Remember the days when your smartphone could last multiple full days without needing a charge? Haha, neither do we. But you could pretend it can if you have a portable charger. The New Trent iFuel 5000mAh charger is on sale today for $40, but with coupon code CONGRATS, you can get a second charger for free. Carrying around 10,000mAh of spare electricity for your gadgets has never been so cheap!


ifuel ifuel2 2012-06-01_13h23_18

To reiterate, there are two deals going on here. The normal price of the device is $69, but that's been cut down to $39. To get the second charger, add a second unit to your cart and add coupon code CONGRATS before paying (as seen above), and the price of one unit will be knocked off your total. Make sure you pay attention to your totals to ensure you did it right, as the discount is not applied automatically.

Once you get your devices, come back and tell us what it's like to have a battery life of infinity.

Source: NewTrent, via SlickDeals

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Aeefire

    Link is broken.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1376149647 Charles Oisten

      Not broken, per say.  Can't handle all this Android Police traffic they are now getting.

      • Aeefire

        ye... at first it said the adress is wrong, now i also get an internal error :)

  • lordmerovingian

    How big, physically, is this thing? Sounds like a killer deal but it looks huge to carry around. I currently lug around an iGo 1500mah thingy, comes in handy, tiny, but I'm needing more juice these days it seems.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1376149647 Charles Oisten

      The picture in the order looks like a completely different device.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1376149647 Charles Oisten

        Actually looks like 3 completely different devices, none of which are the iFuel.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tyler-Bibeault/1801573077 Tyler Bibeault

      I would say it's close the the size of a wallet but not quite. It comes with a nice pouch to put it in and some small adapters to charge the charger itself.

      • lordmerovingian

        OK, thanks. Might give it a try.

  • Stephen Taylor

    Bummer - their site is down. :(

  • Kevin Faaborg

    Looks like all the traffic from the AP Faithful has killed their servers. I wonder how long until they run out.

  • denbo68

    Fatal error: Out of memory 

  • http://twitter.com/Nuggetchu MC Pee Pants

    Their website sucks. Obviously can't handle some traffic. 
    Can't load anything. Got a page to load once, but this deal didn't show up.

  • http://twitter.com/redbullcat Phil Oakley

    Anyone know if they'll ship to Europe?

    • Aeefire

      Their Shipping-Infopage says no International Shipping! US and Canada ONLY.

      • http://twitter.com/redbullcat Phil Oakley

        Ah dammit. OK, thanks :)

  • Kevin Costello

    Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 18087936) (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /home/newt/public_html/lib/Varien/Object.php on line 117 when trying to load page.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Ha, still dead :S

    • http://them3blog.wordpress.com/ Abel

      I know :@ I think they have lots of orders I guess 

  • Sanjeet Kumar

    do they have international shipping?
    would like to get my hands on these (i.e if the site can take AP traffic :P)

    • TheoreticalJerk

      Unfortunately, I don't think anyone can internationally ship LiIon batteries from the US anymore because of some new rules in place in the states.  Supposedly it's only temporary until they come up with safer methods of shipment but for now, if you want batteries international, you have to shop outside of the states.

  • Todd

    Yep, fully dead instead of just broken, still.
    Another victim of unexpected success!

  • Thesmokingandroid

    damn it! I wonder when it will be back up. Would hate to loose out on this deal due to a server overload!....

  • fixxmyhead

    3 chinese batteries for 11$ does the job for me

    • Aeefire

      from where? Can't get that deal because I am living in Europe..

      • fixxmyhead

        yes u can. go on ebay they have for every model

        type ur phone model and a bunch of results pop up. there fake thats why there so cheap but hey they get the job done

        • deX

          I don't trust unbranded batteries; heard cases of them leaking or worse even exploding. I think it's better to spend a bit more and buy a branded thirdparty battery like Mugen or Momax - even if it basically means you're paying for just peace of mind - it's worth it.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7GU4N7CVDBJXMZOBFO3DMIQZH4 J

    The sites back up....  But...  Just to confirm, this is compatible with Android phones right - the site is focused on iOS devices...

    EDIT: NM.... I told it I wanted 2, clicked View Cart & it only had 1... Trying to update it to 2 & I keep getting 500'ed....

    • Magestic1995

      It says under specs it is also supposed to be supporting Android devices

  • Magestic1995

    I am wondering if they do not fix their site will we no longer be able get this deal? I have really been looking for a deal like this. How long should this deal last?

