Evernote is a great little cross-platform service that lets you sync notes between devices and save them in the cloud. Using Evernote is so seamless for me, it's like outsourcing my memories to the internet. The app was nothing to sneeze at before, but it just got a big update to version 4.0 that brings a new look and a few features that fit in perfectly with Android 4.0.

There is a new home screen with big, friendly buttons to make a new text note, audio note, photo, or upload a file of any sort. These functions were there before, but now the home screen is accessed by swiping to the left on any screen. This is also where you can filter by tags or notebooks, which are handled much more elegantly. Evernote 4.0 also has a correctly-implemented Action Bar which will conveniently hide itself when you're reading a long note.

android_newhome3 e1 e2

Evernote 4.0 jives with the Ice Cream Sandwich aesthetic without losing its brand in the process. There's still a lot of green around, and the developers chose to stick with some of their own icons rather than use the stock Android ones. Evernote is free for up to 60MB of monthly bandwidth, which is plenty for most users.

[Evernote; thanks Raphael, Nate, and Leanna]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Pat Reynolds

    Not compatible with the GNex? WTF?!

    • John

      Working & updated fine here....on gnexus

    • Whargharbl

      Just installed it on mine.

  • http://www.androidradar.de/ Leif

    The actionbar on the bottom is a bit confusing - wondering why they did that. Otherwise it looks good. But at least for documents I'm using Google Drive more often instead of Evernote. The OCR text recognition from images is much more accurate and faster on Google Drive.

  • Frenccw

    Can somone update me if Everynote keeps copies of your notes offline? I vaguely remember early versions being online only...

    • Mikejwf

      I'm always able to look at mine offline.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Indeed it does, and has for at least a year I want to say.

    • ins0mn1a

      actually i think that if you want all your notes synced on a mobile device (and therefore available offline), you need premium subscription ($5 /month). 

    • garychencool

      You can cache the notes whenever you open them and it stays there.

  • Ruperto17

    I recently switched from Springpad and loving it more and more. This is one of the best looking and most useful apps around. hands down.

    • DannyBiker

      Well, Springpad is free, also pretty nice looking, with lots of functions and an frequently updated app. I don't see why anyone would pay for a full access such as Evernote unless you are note maniac which most people aren't.
      There's also Catch which has a great app...

      Paying for something that would normally only require a piece of paper is absurd...

      • Greg

        I'm using Evernote daily for, I don't know, two years now and I still haven't paid a dime.

        Also, you can create voice notes and use images or camera taken pictures and annotate them in Skitch so its so much more capable than hand notes on paper.

        Not to mention that lifetime of notes can be carried in your pocket. Good luck with paper.

  • garychencool

    I almost never use more than 60MB, hell I even stuff random files just so I can make good use of the monthly usage.

  • Cherylh124

    I'm running this latest update on my Samsung Nexus S phone running the latest OS update (ICS 4.0.4).  I can't sync notes added to the mobile up to the cloud.  i.e. I can get the notes into the phone, but not out of it.  Anyone else having this issue?