It's been a long, hard, winding road to get here, but finally Sprint has announced via its forums that the Evo 4G LTE will finally arrive in Sprint stores Saturday, June 2nd. The phone will still retail for $199. Amusingly, the new launch date coincides almost perfectly with the original launch date of the Evo 4G, June 4th, 2010. Those of you who picked up the original Evo and are committed to the line will be able to celebrate your 2-year anniversary and contract expiration in style.


As we've covered before, if you pre-ordered, your units should already be on its way to you, if you  haven't received them already. The rest of you can get up bright and early Saturday morning to head in to your local Sprint store to check them out. No word yet on when other retail locations will be receiving units, but we imagine it won't be much longer now.

Source: Sprint

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  • http://www.twitter.com/morenicano Morenicano

    Good times!


    So I have a question. So I was freaking retarded and "pre-ordered" it in the store. (I quoted that because its not really pre-ordering, yes i know this, let move on) Anyway so I have been talking to them a lot and they have told me that they still cannot order the device. Now if it somehow comes open tomorrow for them to order and they do it over night it will not get there until Monday, because Saturday is not a business day. So how will the stores get them and give them out Saturday if they (at least mine) has not received any and even if they were to order them tomorrow they would not be in until Monday (using the over night option). 

    To sum it all up, Today is Thursday, device comes out Saturday. My store does not have any at all, if they ordered some it would not get there till next week because Saturday is not a business day. Are they going to be getting just a random shipment in that they did not order themselves or what?

    Thanks in advance for any helpful reply's to this.

    • http://jackzepplin.myopenid.com/ John Schaffer

      I have a friend that owns over 100 Sprint stores. He said that some of his stores will have a few on Saturday and he is going to let me know which ones.