  • Greg Dassing

    The site was still hokey but I was able to add two to the cart and apply the promo code...tried paying with PayPal but got the 500 error...F5'ing until I can hit the final order button

    • Greg Dassing

      After several (like 25) I was able to complete the purchase...but I didn't know until I got an email from paypal confirming my purchase! The New Trent site was still timing out...now if I don't get 24 more emails from paypal, I'll be good to go! Hahaha!

  • Miketoasty

    After repeatedly trying for a couple hours I was finally able to purchase 2 for $39.95. Hope these work out because it seems like a killer deal.

  • Wase4711

    god, this reminds me of the 1980's when a firefox update would come out..server crashes, and it took hours to get a actual like!! 
    If a company is going to make an offer like this, they need to have a server that can handle it; and, they do NOT show an actual phone number to call..
    Lame company, no thanks..

  • darkxvx

    YES! I was able to place an order... 

  • Hunter Knepshield

    God finally made a dang order after over an hour of refreshing and reopening tabs. Dear god that website is painful as all hell but this thing looks neat and the bogo/33% off deal is sweet!

    • Sting

       did you pay by paypal? who did the payment go to?

  • Sting23ray

    I was able to place the order via paypal but the payment went to Alvantage Inc? Not NewTrent? WTH?

    • darkxvx

      Mine was also the same when I paid with paypal

  • Dilruk

    Finally! Got two of them :D

  • Uncle Gazpacho

    I was just able to place my order via checkout with a credit card.  Pretty slow but at least it worked.

  • Wayne Randall

    pass.  they've got facebook plastered all over their site.  guilty by association

  • Aron Glazer

    So, does anybody know if these are actually any good?

  • Hendrick M

    no longer valid?

  • TheoreticalJerk

    After much effort I got an order to go through but the sellers site never told me as such.  I eventually got an email from PayPal confirming my purchase but thought there was still more I needed to do in the process on their site so I continued to refresh.

    Eventually I got another page load where the sellers site told me that there was an error because the PayPal purchase code had already processed the transaction.  Basically, protection from double/triple/etc purchasing from repeat button clickers.

    Still haven't received a confirmation from the seller but we'll see what happens.

  • Sorian

    The heat must have died some, was able to buy on first go. I will get to see if this will help during one of my week long camping trip during the summer.

    • Sorian

      Correction, apparently it did a double charge! Send an email (no phone number listed) to fix this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JOHN.R.P.JR John Robert Peters

    Does anyone know if this will work tomorrow?

  • Nex1

    I was am to order one but the code "CONGRATS" is not a valid code. I can still buy one of them for $39.95, but the second free one must no longer be available.

    • http://twitter.com/NullColaShip Paul Nicholls

      Read carefully: add TWO to your cart, THEN add the coupon code.  It says it's invalid if you try with only one in your cart.  For some reason, it took two attempts to get it to change my quantity to 2 (I only added one at first).

      That said, the deal's unfortunately useless to me, as I'm not in the US or Canada... although I'm going on holiday there (to both!) in a couple of weeks, and that's what I wanted these for!

      • Nex1

        Yah I did not follow instructions correctly. But it seems to work now though. What I did though and I dont know if its necessary but I registered to the site.

    • Nex1

      Edit: It seems to be working. I can get all the way to the place order stage but since I am overseas (business) at the moment whenever I click on place order I get the message "Gateway error: This transaction has been declined". Ahhhhhhhhh so close but yet so far. Gonna have to get my wife in the US to get it for me if its still available.

  • Nex1

    Woohoo. Order just went through via paypal (with email confirmation) from NewTrent.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ktkintner Kevin Kintner

    The iFuel is sold out but they extended the BOGO offer to the iDual now. It is the same price and capacity but has dual charging ports. http://www.newtrent.com/iphone-battery-imp50d.html Who says procrastination doesn't pay?! Just picked up a pair of iDuals for myself.

    • ChumbleSpuzz

      Just did the same thing! I was looking at this exact model before, but couldn't justify $80. Now I got 2 for $40!!!!

  • Julio M

    I registered to the site and got some free points for doing so. So I applied the CONGRATS coupon and 20 free points to bring my discount up to $40.35 ... kinda a scary deal. Oh, and I ordered the iDual.

  • TylerChappell

    I ordered this. Read some reviews, then cancelled my order, and got the 13,000mAh Anker for $47 instead.