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Motorola's MOTOACTV smartwatch, which the manufacturer bills as the "world's first GPS fitness tracker with smart mp3 player, all in one," began receiving a software update yesterday, bringing the device's standard model up to version 1.7.3, while its golf-oriented counterpart ascended to version 1.7.2.

Software version 1.7.3 includes a handful of improvements, including more flexible workout planning, the ability to create dedicated heart rate zones for different activities, Facebook and Twitter viewing capabilities, easier Wi-Fi setup, and more.

motoactv_mr7_calendar_newint motoactv_mr7_fitness_zones

The golf-centered MOTOACTV's update is largely the same, but includes (surprise) added golf functionality:

To improve game tracking, we added tee location options, more choices for ball lie marking and the ability to track the distance of your putts. We also extended the club distance range in Clubs Profile to better accommodate more players. Playing on a course with multiple segments? No problem! Your MOTOACTV can now support that too!

Users eager to grab the latest MOTOACTV software need only connect the device to a PC or Mac and wait for a download prompt. For more information about the updates, just hit the source link below.

Source: MOTOACTV Software Updates

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  • jaymonster

    For all the grief people give the MotoACTV, it really is a great device, and getting better all the time.

    I sort of wish that Motorola put half as much work into improving their phones after release and they have with the MotoACTV.