TheVerge has just learned that the previously-upcoming Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD, an upmarket version of the Galaxy S II with LTE and a larger HD display, will not be released.

Previously announced at CES, the HD would have been the flagship Samsung device in AT&T's lineup. In light of the launch of the HTC One X, though, the HD was simply outgunned. Rumors prior to the launch of the Galaxy S III also indicated Samsung had moved up the release date of the next Galaxy in order to get a leg up on the competition (namely, HTC). This suggests that the HD was planned under a different timeline - one where the S3 may have been coming to the US significantly later.

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This does have two positive repercussions, though. The first being that Samsung isn't going to excrete yet another "incremental update" device that serves only to keep it on top of the smartphone specification heap. Samsung has been rather notorious about the huge number of phones it releases each year, resulting in many a tear shed over slow or non-existent OS updates, and highly fragmented communities for custom software.

The second is that it probably means the Galaxy S III is coming to AT&T soon enough that it would have been rather stupid for the carrier to buy a few hundred pallet-fulls of Skyrocket HDs. While TheVerge didn't learn when exactly the GS3 is headed to the US (Summer), this bodes well for a "soon rather than later" argument.


David Ruddock
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  • http://twitter.com/thiazzi thiazzi

    Makes sense! I was waiting around for this phone when the One X came along and stole my business away.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Good, it's a totally pointless device at this point given the S III.

    • dancedroid

      i think it was pointless before the S III was even out, just an unnecessary display upgrade from the Skyrocket, and it wasn't even gonna release with ICS

  • fixxmyhead

    i kind of figured cuz they announced it couple months ago and there hasnt been any talk on this

  • Portartur

    Boy, I am so glad I didn't wait for it.

  • Bossmonkey

    Dam I was going to get a One XL Friday. I figured it would be months before AT&T would get it, but now it seems like it will be in June. I'm guessing the Ion will come out then hopefully the S3. It's ugly, but I really would prefer a phone with a sd port. It would be a easy decision if HTC had put a sd slot on the One XL or had made it 32GB. 

  • Munsoned

    Well, I was at my local ATT  store front last night, and I was talking to a crytic sales rep. Asking if he knew of when the Galaxy S III would be out. He didn't know. BUT! he did say that there WOULD be a Samsung device coming in May. He didn't know which one. It would be interesting if Samsung announces the GSIII in the month of May, then releases it to the US market that same month. Maybe June like Bossmonkey said.