The internet is positively buzzing with news of a supposed leak of the T-Mobile Galaxy S III in both white and the still elusive pebble blue variety. Many sites seem convinced these are the real deal, and as much as I'd like to believe that, there are some issues that leave me feeling skeptical.

Tmo S3

For all the past Samsung Galaxy phones, the US variants have moved to the more common row of four capacitive buttons. These leaked images show the devices with the European-style arrangement of capacitive menu and back buttons, along with a physical home button. Even the shape of the device is totally unchanged. It's not impossible Samsung would go this route, but it would be a radical departure to not modify the Galaxy S III for the US market.

Perhaps more concerning is the fact that the only hint of T-Mobile branding is the label on the back of the device, which is easy to fake. The icons on the screen are completely without branding. Carriers are very fond of using that space in press shots to make the phone their own. T-Mobile voicemail, T-Mobile video, T-Mobile security, preinstalled games - all these make frequent appearances in press shots, but not here. Take a look at the press shot for the Galaxy S II and you can easily tell it is a T-Mobile phone.

Tmo S3 2 upload

This might still be real, and Samsung is through making a multitude of changes at the behest of carriers, but I'm going to need more to accept that as truth.

[The Verge]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • yarrellray

    The pictures being doubted is the Tmobile Galaxy S3. Everyone will see in the upcoming weeks. I applaud Samsung for making the stand of making carriers leave the device alone. This is exactly what i wanted and prevents me from buying abroad for the first time. Even thou i want the Exynos quadcore i will except the snapdragon s4 as long as 2gb of ram exist. Looks like google has much influence here. Tmobile here i come i will leave Verizon the end of june.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      What is the confidence in your comment based on?

      • Stephonztax

        Dude, do you go around in ever android police blog to attack people..? If the guy has an opinion, it is either you advice him or just stay away from replying with smart comments. I have noticed you do this everyday and it is becoming stupid

        • Arrioch

          Dude, he's the founder of Android Police, so yeah, he's going around, as for attack, he asked legitimate question, why yarrellray so convinced this image is real, simple as that.

        • http://www.facebook.com/MMontanez347 Michael Montanez

          ummm he's the founder of the very website your commenting on, whats wrong with him asking a simple question. It wasnt even snarky or mean in anyway

        • Aaron

          lol wut? First of all, he made this blog... second, he just asked why yarrellray made the bold, seemingly baseless comment above. 

        • LinuxFrenzy

           Really how was he attacking the other guy?.He was just asking for the other guy to show some type of evidence backing his claim.So relax no harm done.

        • squiddy20

          Dude, can you not see the title next to Atrem's name that reads "Founder of AndroidPolice.com" that's been there for at least the past month since the Disqus upgrade/integration? Besides, how do you even remotely categorize it as an "attack"? All he's doing is asking a simple question. Chill out.
          As for the correctness of @yarrellray:disqus 's (aka Richard Yarrell) comment, it's most certainly unfounded and unfactual. In the past, he's told me personally that rooting is for "2plus year old devices" and that the processor in the Sensation was inferior to the *same exact one* found in his (then) "legendary" Evo 3D, even after sources proving his statement as false. He's also stated *for a fact* that a Galaxy Note 2 will be coming to Verizon, despite only 1 rumor several months ago saying so. He also said *for a fact* that the Evo 3D would be "Sprint's flagship device well into 2012", and it stopped being sold only a month or so into the year. This is also the same person who, for the year and a half was with Sprint, ran around spewing such childish insults about "AssT*T" and how "Verizon sucks rotten eggs", but then when the Galaxy Nexus came around, jumped ship to Verizon and stated saying how "pimp slapping" his shiny new phone was. And now that he hasn't gotten the 4.0.4 update that all other Galaxy Nexii have, he's started complaining about how much Verizon sucks and how all other carriers "shit/piss on Verizon". So tell me, how in any way is he even remotely credible? And by the way, I'm not "attacking" him, merely stating my observations and personal interactions with Richard, however ridiculously stupid they are.

          • yarrellray

            Oh yeah Mr. Know everything Your a joke at best. It's funny how you do your best impersonation of trying to appear to be an adult but please save it for your college boys on campus. This blog is for everyone and ''OPINION'' is exactly what this is here for regardless of who's it might be. Your opinion is no more important than anyone else's on this site. But of course you feel yours rules the world. Do yourself a favor Mr. Squiddy20 who goes around all blog sites using the same FAKE NAME because your not man enough to leave a comment based on who you really are KEEP your opinion's to yourself. Most people who care to leave comments are people who probably will be purchasing a device you only show up to various sites to comment to my comments and plan not to purchase anything. How do I know that well your POORLY USED SAMSUNG MOMENT is the perfect example of your ability to purchase items. Your a clown at best and need to focus more on your education in college instead of pounding the internet with useless comments using fake names.  

