Tablets have, historically, been less-than-ideal for productivity. Part of the problem is that developers are still trying to catch up to the new world of connected devices. One solution, as CloudOn demonstrates, is to bring together the best options from various platforms and merge them into a fluid product. CloudOn lets you use what appears to be remote access to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint from an Android tablet.

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The app might be best utilized if you have a connected keyboard and mouse at times, as the UI is still very much the Windows-style. No special, touch-centric designs here. However, since Android supports the use of a keyboard and mouse, having the option is a huge boon. Especially since you don't need to buy Office to get access to the apps.

CloudOn isn't the only one to attempt this approach. OnLive recently tried to offer a virtualized Windows experience and was promptly shut down by Microsoft until they got their licensing in order. CloudOn, on the other hand, tells us that this is all on the up-and-up. Which is makes this both a sweet and legal deal for those of you who don't want to buy Office, but have Android tablets.

The app also syncs with your preferred online storage tool. Dropbox, Box.net, and even Google Drive are all represented. The app even automatically saves your documents directly to the cloud, so you're prepared for all manner of spreadsheet-related catastrophes.

The app is available on the Play Store now, for free, and is available in the US, UK, and Canada. Be prepared to sign up for a CloudOn account to get started and bring your cloud storage credentials with you.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Aaron Echols

    It looks like it's using instances of MS virtualized apps on the backend.

  • Seanzky

    Has anyone been able to save anything so far? This is a cool concept but it seems too buggy.

    • Seanzky

      I just created a doc and a spreadsheet and when I opened it from my PC (via my Dropbox/uploads folder), none of the changes were there. Assuming the things I typed weren't saved, because... well... there is no way of saving them from the app, I tried typing into the files from my PC's end, saved them and opened them on CloudOn. Once again the changes to the documents weren't there. Is it fair to say this app is useless?

  • Treknologist

    I just installed on this on my Prime.  It is fantastic!  Forget about using OfficeToGo or Polaris.  Just awesome!

    • http://twitter.com/springah springah

      how? my market says it isnt supported :(

      • Treknologist

        I just went to the Store with the link above and got it.  

        • http://twitter.com/springah springah

          "This item cannot be installed in your device's country." :(

    • himmatsingh

       Hi. I don't have a Prime, but have installed the apk on my Tab and I see it's usefulness on a tablet with a mouse/keyboard.

      Does it function flawlessly with the keyboard? Is the experience similar to what you get on a MS Office on Windows? TQ!

  • https://profiles.google.com/108641132940795908927 Sandro Jakonia

    I'm really interested, how long will it take for Android Tablets to become worldwide

  • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

    What if I prefer SkyDrive?

    *Ducks a tomato*

  • himmatsingh

    Guys, this is only available in the UK, Canada and US. Any chance someone can pull the APK and share it with us here? Thanks!

  • Dan

    Gotta be a bummer to be these guys.  This app hit pretty much every android blog or tech blog yesterday afternoon.  Twenty-four hours later, they're still under 500 downloads.  I feel like I'm supposed to be excited about this whole concept, but meh...