Last week, we posted a benchmark battle between the HTC One XL (AT&T, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4) and the One X (Unlocked, Tegra 3). The reaction to the video was exactly as expected: the S4 enthusiasts defended the XL, while the Tegra 3 fans laughed and patted their favorite processor on the back.

Given how much buzz these two phones are generating right now (especially in comparison with each other), it's definitely fun to watch them go head-to-head against in the benchmark arena, but the last video focused specifically on one test, and one test only (AnTuTu).

Are you interested in seeing how these two powerhouse phones compare to each other in several other benchmark tests? Thought so.

Ready? Fight!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • zurcaled11

    Quad core FTW!

  • spydie

    so who won?  Couldn't see the scores on most of the pictures but it looked the quad was kicking but, plus you had to press the screen several times almost every time to get the dual core to respond.  But dual core has a brighter screen... how come?

    • http://richworks.in Richie


    • Sorian

      Based on numbers alone, yes the quad "won", but both devices run well, in real world use, I doubt you would realistically see that big of a difference.
      The reason I can see from the video that the guy had to click on some things more then once was because he didn't hit the box right. When he was pulling up the device specs on the dual @ 3:05, it registered a drag instead of a click.

  • http://twitter.com/Waazzupppp Ron Lunsford

    Aren't both of these fast enough? My question is, which one has the longer lasting power supply?

  • sgtguthrie

    I'd still call it a fair handoff for data speeds up to 5 times faster than 3G...just saying...

    I can't get excited about either one though because I despise Sense!!!

    • Rik Harper

      haters gunna hate

  • http://twitter.com/LinkofHyrule89 Matthew

    Not really a surprise at all the Tegra 3 does seem to be significantly better than anything else out right now. The Tegra 4 will be integrating technology from the GTX 680 into it sooo pretty much get full blown PC graphics on your phone/tablet.

    • Digitalrurouni

      I highly doubt that will be possible considering how complex and power hungry the 680 is. Only a small subset of its features or graphical horsepower would fit into such a restrictive form factor such as a handset.

    • Digitalrurouni

      I highly doubt that will be possible considering how complex and power hungry the 680 is. Only a small subset of its features or graphical horsepower would fit into such a restrictive form factor such as a handset.

    • http://www.facebook.com/SeverAMV Wilson Ngai

      actually, tegra3 isnt that great.

      look at all the benchmarks. sure the cpu performance is great... but the gpu performance is more or less the same as the mali400 samsung released a while back. thats the reason why i havent sold my galaxy note and bought a one x, same GPU performance.whereas if you look at the leaked benches for the galaxy s3, it suggests that it should be about 50% faster than the tegra3 in terms of gpu performance, at the exact same resolutuion as well.Plus, its only integrating the unified core architecture and the kepler architecture into the GPU, its not sticking all 1536 shaders in. an due to the restrictions of form factor power consumption needing to be kept down, we are not expecting a full kepler module to appear in these devices. if they can stick in 12-24 cuda cores, then we can expect much better performance in games since kepler has much better performance per core architecture compared to that of tegra3, and the unified core architecture brings in a lot of improvements as well. but then again, we cant expect it to perform anywhere near that of a full blown gtx680 at the same resolution considering there are nowhere near enough cuda cores.

      • http://twitter.com/Tsukurimash0u Tsuki Yatemiru

        Tegra3 doesn't have drivers for ICS it's still running on gingerbread kernel. You'll see when Nvidia will release drivers for ICS.

  • http://twitter.com/ToysSamurai Toys Samurai

    It's pretty pointless to me -- as long as it's fast enough for daily usage, I will take the LTE at any moment. The connection speed gained from LTE will more than make up the performance difference in many real world scenario.

    • http://twitter.com/mikeGsays Mike Garcia

      While I agree with you, using a Skyrocket right now, I also think these companies need to get it together and release quad core WITH LTE, and stop making excuses!  My S3 processor is good enough until the SGSIII is released, but that better have 4 cores running LTE on AT&T or else I have no reason to come out of pocket on a new phone this summer....

      • John Schaffer

        I agree. I don't see the point in upgrading my current HTC dual-core for another HTC dual-core, even with LTE.

        • Slstanekt

          The new dual core is considerably fast and more power efficient but also they can't put lte on the quad core Tegra because they are not compatible but a Tegra 3+ is coming out later this year that will be compatible and faster than the current Tegra 3

  • John Schaffer

    I still consider myself a novice in this arena, but I guess I don't understand why there are two versions of the same phone? Wouldn't it just be more straight forward and cost efficient to only produce one at the manufacturer and then let the telecoms fight over who is selling what?

    • http://twitter.com/mikeGsays Mike Garcia

      There isn't a quad core LTE processor made right now, see my reply to another post below too

    • nameless

      international versions uses a9 quad core, US has dual a15 with lte on board.  something about US using different bands for lte so the dual core is needed.  

      • TheMan876

        It's not a15

        • Semianonymous

           snapdragon S4 is A15

          • IamBeast

            No it is not...S4 is an cpu built by Qualcomm based on the ARMv7 instruction set and is a cpu that is between A9 and A15 in terms of power. It was the same with the S3. It was inbetween the A8 and A9 cortex cpus in terms of power. So no, the S4 is NOT an A15 cortex cpu.

          • fixxmyhead

            hes right its NOT A15 stop jumping the gun.

          • TheMan876

            What they said. It's close, but not A15

          • Daironhorse

            S4 is made by Qualcomm and they have a contract with arm that they can make their own specific structures to fit the needs for the processors like the let on the chip so while it is not made the same as an a15 it's processing and power consumption is on the same level

          • Guest

            Snapdragon S4 is based on the Cortex A15, architecture, with a 28nm process, while T3 is an older Cortex A9 with a 40nm process, this is why S4 is keeping up with T3.

            As for LTE, the S4 has integrated LTE chipset, while T3 doesn't, so whoever uses T3 would need to have a discreet LTE chip, which raises cost. Most if the world is still using 3G, while N.America is migrating to 4G LTE (LTE, the REAL 4G, Verizon, not at&t's, TMobile's, 4G HSPA+...sprint got WIMAX...although as of now, only TMobile is still on HSPA+, which they rebrand as 4G.) If you'll notice the 4G icon, the real 4G will have "LTE" next to it. If it just says 4G, it's HSPA+ or WiMax (sprint). As of now, att, verizon and sprint have LTE.

      • John Schaffer

        So, in short, it's a network thing. I guess I didn't realize that the core was somehow tied to the network.

    • nameless

      international versions uses a9 quad core, US has dual a15 with lte on board.  something about US using different bands for lte so the dual core is needed.  

    • Harrison King

      Qualcomm basically has LTE built into the s4, or something like that.

  • fixxmyhead

    face it people the quadcore one is better ur getting jipped by AT&t. im waiting for the s3

    • http://twitter.com/pvwashington Patrick Washington

      Well keep waiting because the SGS3 will have the same S4 in the US variants fanboy.

      • fixxmyhead

        That's why IM buying it unlocked. F@ck this s4 shit

  • Francis Scardino

    Nice compilation of benchy's. I especially like the music, reminded me of 12 years ago when I went to clubs on purpose and had Miller Lite spilled all over me while sweating profusely. Good show AP. 

  • http://twitter.com/paddy2k Paddy O’Reilly

    My issue is with the browser? Why did HTC remove WebSQL from the Android browser on the One series?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Waldrip/620162274 Daniel Waldrip

    How come these differ so much from the Engadget site? 
    Their quad says at&t has a score or  5183  where as this one says 4668...