A few months after it went live in France, Google Play Movies is now available in neighboring Spain, as it continues to slowly make its way across Europe.

Google Play announced the launch on its Google+ page, noting that people in Spain can now buy popular titles such as Fuga de Cerebros 2 and El Sueño de Iván through the store.

Although there's no time frame for the launch of Play Movies in other parts of Europe, you can be sure that the service will be on its way to countries such as Germany and Italy fairly soon. If you live in Spain, you can now download movies right now from play.google.com and your Android phone.

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Source: Google Play on Google+

(Thanks, Long!)

John Thompson
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  • Alan

    This is all well and good but when is Play Music going to be available outside the US?

    • John

      Music licensing for countries outside the US is a bit of a nightmare, there are so many barriers that companies have to overcome. If someone can do it though, it's definitely Google.

  • Claandestinka

    Doesn't help when you can't play over hdmi on a large screen (from transformer prime)

    and they want us to not pirate.

    Stupidity beyond belief.

  • LavonneDDecker
  • Rysiek

    hope Poland/Ukraine will be next one.

  • Kornhans

    It is not working in a rooted device!!!

    For google rooting is equal to piracy...

    What a shame.

  • Göran Sävström

    I don't know if I see this as hilarious or sad, or maybe both at the same time. But it does prove that the entertainment industry/content providers haven't understood anything about making legal online choices more attractive.

    Google Play wants me to pay between 2.99€ for renting an older movie and 3.99€ for something more recent. These are prices that my local "videoclub" beat every day of the week, with the added benefit of being able to choose to watch the movie in its original language (believe me - this is a huge problem in Spain - EVERYTHING gets dubbed here, that's one of the major reasons that the average Spaniard suck when it comes to reading/speaking/understanding English). The movies in the Play Store Spain are offered in Spanish.

    So what makes me want to choose Google Play Store when it is more expensive, and dubbed to Spanish?
    - Nothing.

    Then again I could just download the movies for "free", but that would be wrong, wouldn't it?

  • tim01621

    We downloaded a film from Google play to watch on the plane to Spain and want to get another for the return journey. However since we are in Spain, Google seem to think we have instantly become fluent Spanish speakers and only offers us dubbed films, despite having our log-in details and language preferences. Ridiculous!

    • leew

      Same problem in France and even most French would rather watch films in original language with subtitles rather than very dodgy dubbing!

  • Gustave Stresen-Reuter

    I too cannot believe I am unable to buy titles in English living in Spain. I'm fluent in Spanish but English is my native language and I simply won't buy media (books and movies in particular) if they've been dubbed or translated into Spanish. My iTunes account was opened in the US so all of those titles are in English on my phone here in Spain. Why can't my Nexus do the same? Pathetic and a big Fail for Google on this one.