After a relatively dreary news day, TmoNews breathed life into the Android world with an exciting leak many of us have been anticipating for quite some time: the release date of the T-Mobile Galaxy S III.

T-Mobile's editions of the device - which are among the few potential challengers to HTC's superb One X - will begin sale on (drum roll please) June 20th. There'll reportedly be two colors - metallic blue and ceramic white - as well as two storage capacities: 16GB and 32GB. However, if it's the ceramic white version you're after, you won't be able to grab it until July 11th; and even then, it appears it'll only be available in the 16GB capacity.


Additionally, TmoNews posted the currently scheduled launch dates for Samsung's Galaxy Note (pictured above) and for Huawei's "Phoenix" and "Buddy" myTouch devices - all three gadgets are on track for a July 11th release (right alongside the white GS III).

As usual, we feel obligated to tack on the disclaimer that these dates are far from final, so they could potentially change at any time. That said, they do provide an interesting preview of what's to come, and if nothing else, they make for an exciting end to an otherwise dull news day.

Source: TmoNews

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Tommy Thompson

    doesn't really make much sense to me to release the Note alongside the GS3 or even at all anymore..

    • Ken Kyger

      totally different target audience

      • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

         Not really, they both have pretty massive screens. If it was 4.3" to 5.3" then I would agree, but its only 0.5" difference.

        • Tommy Thompson

          Exactly what I was going to say.

        • Knatcal

          .5 is huge on a phone, i'm not interested in the s3 as 4.8 just isn't big enough for me. Unfortunately i'm on Verizon and 4.7 is all we have so far.

          • http://ashn.myopenid.com/ Ash

            Most people don't realize that .5 makes a big difference on phones, I used to have Xperia X1 (3") then to Touch pro 2 (3.6"), and man the screen is much bigger. then go on to HD2 and Sensation. and I can't go back to tiny screens.

            Very temped to give note a try.

          • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

             Eh I guess that's what I get for not trying a Note.
            I personally have played around with 4.3" inch phones and then went to the AT&T One X with a 4.7" screen and it doesn't feel much different. The phone is kind of small though thanks to its really small bezel.

    • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

       they may have updated the Processor in the note to an S4, how great would that be?

  • http://twitter.com/fightcrazy Vinny

    T-Mobile is going to be one exciting Carrier this summer. Choices are great, some people like the Note others want the smaller type screen, that is what makes Android so damn great, we have choices. Thank You T-Mobile, I can hear thousands of customers running for the T-Mobile stores and I am leading the pack.

  • jbon

    Verizon just called me the other day, the automated voice said I am eligible for a upgrade. I know my contract is up and T-Mobile I might be heading that way.

  • Objdadon

    People who want the note want the note! Unfortunately I'm on Sprint and I'm begging them to get the note! Just look at the galaxy sIII galaxy note comparison on YouTube and believe me, .5 is a Hell of a difference!! Congratulations tmobile subscribers!

  • jgalan14

    Now idk if we I should return my one s and get the one s :/ how accurate are this dates

  • http://twitter.com/rauelcrespo rauelcrespo

    So, is T-Mobile getting the Real Galaxy S III (with the Exynos Quad-Core) or the  the Galaxy R Style re-badged as the Galaxy S III (with the Krait S4) in the US?