JetAudio, an audio solution that's achieved the title of CNET's most-downloaded and highest-rated media player, seems to have found its way to Android, recently becoming available in Google's Play Store.

For those not familiar, JetAudio allows users to play just about any type of audio file, from .wav to .mpc, .spx, .wv, .ape, and a ton more. The app also offers BBE, BBE ViVA, Wide, Reverb, and X-Bass audio enhancement options, and a versatile 10-band equalizer (which has 32 handy presets).

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If JetAudio doesn't sound versatile enough already, the app also offers various advanced playback options from speed control to crossfading, AGC, and "much more." On top of all that, the app has a slick, easy-to-grasp interface that delivers a ton of functionality while successfully avoiding clutter.

At present, only JetAudio's "Basic" version is available for download, but the developers promise that the "Plus" version will be ready soon. The only differences between the two are that the Basic version includes advertisements, and does not include BBE/ViVA enhancements.

Whether you're already a fan of JetAudio's Windows software, or you're just looking for an incredibly versatile and well-built audio solution for your Android device, this app is definitely worth checking out. Just hit the widget below to grab the Basic app and sit tight until the Plus version becomes available.

Liam Spradlin
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  • Bala

    Wow, my favorite pc music player is now in android!!! gr8!!

    • Abhisshek Das

      Yeah JetAudio is awesome  but now a days i find MusicBee   nice too for  the Music Player for Windows . lets check the JetAudio's Android version 

  • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur


  • fixxmyhead

    Nice player but not my thing cuz they always have to many things going on I never know where to begin. I'll stick with the stock player

    • CORYK333

      If u get overwhelmed by too many settings/tweaks, give "Equalizer Pro" a shot. Works with/over any music player & there are a lot of solid presets if u dont wanna go too deep into EQ/sound levels. Paired with HTCs stock player, its the only thing that gets me to stray from PowerAMP once in a while.

      • fixxmyhead

        The stock Samsung one is fine I don't care about all the tweaks and presets and messing with a million buttons.

  • Hampsteadbill

    This player is fantastic! D/L it now!

  • http://twitter.com/lipefleming Filipe

    n7player is coolest.

  • http://twitter.com/LyricallyVodka Chaz Edwards

    I still prefer power amp it is the only player that actually allows my phone to let the cpu go into deep sleep every other music player. Keep my phone awake.

  • http://twitter.com/kn1ghth4wk241 Mike Daniels

    apollo with dsp manager reporting in

    • Abhisshek Das

      at current state Apollo Player sucks big time slow to view album art coz its does not recognized in-bulled album art rather get album art from Last.fm and i find no way to stop it WTF . N7 Music Player is way much better then this beta shit 

  • http://twitter.com/PCSievers P.C. Sievers

    Seems like a decent player but I still prefer MortPlayer. At least JA allows you to select tracks via folders (missing on far too many players) but the interface is pretty cluttered and if there are theming options I couldnt find them. Plus it installs phone only which is just terrible.

  • Aaron

    Not showing up as available for me? I think it's cuz i'm on android 2.2...someone please upload the apk?

  • JonJJon

    This looks interesting, I'm hoping Federico Carnales updates UberMusic with some more enhancement options in the future, such as tapping into DLNA musics servers using the built in phone software, or even Google Music. And more.

    • Abhisshek Das

      Federico Carnales is a scam, fraud.  forget getting any update before 3029 A.D.  he abandoned his both both  app  long  ago but still saying they are  working on update  for over an year now .

      • CORYK333

        Going through the comments, you're a cheerful fckr, arent u??

        • Abhisshek Das

          and you must be a Happy Cock sucker of Federico Carnales right  ,  are not you ;-) 

          • CORYK333

            Wow, stay classy there buddy!!!
            (might want to check the context/order of your last few words before you try to be witty/insult someone, unless it was meant to be "Yoda-like", which would be even worse & maybe a "?" at the end also)
            Have a good one!!!

        • Abhisshek Das

          Look  who is talking about staying classy. you slang on  me . i slang you back . teeth for tat, and whats wrong with  my last few comments i don't get it !!!.  ( english is not my native language)

          • CORYK333

            Me noticing that you're quite negative & sarcastically calling you a "cheerfull fckr" is hardly comparable to your "Happy c--k sucker" comment. Either way...have a good one dude, stay classy ;)

        • Abhisshek Das

          you can be  
          sarcastic about me i can't   and who is going to decide  what is 
          comparable and what is  not. don't be such a hypocrite , Stay Classy :P

          • CORYK333

            Oh god.....you're right guy, im sorry

        • Abhisshek Das

          you can be  
          sarcastic about me i can't   and who is going to decide  what is 
          comparable and what is  not. don't be such a hypocrite , Stay Classy :P

        • Abhisshek Das

          Certainly ;-)  and bye 

  • hyperbolic

    Looks great thx for sharing !

  • Vikramaditya Rai

    Its quite cool, but somehow its not picking up the album art. I have a bit of the OCD, so i find this very 'uncomfortable'.
    It should be updated with an option to fetch album art either from the SD card, or from another website (eg, Last.fm, quite like Album Art Grabber).

  • Albin Hermansson

    Right now on PlayerPro, waiting for a bug-free WP7-clone or maybe a ICS-styled one with many feautures like choosing your own album art etc.

  • Abhisshek Das

    N7 Music Player is the Best Music Player,  way much better then the blotted PowerAmp

    • Daddyfatsac23

      PowerAmp is the best no other Android player comes close. JetAudio may, I will have to give it a try.

  • Vielikiy

    plus pack downlods?

  • varunkb

    This has some great options!! but, i decided to uninstall it till a time when they offer an ad-free version. After i uninstalled it, the Bass Boost and 3D Effect options in my Google Music app (Nexus S, Android 4.0.4) has greyed out!! And i really needed those :(
    Anyone else faced this? Any solution??