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As much as I complain about how ridiculous the monthly price of a good wireless plan is, I have to admit it does have its upsides. For AT&T and Verizon especially, that means that when they take in those huge profits, they pay part of it back out in the form of network upgrades and advancements. That's a big chunk of why their 4G (LTE) rollouts are ahead of the other two carriers, and part of why they're ahead of their European counterparts (the other big part, at least compared to Europe, is spectrum).

Verizon is continuing its impressive rollout of LTE by going live in another 29 cities on May 17, mostly in the Northish-East area of the country:

  • Jersey Shore, NJ
  • Lancaster and York, PA
  • Cape Cod, MA
  • Northern VT
  • Delaware Shore, DE
  • Dickinson, ND
  • Williston, ND
  • Martinsville, VA
  • Shenandoah Valley, VA
  • Fredericksburg, VA
  • Canton, Ohio
  • Youngstown and Warren, OH
  • Cambria County, PA
  • Erie, PA
  • Somerset, PA
  • Bucyrus, OH
  • Lima, OH
  • New Castle, PA
  • Defiance, OH
  • Toledo, OH
  • Ashtabula, OH
  • Oil City and Franklin, PA
  • Mansfield, OH
  • Benton Harbor and St. Joseph, MI
  • Myrtle Beach, SC

I have to admit, now that Verizon LTE is coming to my stomping grounds (York), it's difficult not to contemplate switching. If only there was a new phone coming to Verizon soon that could pull me away from my One X...

[Source: Verizon]

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  • http://digg.com/users/OmegaWolf Silver Fang

    At the rate VZW is rolling it out, the nation will soon be bathed in LTE.

    • yarrellray

      Bathed full of USELESS device that can't hold a strong LTE SIGNAL. Verizon SUCKS BALLS ask GALAXY NEXUS OWNERS...

      • Evan

        Yeah.... I have no problem... 4G-3G hand-offs were perfect on my drive down to Florida from NY and back... 

      • Boom1-09)($(

        Boo hoo dick you were so quick to jump to Verizon and now all you do is bitch. Maybe you should have stuck with sprint and their slow ass network since they "bitch slap" the other carriers like you say. Idiot

  • http://www.walidmrealtor.com walidmrealtor

    The service is great if you're right on top of a tower (Within a mile). You'll know it too because your speed nose dives quickly as you move away. The effective range is about 4 miles. The service has been available in Charlotte NC for a while now and it's spotty at best. G Nexus user

    • Casey

      I dont know what constitutes nose diving, but I'm about twenty miles from defiance and pulling 25megs.

      • http://www.walidmrealtor.com walidmrealtor

        Nosediving is 32.02Mbps to 00.70Mbps as measured by speedtest.net, current server Shelby NC, followed by a subsequent internal switch by the phones software from LTE to CDMA (4g to 3g drop).

        • Joe

           You do know that the speedtest.net app doesn't work on 4G right?

          • http://www.walidmrealtor.com walidmrealtor

            Do you own a Galaxy Nexus?

          • Steven Dzikowski

             Joe means "doesn't work accurately."  Tethering and using a desktop based site is more accurate to the speeds you are getting. 

        • Steven Dzikowski

           So the nosediving isn't really nosediving, its a switch to 3g? Thats expected if you're not near a tower.  Most of the Charlotte area is blanketed in 4g every time i visit. Maybe you're on the less covered side of it? I've never had a problem with my thunderbolt or GNex there. Guess i'm lucky.

          • http://www.walidmrealtor.com walidmrealtor

            I'm not a visitor. Nosediving is exactly as I described. 

          • Steven Dzikowski

            I guess i should rephrase as i spend more time than a "visitor" there.  I live in the area and am constantly in Charlotte.  I stand by my assumption that you just aren't lucky in where the towers are placed and your currently locations you are at.

    • chris125

       That is just the shitty nexus lol. I had a thunderbolt and was about 10 miles out from a city that had lte and got very similar speeds as I did when I was right in the city.

  • mechapathy

    I happily pay Verizon for the quality of service they deliver. I have friends on all the other major carriers who couldn't be more displeased with their service. You get what you pay for, and to me, 50 megabit internet in my pocket plus stellar voice coverage is worth the Benjamin I give Verizon each month.

  • FirefighterMatt56

    Now Sprint needs to do this. I'm near Cocoa Beach that gets A LOT of tourist  and haven't even seen 4G yet.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/psycho_maniac_ Jerry Lange

    Apparently Wisconsin doesn't exist ever

    • Mapekz

      What is "Wisconsin"?

  • Jay

    I am in York county too (just followed you on Twitter).  Verizon LTE in the area has me considering a switch too...

    • Jon Miller

      Finally the announcement. This has been on for a while in Lancaster. Blazing fast too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1477590116 Jason Grosch

    The 4g has been available in Erie, Pa for a while. Maybe they plan on making it now suck so I can start using it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kam.w.siu Kam Siu

    it's so hard find a solid reason for me to switch to verizon simply on reliable coverage. i would love to switch, but the main reason why i havent:

    1. CDMA network (prefer global GSM).
    2. Home and Workplace is covered excellently by T-mobile
    3. $79 (t-mobile) vs $129 (verizon) family shared planbut if the price were the same for both service, i would probably consider switching to verizon. but it's like a $50 difference for me, and that $50 goes towards my monthly gym membership. 

    anyhow, kudos on verizon in rolling out 4G LTE speeds!

