If you spend an unhealthy amount of time looking for event tickets, then you've probably been to Ticketmaster a time or ten. And if you've been to Ticketmaster, then you know just how many events are covered under its umbrella. 

However, if you're not sitting at your computer when you hear about an event or the mood strikes you to buy tickets of some kind, you were pretty much out of the loop until you made your way to a PC. Now, though, that all changes: Ticketmaster has released its official Android app in to the Play Store.

Screenshot_2012-05-30-12-46-29 Screenshot_2012-05-30-12-45-39 Screenshot_2012-05-30-12-44-53

Yep, it's ugly.

The app lets you do all the things that you would normally do from the website, include browse events by type, artist, location, or even specific venue. Once you've found the perfect event, you can go ahead and purchase tickets directly from the app. Hooray for mobile technology!

[via Addictive Tips]

Cameron Summerson
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    Ughhh, looks like an iPhone port :(

    • Matt

       ... and a bad one at that, with the tabs on the top. I could imagine this looking so good with the ICS holo UI...

  • grellanl

    Sadly US-only, for now. It's a really ugly looking app, though. I thought most app makers had upped their game lately.

  • Kingdomofdays

    Does not work on  my Samsung Galaxy 2 7.0 Tablet.  Does anyone have this working on a tablet?