Finally, after a bajillion years of waiting, the first Android tablet is finally getting its very own update to Android 4.0, finally. Finally. As some of you may recall, the WiFi model received an ICS update months ago, but the 3G/4G version, which has been plagued with problems since launch, including lack of advertised flash support and an actual 4G modem, is only just now set to get the OTA update.


The update, thankfully, will be to version 4.0.4, so none of this lagging a few point releases behind. The update should be rolling out "soon", so if it follows Verizon's usual rollouts for the device, Xoom LTE owners should expect to see it anywhere between now and a week or so from now. Let us know in the comments if your device is receiving the update.

All three of you.


Verizon has officially announced the update, and the software should be rolling out June 4th. Among the features, Verizon is touting the improved speech-to-text software, swiping to dismiss notifications, and the built-in photo editor. None of them particularly new, but still, glad to finally see them arrive.

Source: Verizon

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  • ocdtrekkie

    Claiming that lack of a 4G modem was a problem seems kinda silly, as it was marketed that way. The whole idea was that it was future-proof. Instead of releasing a 3G tablet, and making people buy a new tablet later when the 4G chip was ready, they sold an upgradeable tablet.

    That's a feature, not a problem.

    • Mike

      The problem was the absurd amount of time it took this "upgrade" to be released.  It wasn't even the first LTE tablet on the market.

    • GoogleTablet

      Sorry bro, the 4G modem you speak of is CDMA and fully controlled by Verizon. This is an obvious HUGE problem. I don't know how you can't connect the dots.

      • ocdtrekkie

        You are vastly confused... and stupid.

        The 3G modem is CDMA, and it's on the Xoom's main board. The 4G modem is LTE, has nothing to do with the CDMA chip (is actually more reminiscent of GSM), and is the add-on upgrade board that was added later since it wasn't actually available for devices at the time the Xoom was released.

  • Justin Bennett

    nothing on mine yet. just checked, 'system is up to date'. blah :(

  • fixxmyhead

    verizon, always screwing things up

  • Patches

    Still says mine is up to date. We'll see if we get it sometime this month. I hate Verizon, even if they are the best