Update: It looks like Amazon Germany also has the device up for pre-order for the slightly lower price of EUR 588.90 ($766.34). There is no release date indicated, but the earlier press release suggests it will be available from May 29th, 2012.

Samsung's next flagship smartphone finally launched last week and we spent many paragraphs proffering our opinions on it. Most of us cannot wait to get our grubby hands on it, but it looks like UK customers will be getting it pretty soon, as the Galaxy SIII has gone up for pre-order on Amazon UK.

The 16GB version of the Galaxy SIII in Pebble Blue or Marble White will retail for £499.95 ($806.67) and will be available from the expected release date of May 30th, 2012. It is unlikely that Amazon UK will offer the 32GB variant of the device any time soon, since Vodafone UK have an exclusive.


The phone is expected to launch "this summer" in the US, however you can sign up on Samsung's website to "get the latest on the Next Galaxy".

[Source: Amazon UK via OLED-Info]

Abhiroop Basu
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  • Benjamen Meiers

    Clove and Handtec both have it cheaper.

  • Dybiec Marek

    Amazon.de have cheaper. it's 588,90 EURO

    • http://www.AbhiroopBasu.com/ abhiroopb

      Thanks for that!

    • bl0wf1sh

       Starting from 588.9 (via some sellers). Official price is 635.10 - and it says available from 10 June.

  • Sven Enterlein

    Hopefully it will be cheaper when it actually comes to the US.

  • Tommy

    Looks FAB

  • http://www.motoask.com/ Motorola Atrix forum

    Wow that's cheap.

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