We've got a two-fer for you gamers today. While Android has always excelled at managing notifications, the one area that's always been a little bit troublesome is when you're using full-screen apps, like games. When receiving a message, your phone might vibrate, but you'll get no info on what kind of message you just received. NotifierPro and SMS Flash are two apps that are designed to help with this.

np1 np2 np3

The first app, NotifierPro, provides a notification overlay that appears above whatever you're running. This includes full screen apps like games, as well as the notification shade itself. If you're looking for customizability, this is it. You can pick and choose which apps get notifications and, in the paid version, customize the service by application, set actions for gestures, and tweak a host of other options.

The tutorial that runs when you first start the app implies that you can swipe right to dismiss the current notification and swipe left to mute all incoming notifications from the same app or contact. When I tried it out, this didn't work, however this may be due to an improper wording as the ability to "choose the action when you do a left or right swipe on the banner" is listed among the Plus features. It's unclear why this isn't working in the paid version though.

If you don't need that kind of customizability, though, and just want to see what your text messages say while you're playing Angry Birds Space (apparently there's 50 million of you out there doing that), SMS Flash may be more your speed.

flash1 flash2 flash3

This app opts for simplicity over customizability. The notification will display over whatever you're doing without disrupting the touch controls of the app you're using. So, if you're playing a game, and this notification covers a control, you will still be able to tap the control. The notification is translucent and the opaque profile picture seen above is optional, so it can be very unobtrusive. The only downside I found with this app is that it doesn't appear to work with Google Voice. Then again, few things do, so this isn't news to you GV users.

Both apps offer a nice little addition to Android's built-in notification system, which is already extremely good. If you've need that extra little tweak, though, hit up the widgets below to grab the tool you need.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • chaz edwards

    I am using the paid version the notfication disappears only when you swipe on the banner. Not the actual notifications. It also gives a google voice pop up as well. Left swipe clears one notifications if you have more than one notification. 

    • Lazyboy0172

      Yup, what he said. I got notifierpro a few days ago and mostly loving it. It matches contact pictures based on names as well, so when a friend texts me on google voice I get their picture just like a real text. As explained, swiping to the right dismisses one, to the left dismisses all (of the same thing) So if I have 3 texts from someone on GVoice (as is often the case if I'm replying from my computer) I can swipe to the left and all are gone (from that contact, then my calendar event or whatever else is queued up will show) If i swipe to the right, it dismisses 1 of the 3 Gvoice messages and I can read them all if I hadn't already.

      My problem with the program however is how it manages notification when the phone is locked. I have it set to not wake the phone up so I don't hit things in my pocket, and as a result when I turn it on my statusbar is covered and I have to swipe through multiple notifications to get to it. I love it in full screen apps, but wish there was an option to disable queuing notifications while the phone is locked; ICS does a fine job itself of letting me see and enter notifications from the lockscreen already, should I choose to do so.

  • O1iv3

    What is that clock widget in the middle pic?

  • Lou

    Not to be this kind of guy, but what is that lock screen in the middle picture? 

    • Josh Nichols

      Probably a themed widgetlocker

  • ZeroManArmy

    I just use SMS Enhancer found from XDA.

    • John

      What's the difference between that and SMS-popup? That app(also free) is rock solid & works great.

      • Smith

        SMS popup has few issues,
        1) Pauses the underneath application like games and movies while showing the pop up.
        2) You cant interact with the below application through the popup.

        SMS Flash, not only makes interaction easier, it also has option to reply if at all you have to reply by interrupting the game or movie.

        • John

          Good points but I haven't had this issue. He hadn't updated it for quite some time until recently. I've been running his betas & only recently noticed he finally updated it on the Play Store too. Maybe you used a much older version of it back when you tried it?

          • Smith

            I reinstalled SMS popup and tried again.. I didnt see any new features, still the underneath application/game freezes and still I couldn't interact with the below application.

          • John

            @00740959b42692bf9d85368b2e42eeb4:disqus Cool. Well I'll check out enhancer anyway. Thanks man :)

  • Rona

    Tried out SMS Flash.. It's quite comfortable and extremely configurable.. Evening the contact image opacity can be changed.. Hope it can support Google voice soon..

  • droidExplorer

    Both apps are good but I was looking for an app that is light and efficient with not too many permissions and ad free..
    SMS Flash is really cool and it's a new approach to notification. Notifierpro is neat too but it creates wake lock in my device.
    SMS Flash dev is cool, check out the donate option, you will be surprised @ what u see :-) now this is called totally free app!!

    • Josh Nichols

      Try Text Notify

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    SMS flash looks great!

    ...and, where is this party at Miss Fox's place again? I'll bring the beer!

  • Josh Nichols

    For SMS, I just use Text Notify. Doesn't get much more unobtrusive than that. It's like Notification Flash except even less obtrusive :) 

    (No it's not my app, I just love it.)