The Archos tablets may not be the best in class in terms of hardware or feature sets, but the most recent round of tablets won us over a bit by leaving Ice Cream Sandwich largely untouched. Today the tablet gets a little sweeter as Archos is rolling out an update for the slate's firmware that fixes a variety of bugs.

Version 4.0.6 - May 3rd, 2012

  • Wi-Fi: fix more disconnect cases happening on some access points
  • GPS: increase stability of GPS
  • HDMI: do not propose overscan setting when TV supports underscan
  • muSD: improve reliability of card insertion detection
  • muSD: fix read/write permission issue occurring with some applications
  • Applications: fix platform reboot occurring sometimes after a while when using high CPU demanding applications

To clarify, as we know this will cause some confusion, this is not Android 4.0.6, which is not out yet. Why Archos chose to go with this version number system for their firmware rollouts is confusing, but here we are. If the worst decision from Archos we have to deal with in its firmware is the naming scheme, we're doing alright.

Check your device for the update, as the rollout should be starting immediately.

Source: Archos

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  • Frans-Peter van der Leur

    The first Archos tablets still have one major bug: they are still running phone software (Android 2.2). When is Archos to deal with that?

    • public

      most likely the older hardware isnt capble of running newer Android. The "fix" would be get a newer tablet.

  • tomek kulikowski

    tablet help update