Standing opposite HTC's One X, the Galaxy S III is one of this year's most hotly anticipated devices. If you're overly eager to get in on the pre-order action, Amazon has pre-orders available from several retailers. It's worth noting that the "Featured Merchants" among them include names like TechnoTradingHouse.com or BLUTEKUSA. Relatively unknowns, but they've all popped up in very close succession.


It's worth noting that Amazon has a policy of not collecting payments on pre-orders until the item has shipped. So, if you just can't wait to get your name on the list, but you're hesitant to trust the unfamiliar names on the list, at least you can take a small bit of comfort in knowing that Amazon is providing a small bit of consumer protection.

If you just can't wait to reserve your device, head down to the source links below to place your order.


Expansys also has pre-orders for Samsung's shiniest new toy on its site for $694.99, absolutely demolishing all of the above retailers prices. As always, they're available in both blue and white. It's not through Amazon, but hey, at least we recognize Expansys' name.

Source: Amazon (Blue), (White) via OLED-Info

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  • AppleFUD

    So. . . the question I have is, do you think it is worth 2x the price of the Galaxy Nexus?

    • skinien


    • John O’Connor

      not necessarily, but the reality is that either Google has worked out a deal with Samsung and getting some sort of volume discount or they eating the extra cost themselves which is why buying direct from Google it comes in well under current retail price

  • Siypion

    the only thing i was right now is for someone to rip the rom out and out it on all galaxy s2 phones (epic 4g touch please)

    • John O’Connor

      The E4GT ICS ROM (several varieties) are already available if you wish to root your device and install a custom rom.  I'm running ICS on my OG Evo, Evo3d, Nexus S4G and my two SGS2 E4GT's.  If you need me to point you in the right direction send me a PM

  • fixxmyhead

    pretty soon we'll be seein 1000+$ phones off contract. oh well this s2 better last me a long time

    • http://thedangerbrain.com/ Alfonso Surroca

      You must be new to off-contract smartphones. I haven't bought a "dumbphone" or a subsidized phone since 2002, when I got the HTC Pocket PC Phone Edition (what a name) on T-Mobile, and I recall it going for something like $800 back then. Smartphones have *always* been something like $800+ off-contract at launch. Now that the market's become mainstream, prices have started to come down pretty significantly, and the "average" price is probably around $600. Prices will only continue to decrease as smartphones continue to mature.

      • John O’Connor

        very few people realize this in the United States though. They believe the subsidized price they see in advertisements online, in stores in print.  They conveniently ignore the fine print and fact that the 2year contract requirement is why they are getting a lower price. I have argued with people (family and friends) who felt entitled to an "upgrade price" well before their contracts were up.  

        They all assumed they were being ripped off since new customers could get the phone SO MUCH cheaper but if they wanted it now they had to pay full price or add a line even though they have been a customer FOREVER. most of them fail to realize that their current phone wasn't all that old to begin with.I remember spending $649.99 or more for my PPC6700's which I thought were the greatest thing ever at the time (2002?)

  • http://www.facebook.com/zizo79 Aziz Nebbaki
  • sky stanojevic

    this phone looks kinda cool and its extremely powerful n all.. but it wont see Jelly bean (or w/e it's called) for a while even after it's out... the Gnex may be nothing compared to this phone in power ,but it will be the first to see the light of day on Google's next huge update.. witch is supposed to be TWICE as big as ICS,since they said ICS was just the intro of whats to come..  :)- 
    Google phones FTW!

  • Sven Enterlein

    Let's see how long it takes Apple to stop the import of the SIII into the US due to patent disputes!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1268156559 Doug Klimah

    UH HUH...

  • Freak4Dell

    Ouch, $800. Definitely not worth twice what Google will sell you a Nexus for.

  • FrillArtist

    HAHA! $800. Good luck with sales.

  • Konnor Nicolau

    So this is for the US version...  Is this only going to support 3G, as the Amazon title suggests?  I'm not seeing many details about this thing, which is making me really question keeping my pre-order active.