If you prefer not to give Google your credit card info, and would rather consolidate all your Play Store payments into one big carrier bill, then we've got some good news for you. Google just announced an expansion to the carrier billing system that now includes the ability to charge books, movies, and music to your carrier bill, in addition to apps.

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The full list of carriers that support the new billing is above. Sorry Verizon users, you're still not on the list. The other three major US carriers, as well as a host of international carriers, support the new payment system, though. Good news for the substantial number of people who prefer to consolidate their payment systems.

Now we just need Verizon to get on board. Also, for major retailers to support carrier billing. And our landlords and insurance companies and everyone else we need to give money to. In the future you won't have "bills" to pay. There will only be carrier billing. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration. What about you, though? Do you prefer carrier billing, or do you like to keep your media purchases and your cell phone bill separate?

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Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://twitter.com/TheGermian Germian

    I'd rather like to see two things: 1) Something like Google Points that I can buy in the store - yes, like iTunes - because I have a ton of friends who have Android phones, don't have a contract because even data is dirty cheap on prepaid and don't own a credit card and 2) give us finally a possibility to GIFT apps to friends. It can't be THAT difficult, can it?

    • Zomby2D

      They already have the prepaid card on Google wallet and checkout has been integrated with the Wallet. I think gift cards in stores (like the iTunes cards) to load up your prepaid wallet card that could then be used to pay for purchases on the play store would go a long way.

      • http://twitter.com/TheGermian Germian

        There is a world outside the US, you know? ;)

        Especially in Germany and Austria people are not used to have credit cards because if they have to pay through banking, we pay via the direct debiting system. Even with Paypal everything works through the bank account, no credit card needed.

        • Zomby2D

          Considering I don't live in the US, I know very well there's a world outside of it. What I'm hoping for is gift cards that you can buy at brick and mortar locations that would put money in your Google Wallet prepaid "card" when redeemed. That way the money would be in your account whenever you want to make a purchase. (Kinda like Steam wallet) Since Google already created this "card" in US customers' accounts for devices that uses the Wallet app, they could expand this to the whole world and actually turn it into something useful.

    • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

      My instant response to this would be something mean and sarcastic abut why not just make a global Google currency people would now need to buy into.

      But then I thought about it for a second and was like why not?

      What would happen if Google started it's own virtual currency a la BitCoin?

      It would be interesting because pricing could then be subject to actual global demand compared to pricing and demand structures tying it to local forms of currency. Could this even be worked out?

      Oh the questions and possibilities that are rushing through my head right now, but I guess there is one that is most important:

      If Google made it's own currency to fluctuate free of the US dollar, but was tied to the Google pay app (assuming Google pay is not squashed by Visa) would you use it for regular transactions?

      • http://twitter.com/TheGermian Germian

        That's not what I want. I want a prepaid account with Google 'Points' where 100 Points = 1 Dollar/Euro or whatever. I don't want them to have a currency which goes up and down. 

        Nintendo did it, Microsoft did it, Sony did it, Apple did it, why the heck is Google too dumb to do this (internationally)? But as @Zomby2D:disqus already wrote, there is Google Wallet which has prepaid functions, just not outside of the US.

        • http://twitter.com/ToysSamurai Toys Samurai

           I think Microsoft is moving away from that.

          • http://twitter.com/TheGermian Germian

            Yeah, they are. The nasty thing about Microsoft and their points system actually was, that you could only buy prepaid cards with a fixed amount of points and for example, there is a game that costs like 1800 points and you get a 2100 points card, you have 300 points left with that you can nearly nothing buy besides some stupid little accessories, but not games.

        • Zomby2D

          Please God, no stupid points. I truly hate those points systems.  I'd take fluctuating exchange rates over them any day.

          • http://twitter.com/TheGermian Germian

            I don't care as long as there is some kind of prepaid solution :)

  • carbonated_turtle

    Why wasn't this available to everyone right from the beginning? How would it have been a bad thing to offer this? Google, take my fucking money! Yes, I may be Canadian, but I still enjoy spending money, and would love to give it to me if you would just let me do it without a fucking credit card! Once again the Canucks get screwed.

    • http://openid-provider.appspot.com/TheMerkinman Merk

      Maybe Google wanted to do it but couldn't due to Canada and/or its telcos? Notice how, as the article mentioned, Verizon isn't there even though it's a US carrier?

    • Zomby2D

      It's dependant on deals being worked out with every single carrier. I'm sure Google would love nothing more than to be able to sell you their stuff. Then still need to work out deals with Bell/Rogers/Telus/etc before they can offer the service.

  • guest

    No Canadian carriers? I guess they're more focused on buying NHL franchises then their actual customers. Back to the old credit card.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/psycho_maniac_ Jerry Lange

    Omg what a surprise that vzw is not on that list.

    • fixxmyhead

      hahaha duh

  • Zdasher

    Oh, Verizon isnt there.... somehow that doesnt surprise me...

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dustin-Lehman/1321902066 Dustin Lehman

      Well they do have their own Vcast apps and Vcast video store so could be why they don't want to make Google Play that much more better.

      Verizon sucks and always will, the next chance I get to leave my contract i'm taking it.

  • androiduser

    I hope its complex to pay for things, so apps don't go crazy and overcharge your carriers bill. I like a prepaid credit card attached to my account so I am never out any more money than I have on HS card. Carriers hate to give refunds.

  • Dan Henderson

    I would also like to see this supported on prepaid carriers like Boost or Virgin mobile. It's not that I mind using a CC to pay for things, but I don't want to have the CC number saved into their database because, although I'm sure Google has better and smarter data security than most other companies, the fact is that any data server can potentially be hacked at some point in the future. The FBI, Symantec, VeriSign, Citigroup, Apple, Sony, Electronic Arts, and Bethesda Softworks are just a few organizations that have had data breaches in the last year. source: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Apf9SIxJ8Cm_dGxuNUJjbmM5LU40bVdWaFBVcTZPN3c&hl=en_US&single=true&gid=0&range=A2%3AJ99&output=html
    As more people's CC numbers are stored in Google Wallet servers, those servers will become a more and more lucrative potential target for hackers, until at some point there will be enough people committed enough to make the attempt that eventually one of them will be skilled enough to succeed.
    Anyway, yeah, let me pay using my prepaid phone's balance, please.