, though it appears the gameplay has remained largely unchanged (read: racing games on phones still aren't very good), while graphics and the choice of vehicles have been noticeably stepped up. No release date has been announced.

Asphalt7_iOS_Screen_2048x1536_Hawaii_Lomborghini_01_v01 Asphalt7_iOS_Screen_2048x1536_London_DeloreanLamborghini_v01 Asphalt7_iOS_Screen_2048x1536_Miami_AudiPagani_v08_V01

The Amazing Spider-Man

Commissioned by the studio producing the movie of the same name, it's exactly what it sounds like: a movie game. We know how well those usually go. Judging by the hilarious amount of clipping and variably decent / oh-god-it's-1997 models and textures, it looks like The Amazing Spider-Man is right on track for "most forgettable Android game of the year." Release is expected on June 28.

AmazingSpiderman_screen_2048x1536_EN_22 AmazingSpiderman_screen_2048x1536_EN_26 AmazingSpiderman_screen_2048x1536_EN_40_V03

Kingdoms & Lords

K&L seems to be a grab at more casual titles, with simple 2D graphics in a sort of turn-based-RPG-meets-Zynga-world-builder scenario where players can battle one another. Expect lots of in-game purchase options designed to sell you meaningless crap enhance your gameplay experience. It will be available June 7.

ClashOfCrowns_Screen_1024x768_EN_053 ClashOfCrowns_Screen_1024x768_EN_078 IMG_0105

Cosmic Colony

Cosmic Colony appears to be yet another casual title in Gameloft's lineup designed to compete with publisher-developers like Zynga, but is even more blatantly just another skinned world-builder. Hooray. No release date has been announced.

2 Manage your resources 3 Explore the cosmos 4 Seek out many galaxies and planets_v2

David Ruddock
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  • Erik Patrón Coral

    Nothing to be excited. I want something like mario kart or death race, also a game like the old pokemons from gba would be awesome.

    • Zacisblack

      Have you tried Tiki Kart 3D?

    • http://twitter.com/tweet077 RonaldoVerta

      If you're looking for a mario kart looking game then you should try  
      mole kart
      . Of course people are flipping out on the play store because its a copy cat but its free (and good!) so...idk what the issue is.

    • Erik Patrón Coral

      i tried Ticky Kart but i found the controls too tricky :/. That Mole kart looks just like mario kart 64 i will try it, thanks!

  • ProductFRED

    Asphalt 7 and Spiderman look great.

    Also, I spy with my little eye a DeLorean. Hopefully I win the race automatically when I hit 88 MPH ;)

  • Petr

    Gameloft making shit games last few months.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    I'm still uploading videos, Gameloft didn't upload them to YouTube and decided it's a good idea to have us do it ourselves for some reason.

    2 down, 2 to go. Asphalt 7 coming right up.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    I'm still uploading videos, Gameloft didn't upload them to YouTube and decided it's a good idea to have us do it ourselves for some reason.

    2 down, 2 to go. Asphalt 7 coming right up.

  • Mousiope

    I still can't play asphalt 5 and 6 on my HTC one X should I buy these? no thank you...

  • http://twitter.com/rdlf2048 Rodolfo Ferreira

    I'd love if Gameloft just drops the game-development idea and let EA take over. At least they would make the game look much better than this piece-of-crap and they would let us, Transformer users, play it on our devices. Shame on them.

  • GarrettHouse

    whats everyone's problem with Gameloft? they make some really good games and i have had some really good customer service from them.

    • Cardinal

      same here. 
      i guess it's basically those people who bought a game that's not compatible with their device and can't get a refund, or wanted to play a game and their device is not compatible. whichever.

  • CoffeeGeeker

    Consumers, do yourself a favour and save yourself a lot of grief down the road: do not buy any games from Gameloft. They have a support history that is on par with EA (voted the worst company in the US last year), abandon games soon after launching them, fail to support games for even the supposed industry leading devices (like the Asus Transformer Prime), and while they will happily take your money via the Play store, they will become silent and non responsive seconds after. You can't even take advantage of Google's craptastic 15 minute "grace" period for getting refunds on Gameloft's crashprone games because of the massive downloads Gameloft games have from their slow servers. By the time the game is sucked down the pipe to your device, your 15 minute return period is gone. And Gameloft knows this. 

    I really wish that the various Android sites would treat Gameloft (and EA) the exact same way tech blogs treat Monster Cables - by ignoring them completely. Gameloft (and EA) are two companies you should completely stay away from when considering any purchase on your Android device.

  • Lachlan

    Personally, I really like Asphalt 6. It came with my Iconia A500, and it was the first Android game I really got into (and finished!). Sure, it's a blatant NFS rip-off, but it's done better (I have both) it's controls are much more touch-screen friendly and the choice of cars is fantastic (and I am a car guy, so that's important to me).