Well, that didn't take long. Earlier today, we reported that Google was limiting the number of devices that can be deauthorized from your Google Music account. The official limit on Google Music devices was 10 active devices, with the proviso that up to 4 devices could be removed from your account every year. As of this moment, the Google Music help page still echoes this, but Google might be back pedaling. We're hearing reports that some users are able to deauthorize devices after being told just this morning that they'd reached their limit. Cameron, who had already reached his limit this morning, tried it out and lookie here:

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Earlier this morning (left), and around 3:30 EST (right)

While it's unclear how Google's stance on this has changed (we've reached out to Google for comment), it does seem very clear that some customers are now able to deauthorize devices that, just hours ago, they could not. Hopefully Google's doing the right thing here and just hasn't updated its help page yet.

If it's working for you, let us know in the comments.


Google has responded to previous concerns about the limit on device authorizations on its support pages. The ten devices/four deauthorizations limit does still seem to be in effect, however Google is reworking its method for counting devices so the same device doesn't get counted multiple times. Good news for ROM flashers.

We limit the number of times you can swap out new devices at the request of some of our music partners in an effort to limit abuse. We understand this has caused some issues for users who often deauthorize and reauthorize the same device, and we are currently re-implementing the solution in a way that works for our users and music partners.

It's also worth pointing out that Google specifically mentions satisfying its music partners. Some speculated this provision could've been added as an indicator that Warner Music was about to sign with Google Music. Whether that's true or not remains to be seen, but it's clear now that there the labels are the driving force behind the limitation in the first place. If that was ever in doubt.

Thanks, Adam!

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  • NemaCystX

    I deactivated 8 devices on my account, no problem. Others have reported the same on Droid-Life

  • Aaron

    I uninstalled music manager and told them why... maybe others did this as well and they felt the pressure. I prefer Poweramp anyway and I still refuse to buy anything from iTunes. 

  • Drhonk

    It's working for me .. :)

  • Paul_Werner

    Well this is good news. If only it didn't have that 20,000 track limit. I have well over that so I'm sticking with AudioGalaxy. I keep my PC on 24/7 mostly anyways

  • http://twitter.com/havens1515 Randroid

    I just removed 6 devices

  • http://www.facebook.com/airbornemist6 William Rodriguez

    I'm fairly certain I've deauthorized more than that this year. I had a whole bunch of duplicate devices registered earlier this year and had to delete about 3 of them and was able to delete 2 more just now, so I think they may have backpedaled afterall. Good job google!

  • mikeym0p

    I hope they don't keep a limit, or at least refine the identification method to be by device id since flashing roms makes them double up.

  • Kellic

    I'm still keeping my list clean, just in case. >.<

  • Brian Morris

    Works here. Got rid of 6 of mine.

  • Sven Enterlein

    Thank you Google!

  • JonJJon

    Interesting, I wonder if it was implemented too early and so will still be implemented at a later date, or perhaps a rush of bad emails and bad press made them change their mind. In any case this is good news and hopefully Labels don't push Google to "re-add" this "feature".

  • HunnyBear

    I read the first article when I woke up this morning...then fell back asleep until just now and came back to see this update. Lol.

  • Chris31jct

    My account is only linked to my computer and phone. I flash my phone a lot so I have to install the GMusica App everytime and a device added to that list. Have removed my phone like 30 times or more since it limited the list but never encountered a problem. Maybe because it was the same device?

  • Kaushal Modi

    Yes, today morning, I could unauthorize only 4 devices, but now I was able to unauthorize as many as I wanted.

  • Mstanleyfl

    Thank you AP!! Great job.

  • kyle simmons

    what never made sense to me about the 4 device limit is that they claim on their support page they were tracking by IMEI, instead they were using whatever the build.prop said, so i don't get why it wouldn't just find the redundancy 

    • John O’Connor

      Even if it were an IMEI implementation, we still have those power users or early adopters (such as myself) who switch devices constantly whether to tinker, develop, test or find what works best for us.

  • John O’Connor

    Google does listen to its -customers!!- (oh wait we are the product ;-) )

  • GazaIan

    Gonna deactivate all my devices while I have the chance. I have my Sensation there ten times.