When we got our first look at Samsung's Note 10.1 with S-Pen at Mobile World Congress back in February, it was packing a 1.4GHz (presumably Exynos) dual-core processor and oversized S-Pen. And, unlike its little brother, it was also lacking a place to store the S-Pen in the tablet. A few weeks after that, rumors began surfacing that Samsung had taken the Note 10 back to the lab to swap the dual-core processor for a quad-core variant, as well as add a place to store the S-Pen into the chassis of the device.

At an event back in late May, Samsung unveiled the new Note 10.1, complete with 1.4GHz quad-core processor and a storage slot for the S-Pen. Now, XDA forum member floiancu has somehow gotten his hands on a prototype version of the device and shot a couple of videos, giving us a good look at the hardware, S-Pen, and Photoshop Touch.

Galaxy Note 10.1: 


Adobe Photoshop Touch on the Galaxy Note 10.1:


Unfortunately, we still don't have any potential pricing or release date information, but floiancu notes that "the fact that [he] had access to one, it can't be far off."

[XDA Forums]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Sameum

    how annoying it is when the device translates a 'click' into a 'scroll'....

  • fixxmyhead

    guy looks like a retard in the thumbnail

  • Yaoifangirl17

    Glad to see it run sooooo much smoother!!! It better have the pen only option!! I'm an artiest and having my palm not touch the screen will get tiring. good review.

  • Spam0702

    1gb ram.. "sorry, we cant give you android 5.0. its not enough ram"

    will never ever buy this half baked stuff

    • NemaCystX

      the Galaxy SIII is the FIRST and only device with 2GB of RAM with Android so far, I doubt Google will make Android 5.0 that advanced it needs that much ram.  The majority of devices now with ICS have 1GB of RAM, and that includes tablets, heck even the iPad only has 512mb of ram, the newer one has 1GB. I think Android is ahead in the hardware department for that.

      The Galaxy Note 10.1 has a Quad core CPU atleast, and a rumored Mali GPU that hardware alone is worth the upgrade from first gen Galaxy Tab 10.1 (I don't consider the Tab 2 10.1 an upgrade)

      • GreenyO

        That's not about Google, it's a matter of Android + Touchwizz. 
        Samsung said the original Galaxy S couln't have ICS because of a lack of ram though with CM9 it runs pretty well.

        So, it's possible that they'll come someday and say "Not enough ram to run Android X.X without harm the user experience (ie Touchwizz)"

  • http://twitter.com/Bateluer Robert Boluyt

    Okay, so, we're waiting on pricing and availability? Is this a 1080P screen or a 1280x800 screen?

    • ins0mn1a

      1280x800, unfortunately. i was so hoping for 1920x1200 :(

  • ins0mn1a

    they really need to get the palm rejection right, otherwise the thing will be useless!

    having said that, this could be a breakthrough android tablet. the pen functionality just opens so many possibilities for serious applications (work, learning, creating...), not just sitting on the couch watching movies and online shopping (which is pretty much what you can do with the currently most popular "android" tablet, i am referring to kindle fire of course).

  • Imran Al-Imran

    improved a lot in terms of response

  • Brian Hanifin

    Where'd the videos go? They're marked as private. :-(