    • Geoff Johnson

      I hate how CDMA is only used in a few countries compared to GSM, however Verizon does have global phones with both.  I would never pay full price with Verizon, I was able to take advantage of their limited "$59.99 talk, text, and web special" which gives me unlimited data, unlimited texts, and 450 minutes for only $60 a month.  On top of that I get 15% off from my work.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kam.w.siu Kam Siu

        the current deal i have with t-mobile is for $79 for a family plan - 1000 minutes each, unlimited txt, and 2GB data each. i do have corporate discount with Verizon for 17%, but it's not exactly pulling me towards Verizon. if Verizon was GSM, i would be all over them in seconds because we travel often. and i love Verizon's 4GB data plan atm. but i really only use about ~1.8 GB monthly and my wife only use 800 mb. 

    • Superguy

      I prefer GSM as well for 3G but for me, AT&T's network sucked.  Verizon's network in the US was just more reliable and worked significantly better for me.

      I just kept my unlocked Captivate for when I travel now.  It still provides reasonable data speed while abroad.  It definitely worked better in Europe than it did attached to AT&T. :)

  • Geoff Johnson

    It's more then that, you said "30 more cities", when one city listed is "Northern VT".  According to Verizon, when they enable 4G in northern VT it will be usable in 30 cities and towns in VT alone!

  • dpeagle

    the amish  are getting lte before wisconsin

  • http://twitter.com/jheyneman James Heyneman

    I question the "another 29 cities" unless you mean expanding in some.  Toledo has been active for almost 10 months.  Lima has also been active for months.

    I'm still waiting for something in Montana.  Dickinson is only 60 miles east of the border, and they have 4G in Kellogg, ID, which is about ~100 miles west of the border.  Come on VZW, don't leave me hanging!

  • ZealotOnAStick

    Still no bloody LTE for Midland/Odessa TX.

  • Madfatter

    4G was lit up in Point Plesant as of 5/3. Went there for vacation and was PLEASANTLY suprised. USB Modem plus Clearpoint router = high speed internet on vacation!

  • Dan

    Still waiting on 3g in our area

  • Michael

    Ive had 4G in stafford VA for the past few weeks, its about 15 miles north of fredericksburg VA 

  • Johnny

    I'm from fredericksburg VA so I'm really happy about this!

  • EricG

    I live in fredericksburg, va. The LTE has been up for a couple of weeks now. In related news, I love it!

  • Superguy

    Somerset, PA was lit for 4G on 5/5.  Was quite surprised to see a 4G signal on my Rezound as I drove thru the area.

    Coverage was impressive too ... it started out as far as the Somerset Twp line on PA-281 west of town.  That's still in the rural part of the area.

    Not sure if there's a gap on 219 between Somerset and Johnstown though.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7GU4N7CVDBJXMZOBFO3DMIQZH4 J

    I know terrain & such factor in, but on average, about how far out of an area does 4G coverage 'leak'?  

    I've noticed with the last couple 4G expansion reports that a few areas near by (45min-2hr drive) are getting 4G & I was wondering if maybe my lil rural hamlet might be able to pick up a little 4G from the periphery of a 4G blessed area...

  • Radioman777

    I live in Independence county, AR. You would think we would have it by now since we are the only county in USA named Independence. We will probably be the last to get, AT&T already have it here!

  • Mcpmicky

    Hmmm lte has been available in york for weeks

  • yarrellray

    I can't help but laugh at this Verizon GARBAGE. Before i use to be on the otherside of the fence being on Sprint. Now i am on Verizon and plain and.simple they are OVERRATED at best. My.CDMA Galaxy Nexus can't hold a LTE signal and has constantly switched back and forth from LTE to 3G for 5months straight and that's good service??? I have 2 lines on Verizon and now know i will be leaving their crappy service soon. Plus we won't discuss the fact that they are the WORST CARRIER in the update game I've known that for over 2yrs. Verizon has brought down the NEXUS LINE single handedly guess people got their wish a Verizon Galaxy Nexus with NO GOOGLE SUPPORT. I live in Manhattan New York LTE.capitol of the world and still get constant dBm -95 to -114. Verizon can SUCK dogs ass.

    • Evan

      You should get your phone replaced... Every time I'm in the city I'm getting at minimum 15mbps on 4G... and I'm always on 4G.  At times I've hit 50mbps, too. 

    • Oooohhhh yeah

      That is Samsung and their junk radios for you. New York isn't the lte capitol of the world

  • yarrellray

    Verizon is getting blasted on Twitter/Google Plus/ and Facebook daily by Galaxy Nexus owners. We won't even discuss forums allover the internet they only care most about all their bloated up Droid Razr and Razr Maxx.customers.

    • http://www.walidmrealtor.com walidmrealtor

      Yep. The service they've delivered Nexus owners is atrocious. 

    • chris125

       that is why moto> samsung when it comes to actually using the phone as a phone. Can't beat moto radios.

  • yarrellray


  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    contrary to popular belief Jersey Shore is not a city

  • ANDREA smith


  • blue

    Verizon sucks in somerset pa
    They said that 3g will still work when they switch to 4g
    It does not my symbol dissapears all the time my phone dont work