          • squiddy20

            @yarrellray:disqus You clearly don't know what an opinion is, even after a whole year of my telling you the exact definition. What I said you said above, those are all *facts*. You can look them up through a basic Google search and find them all to be true. You have indeed said those very things to me and other people. And your statement is still pretty much unproven. Just because a T-Mobile *District Manager* says something is going happen, doesn't mean it *will* happen. Now, if he had provided proof other than "his word" it would be more credible. He can say T-Mobile will have LTE by the end of the year, but with absolutely no proof (let alone rumors), it's completely unproven and therefore false. You have no concept of truth or reality. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised since you believe every single *rumor* to be 110% true all the time. How pitiful.
            "This blog is for everyone". Funny you would say that NOW after countless months of you telling me I "don't belong in this space", be it Android and Me, here, Android Central, or any other tech website. How hypocritical. 
            "KEEP your opinion's to yourself" But didn't you just say "this blog is for everyone"? I suppose in "your world" I'm not part of this all-inclusive "everyone"? Hahaha! Good God you're stupid! You contradict yourself in your own unintelligent comment!
            "How do I know that" Well, fact is, you don't know squat Dick because I have had a Galaxy Nexus (with 4.0.4) on Sprint for about a week and a half, and had it rooted within 5 hours of buying it. I even stated that a few days ago over at Android and Me. Good job with that reading comprehension there, Dick.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Well, this was amusing.

      • yarrellray

        Based on Tmobile district manager. Don't worry you will see...

        • Brianhutchinson82

          Name dropping doesn't make your story credible it's facts and you have none.

        • squiddy20

          Yeah, cause district managers are sooo reliable and "in the know". Please, they're only slightly better than most sales technicians who usually don't even know about phones being released or their features. 

  • Fabio Göttlicher

    I think it is likely to be a T-Mobile S3, but not for US T-Mobile. European and other carries do not usually have too much dickish useless branding....

  • k323

    Obviously photoshop or else the date wouldnt be may 3rd (the international reveal date) instead of would been something like june 20 (rumored reveal/release date for USA) on the accuweather widget

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      That's an excellent point. I already was skeptical (Artem can testify, he saw my comment on The Verge, I was basically the first skeptical person there :P) about this being real because someone could have easily photoshopped the T-Mobile logo on a picture of the Galaxy SIII, but your point is the icing on the cake.

  • http://twitter.com/fightcrazy Vinny

    Hope this is the real deal. Love the home button. No T-Mobile branding all over the front. Hoping this is the real deal coming to T-Mobile USA. 

  • acer1096xxx

    Most likely fake but I wish this were true. I'd honestly rather not have the variants as I actually like the home button and maybe updates for all carriers would all be released around the same time. (unlikely but I wish)

  • http://twitter.com/rauelcrespo rauelcrespo

    Any word on whether or not T-Mo is downgrading the SoC to the Krait S4? It would be pointless as the International Version of the Galaxy S III would work on T-Mo's network, so downgrading the SoC only makes sense for At&t, Verizon and Sprint, as they want to stuff LTE down our throats and need to downgrade to the Krait S4 to do it.

    Don't think I believe the S4 is a weak SoC, as it bests the Tegra 3 in some tests, but to go from the Exynos 4412 to the Krait S4 is like being promised a Bugatti Veyron and ending up with a Corvette...sure it's fast, but it sucks in comparison.

    • Jbowman1018

      That's what I was wondering. T-mo really has no reason to change anything from the intl. version. I'm on VZW anyway but I would like to have the exynos, however, not at the expense of LTE. Guess I got spoiled because 3G drives me crazy. LOL

    • DrewNusser

      In most tests, the Tegra 3 still beat the S4, but still, I get what you're saying.  Nobody would be disappointed in any of these 3 unless they're complete spec whores.

  • http://twitter.com/rauelcrespo rauelcrespo

    Also, look up the "Galaxy R Style" which WILL be the Galaxy S III that the US Carriers are apparently getting.

    • http://www.facebook.com/MMontanez347 Michael Montanez

      can you please show us where it says the US will be getting the Galaxy R Style style GS3?

  • Coollead

    Good grief, that's what the T-Mobile S2 looks like? That is a terrible looking phone. At least the S3 looks decent.

  • Pinchydude

    I agree with this story. It is possible that the phone looks like the international version, and I am hoping it does, but there is no way Tmobile will brand the phone on the back only. Expect Tmobile to be right up front where Samsung is on the international phone. I pray they keep thephysical button though!

  • in2android