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Well, it's official, folks: the Galaxy S III has officially been unveiled, the specs are out (mostly), and pics are available. Naturally, Samsung is proud of its new flagship, especially in the area of design. To show off its "inspired by nature" design, Sammy put together a nice video highlighting a few aspects of the GSIII:

If you're not into videos that actually show new features of device, there's also a new commercial that shows how the GSIII is "design for human beings." Because, you know, all other devices were designed for pigs, dolphins, dragons, and the like.

What do you think? Impressed? Disappointed? Indifferent? Hit up this poll and let us know what's on your mind.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Tommy Thompson

    I like it. And looks could change a little for us in the US. Question, is the metal rim...metal? 

  • https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawlJfI7VIL5NGP7J0YXgZ0LrPF_-m2m5MQk Jake

    What a let down. Why are there hardware buttons on the screen?

  • http://profiles.google.com/mediogringo Dan Carter

    That texting app looks horrible. I still can't get over how bad it looks. I remember watching a SGS2 commercial with my girlfriend and she chucked and laughed when they showed someone texting saying "Heh, no phone has a texting app that looks like that." Yikes. I can't believe anyone would ever choose Touchwiz over stock ICS. Gingerbread maybe, but not ICS. 

    I was hoping for more from the new Touchwiz. Like a Sense 4 style upgrade. Oh well. I guess Samsung will have to go thru a few months of disappointing sales like HTC did to get the point.

  • andres Pereda

    In the first video of the GSIII Hands-on at the minute 3:41 When they display the S beam is it me or does the pebble blue GS3 have a brighter screen than the marble white GS3?

    I hope that we in the US don't end up having the same problem as with the HTC EVO 4G with Sprint in which no 2 Evo's had the same screen brightness and quality.

  • Major_Pita

    Nice. Don't really care much for the touchwiz UI and apps. Hopefully GO EX will have a launcher for ICS soon. Really happy to see a Micro-SD card slot this time unlike the Galaxy Nexus and certain other newly released phones. Screen looks good but it's hard to tell based on video. Does not seem to have that super-saturated look that some AMOLED variants have had. Looks like a front-runner in terms of overall specs, however by the time the US version arrives (at least on Verizon) the buzz will probably have shifted to the Droid Razr HD - presumably with the TI OMAP Quad-core A15, that is assuming that the bugs ever get worked out between LTE and Quad-core processors. No small irony that the "fastest network" technology is incompatible with the fastest hardware...

  • UnZ ZnU

    Still running ugly crapwiz, customized apps, and a locked bootloader? *Shrug* No thanks. I will wait for the next Nexus. No matter what features/hardware you put in your phones it will never be worth it. At least not until CM9 is released for it.

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    Touchwiz has been infused with nature and human emotion? WTF? If you are going to talk about specs, then do it, don't show off some crappy apps and a live wallpaper. This was my first look at the phone and I couldn't finish the video. Guess I'm not that impressed.